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  1. Thanks for your detailed answer. I was also thinking that it might be because of the soundcard, but on the other hand the S4 is not a cheap mixer and also Tony Andrews says that Traktor sound cards are pretty good. He seems to be a sound guru for many people, so i hope that he is right. As for now to improve sound quality i turn off all the features which affect the sound and which i don't need. I also leave the eqs in the middle position, except for during the mixing According your issue with the settings, i also experienced that i had to adjust the gain after a software upgrade again. At the moment i also use version 2.68, as it is a stable one and recent updates didn't bring too many improvements which are important for me at the moment.
  2. Hi I have been playing around with my Traktor settings since i read the posts here according to sound quality, because sometimes i thought that something was missing in the sound of Traktor. Before I always had the autolimiter on, although i never went into the red, but somehow i have the feeling, that it cuts off some frequencies, even if the signal is not in the red yet. I don't know if someone else has this feeling too? As always the opinions i found at the net are contradictory. As a solution i took down the main volume knob to -5db and turnded off the autogain function. Also headroom is set to -6db. So when recording a mix now, i balance the missing volume in the recorder or afterwards with the normalize function at audacity and i think that it might be better for the dynamics of the sound.
  3. I love the state of mind this music can put you into. Especially when i'm in that state between sleeping and awake, when listening to music and dozing off in the hammock or on the sofa, these dimensions of sound get really vivid and alive and my consciousness and thoughts fly away affected by the music. Just don't know how to describe it better, but i think you know what i mean
  4. I discovered Goa Trance in 1996 with the first Pulse compilation and was immediately hooked to this music. I started to buy all the cds i could get at this time (and it wasn't that much my record store had to offer at this time). One of the albums i bought in the beginning was "Global Psychedelic Trance Vol. 2" by Spirit Zone, the second cd containing chill tracks by Pleiadians, X-Dreams, The Infinity Project and Patchwork. So i think this was my introduction to psychill. At this time you didn't find too many chill albums, but often the closing track of an Goa album was chill. I always loved the Trance music as well as psychill, but with the years my focus is more and more on the chill side, enjoying dance music mainly at festivals today (and also there i spent more time at the chill area). There is just more musical variety and emotion in the chill music compared to the four to the floor formula.
  5. I also changed to digital three years ago. So now i use the Traktor Kontrol S4 together with a Samsung laptop. The laptop is used only for the music, so i don't need a firewall or a an antivirus programm on it and never had any latency problems. Compared to mixing with the cds, i love the creative possibilties of the digital djing, like the looping or the editing of a track on the fly, the massive amount of fx and so on. To see the waveforms of the tracks is also very helpful in the mixing process. In the age of buying digital, i also enjoy not to have to burn all the tracks on cds before i use them.
  6. Thanks for the interesting post. I usually do the same steps as you. Even if it's mainly about the music, i agree that it's important to give attention to the proper tagging, find a nice cover and a good name for the mix. It's only a small amount of time compared to choosing the tracks and the mixing, but i think that these details can make a difference in the overall feeling of the mix. Also it helps the listener a lot to identify the mix on the music player or to find it again in a music selection.
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