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  1. I often start with inspiration from a track i've really enjoyed recently, and I set about trying to recreate a thing I like from that, be it the groove, a particular type of sound design, style of drumming or whatever.. the process of getting that down usually leads to more experimentation and ideas and it flows from there, usually sounding nothing like the track I set about imitating. Generally I'll try get a 16 bar loop of drums, bass, and synth befoer I move on. Then I'll try changing the synths or bass. get a few different versions down and pick the best one. Usually scrap a lot of things that weren't good enough. So generally its heavily based around experimentation! Ocassionally I have an idea and plan a track from start to finish before i start, but thats pretty rare I tend to work on lots of tracks for several years rather than starting and finishing one and then moving on to another. This gives time for new inspiration for directions to take these tracks, and allows improvements in my skills to be reflected in all tracks rather than just the most recent.
  2. in ableton i use the track delay to calibrate it with the mix at 50% or so, so i can hear the transients, then i turn up to 100% wet for the record. Hadnt thought of a way in Bitwig, which Im using now, I shall try your suggestion
  3. If it is true I'm sure it will catch on and just become the standard or a setting one day
  4. Once I'm happy with the settings I send the track or group out and record it back in on 100% wet, then have the verb as a separate track so I can adjust the mix, or filter... often I make it a bit darker, or stick a flanger on it
  5. MetaSynth image filter does the most impressive stereo enhancement i have ever used But generally, ping pong delay is where most of my width comes from!
  6. Using the Plug and Mix digital reverb a lot at the moment for work in progress, nicest VST ive ever used But for my final mixdown I will probably bring out my Lexicon MX400, or hire a spring reverb for a few days
  7. Seems like 'woo' to me, what Ive read on the subject has smatterings of science but its all mixed in with talk of chakras and stuff. last album I heard that was 432hz tuned was significantly more dull than the producers last release, should have spent all that time writing decent music instead of messing around with tunings
  8. More than happy to answer any general production questions or explain how I made any sounds from any of my tunes
  9. Iacchus


    Hi, you might like my music, I've been making it for about 8 years now, inspired by the likes of Tipper, Ott, Shpongle, Androcell etc. I have four albums released on Mystic Sound, Timewave, and Bitcrusher records. All on Bandcamp, some on Ektoplasm, all of it free now. Enjoy Dan x https://soundcloud.com/iacchus http://iacchus.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/Iacchus-182767401741431/
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