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  1. Check tracks of SUNS OF ARQA - most of tracks are inspired by Indian music. https://sunsofarqa.bandcamp.com/
  2. Hi, haven`t been here for some time Shpongle - invocation - comes first in my mind. from oldies ( uptempo - goa ) for example : Shiva Shidapu - Shiva Devotional and so on - most of goa tracks from 90s - just change pitch
  3. What about Ott ? There is " Fairchildren" album already released on vinyl and " Mir" on the way
  4. You`ve forgot probably that some of productions ( EPs mostly) from Ultimae Records have been released on vinyl for example " Far & Off" ( 24 bits) by Aes Dana feat. Miktek https://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/far-off-24bits
  5. check tracks from Dubmission Records albums - many great ( dancy) stuff there eg. this one .... https://pitchblack.bandcamp.com/album/rude-mechanicals-ep
  6. Just `ve got this album today and have big pleasure listen to it. Well done
  7. a) Youth b ) Do you plan more live shows of Bub Trees apart of new album launch party which will take place soon ? https://eventbox.fm/venue/passing-clouds/dub-trees-album-launch-p-76k55
  8. I`ve got similar question as I rember your alias as former member of Aural Planet. Is it correct ? eg. https://www.discogs.com/artist/228691-Konrad-Gmurek
  9. I would like to recommend Sounds From The Ground. As name of project says - it`s ideal music, dedicated to Earth, specially debut album - " Kin" eg.
  10. This live album makes me relaxing http://sofamanifesto.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-glade-festival-2005
  11. Are you familiar with music of Pete Namlook ? It`s not exactly psybient, but you can find it cosmiÑ and psychedelic, too. Check out productions from label called Fax +49-69/450464 https://www.discogs.com/label/60-Fax-49-69450464
  12. Sure - lassic tunes I like specially "Suzuki" and "Suzuki in dub" albums.
  13. Sure, there were .... and there are still ( time to time). Check out this topic ( in polish but you can go there through google translator - click on flag @ main website) http://www.psytrance.pl/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6030
  14. Part 2 - Chillum is a second part of double compilation - " Panta Deus II " which is made to celebrate 15th anniversary of polish portal Psytrance.pl It will be realised soon on Ektoplazm.com
  15. same by me - there were an amazing tracks exactly - that`s what I`ve meant.
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