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  1. Good night Paris - we are with you.
  2. `ve got the same feelings about it. As well as first two albums of Saafi Brothers.
  3. This post reminded me other Brazilian artist who I`ve discovered long time ago http://flict.bandcamp.com/album/explorers-ep
  4. Hi, yes it has been already discussed. Check this topic http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/topic/338-venues-for-chill-parties/ Greetings Anyway ....... e.g. next week in Krakow (Poland) - Klub Fabryka https://www.facebook.com/events/556808344470552/
  5. Another, back from the past - check " Backroom beats " compilations - many , in style you`re looking for In instance
  6. Yeap - this one is awesome, still have it somewhere in my collection - bought this album ( on cassette ) in mid of 90`s
  7. Have you ever tried some of productions from Bill Laswell? As bass player, he did many awsome cooperations and psy oriented - dubby jazzy albums, like eg. this one below
  8. Well-aimed comment. I did not mention that before. You`re right - Portugal is just a place where the event happens. So I probably misuderstood what Shpongle was meaning ( about country`s state of "chillout" in total ) and `ve got it (Boom) as an exception
  9. But what about Boom festival ? I think they care for chillout/ ambient scene a lot . eg.
  10. Thanks yiannis In addition I would like to introduce one person who ( in my opinion) makes a lot to propagate psychedelic chillout in Poland, too - Krzysztof Jaworski aka Asphodel ( or Aszpen). He is DJ on polish psy scene since late 90`s where plays DJ`s sets and organise chillout area. At the same time he is DJ in polish local radio in ElblÄ…g ( radio EL) and has own radio shows from over 20 years with many kinds of chillout music eg. this one which is everyday (except Saturday) from 10 pm (UTC + 2 ) till midnight. http://www.radioel.pl/?page=program&ShowOne=5411 Apart of dj`ing, he started to produce music, too. Below you can find his soundcloud profile https://soundcloud.com/aszpen
  11. Yes, I agree with it as well For example in my origin country - Poland psybient scene has grew up slowly but regularly since mid 90`s. Generally it was/ still is always joined with psytrance ( former goa trance) parties as alternative chillout ( second room) but some projects have arised indepently and are well known on international forum eg. Aural Planet, Sundial Aeon , Swen (Dzoncy) Stroop There is also psy chillout society called Ashoka which organise chillout at the scene of events.
  12. Jatab

    Planet Dog

    I`ve just seen this message from Banco de Gaia on his facebook profile " My good friend dr trippy remixed 'Kuos' as part of the 'Last Train to Lhasa' 20th Anniversary programme. As it didn't make it on to the release, we have decided to give it away for FREE instead Emotikon smile Please share this link far and wide " So, I do ......
  13. I`m listening to it right now and really enjoying what I can hear there ( second track already - old, good Ott`s style) To be honest - I was scared a little bit before ( month ago) of " teaser" track - " Harwell Dekatron" ( track # 4 on album) that all realese will be in this "glitchy" style but fortunatelly it`s not .
  14. If you are looking into past - have you tried already Dub Trees " Nature Never Did Betray the Heart That Loved Her" ?
  15. Such a nice chillgressive set made by CJ Art at GoaDupa Festival 2015
  16. Jatab

    Zen & Meditation

    No, it`s not in my situation as I do it since many years and it`s like something between dream and reality - I just let my thoughts flowing as these sounds in music I listen to meanwhile For me it`s one of the deepest form of relax ( and of favourite) I take.
  17. I`ll go next Saturday to party feat. Chandrananda http://www.inspiral.co/events/chandrananda-dubmission-uk-4-hour-dj-set Meanwhile I`m listening to her set from 3 years ago - nice tracklist in there
  18. Transwave live set at Goa Dupa Festival 2015
  19. Video retrospective ( made by Marion - member of Ashoka society) from Goa Dupa Festival 2015 which was in Poland last weekend.
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