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  1. Just reminded to myself this one.
  2. Before "Hallucinogen in dub" ` s born there were Gargoyles
  3. There is one nice place in London wich organise (among other things) chill parties already but they do it themself or in cooperation with some other groups as well - I mean Inspiral Lounge http://www.inspiral.co/events You can contact them if you are interested, maybe you can do something together Inspiral Events Team Phone:020 7428 5875 Email: [email protected] Other option is to join some other organiser`s group which have regular parties in some club ( as residents) and propose them to create chillout / chaishop room ( alternative to main scene) - I know this idea from Poland where groups of friends organise parties together - eg. Psylesia ( for main room - psytrance) with Ashoka ( for chillout room) http://www.ashoka.com.pl/?page_id=2394
  4. Same as me. I used to use some distributors websites, too eg. psyshop.com, nobient.pl (RIP) .
  5. What a pity I saw this post too late Will catch repeat on mixcloud, then
  6. http://bancodegaia.bandcamp.com/track/kincajou-duck-asteroid-extended-version very nice for an end of my day
  7. Most of artists you put were mentioned already as Shanti Planti community
  8. So, can you give me some tips how to add links or movies from youtube that will be visible and available for all ? I can still see and play what I put already.
  9. Jatab

    Planet Dog

    Yeah, some of these remixes are really good ( this one as well). Unfortunately I`ve never been on Megadog event as I live in London since not so long time and did not hear about it, too before but could read it`s back but in Manchester, this time.
  10. Hmm, strange as it works by me. Try this link ( first track from this album)
  11. Jatab

    Planet Dog

    By the way : Have you heard already 20th Anniversary Editions of Banco De Gaia`s "Last Train to Lhasa" and "Maya" ? http://bancodegaia.bandcamp.com/ https://bancodegaia.bandcamp.com/album/maya-20th-anniversary-edition
  12. So - I will recommend another old goldie back from 20 years ago ( 1995) and another from Universal Egg label - Extremadura "Pulses" It`s not so easy to describe this music as it has many elements from many genres in that ( dubby basslines, world music, tribal & native drums etc.) - very chilly, anyway
  13. still fresh http://dubmission.bandcamp.com/album/maraakames-gathering
  14. You could check also debut album of Sounds From The Ground - "Kin" - excellent dubby album with a lot of ambient/psy influences Here you can find remastered version http://www.amazon.com/Kin-Sounds-From-Ground/dp/B000003CAD ( it previously was realsed in Universal Egg label on cassette - had this one) Check also remix/reshape one of track - "Pearl", made by Macka X, which orginally comes from album showed above https://soundcloud.com/macka-x/feat-sounds-from-the-ground
  15. So, try early Dubsalon productions http://www.ideology.de/id068/ or one of last one http://eardreammusic.bandcamp.com/album/softcore-dreams
  16. Jatab

    Planet Dog

    hell yeah, sure I am, know and have had some of these albums in my collection like Children of The Bong - Sirius Sounds or Banco de Gaia - Maya, Last Train to Lhasa - they are timeless
  17. I belive it could be interesting, anyway -, just give him a chance ( wish I seen him once anytime) For eg. check this clip form last year - sounds it good for you ? Btw. Have you tried already this EP made by SeaMoon ? http://altar.bandcamp.com/album/dmtones-ep
  18. ... and Vlastur, too ( but obviously not everything as some tracks are more in in dubstep style) http://vlastur.bandcamp.com/ This one is massive There are another interesting greek band/artist which is Direct Connection - some of their tracks are really psychedelic For eg. check this one http://directconnection.bandcamp.com/track/psychodub
  19. Agree in 100 %, me too You could check also albums from LSD - Liquid Sound Design label - you can find many good stuff in psydub style there eg. last album of Suns of Arqa http://www.discogs.com/label/978-LSD-Liquid-Sound-Design check albums on bandcamp by genre http://bandcamp.com/tag/psydub?artist=4104519345 There are many ways to find something interesting apart artists from above posts, like for eg. Kalpataru Tree http://kalpatarutree.bandcamp.com/
  20. I realised long time ago ( before platforms like bandcamp born) that it`s not possible to have all tracks, records ( or whatever) I like, so I`ve droped to make a wishlist very quickly. Especially with bandcamp - there is no problem as you can always listen to it online again and again ( that`s what I do meanwhile with albums I can`t buy ) So don`t worry man - there is always solution.
  21. It`s official now - Gio confirmed this campaign today on band`s fb profile. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Makyo/190215504359505?fref=ts
  22. That`s no problem ( with sharing) I love his music too and would like to help as well ( by taking a part in campain, spreading a word etc) - wish him to get better soon.
  23. As it`s in title of topic - Giovanni Fazio (Makyo) has got neurological illness and needs help with paying his expenses and medical bills. His friend - Mark Thompson started fund-raising action to do it so. You can check details in link below. http://www.gofundme.com/healgio
  24. Macka X [Mikael Mackart] aka MackaRoot - "The Nubian Robot" Most of sets are in dub/ overdub style and some are influeced by psychedelic/ ambient/ dub tech as well. https://soundcloud.com/macka-x
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