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  1. This one is one of my fav since I`ve heard it first time (1999)
  2. I am just listening to very nice mix sets made by members of forum psytrance.pl. I belive you should check it, too Download ( you don`t need to register an account - just click download button): mp 320 kbs version https://www.dropbox.com/s/yzw0u6vrore64xx/Psytrance.pl%2014th%20Anniversary%20Mix.rar?dl=0 Wav version https://www.dropbox.com/s/lwpxiit0kzkr9nv/Psytrance.pl%2014th%20Anniversary%20Mix_Wav.rar?dl=0
  3. Track "Lead Us to the Sound" from near new album of Erothyme
  4. + 1 I`ve seen them twice and everytime it was an amazing gig.
  5. Honestly I had no time for listen to all posistions from current week but my vote goes to Suns of Arqa as I know and like this project since many years and I am happy that Liquid Sound Design label is back, too ( with this album)
  6. Premiere of title track from new Desert Dwellers album - sounds really good http://newsflash.bigshotmag.com/mp3s/stream/34186/
  7. That`s true - it takes place since long time eg. check mixes or tracks from Macka X or archive of "deep in dub" netlabel https://archive.org/details/deepindub
  8. I know Dublicator ( Tamas Olejnik )since many years, my fav EP from him is "Deep Roots"
  9. Yeah - it`s really good good compilation. Can rember your sets on sc since few years back, too Keep in going (Y)
  10. new track from Quanta - definitely brings me in
  11. new (second) album from Lauge ( Henrik Laugesen), part of former duo Lauge & Baba Gnohm - it`s very athmospheric and relaxing - ideal for lazy sunday`s evening
  12. Jatab

    Psy Balkan

    1. You can check "Ethnostep" series from german netlabel Subbass (there are already 5 parts) http://subbass.bandcamp.com/album/ethnostep-5 2. .....or check artists like Govinda, Kaminanda.... http://govinda.bandcamp.com/album/resonance-2 http://kaminanda.bandcamp.com/album/gateways-of-consciousness
  13. Flow Athmosphere (deepht of sounds - space) bass (specially in psydub) Emotions (from deep elax in ambient to faster heart beating eg. in chillgressive)
  14. just refresh to myself this double CDs album (as Bluetech put it back on his bandcamp`s website) - it reminds me his performance @ Twisted Rec. b-day party almost 9 years ago ( he has played these tracks then) https://bluetech.bandcamp.com/album/elementary-particles-prima-materia
  15. snowdrop - thanks yeah, I was in "World of sleepers" literally at that time ... but I`m back and feel much better now.
  16. Just love CBL albums - my fav is "Hydroponic Garden" but "World of sleepers" is most personal as I`ve got serious illness in short time after I bought this CD and was in coma for 3 weeks - then my wife put headphones over my ears with music from this album as she knew how much I like it, (hoped it`ll help me to get better soon) - she was absolutely right I belive it could be effect of sample from track "Abiogenesis" ( "wake up" ) btw. : Remastered by Vincent ( Aes Dana ) reedition of "Interloper" will be released shortly https://www.facebook.com/carbonbasedlifeforms?fref=ts
  17. Hmm - it`s really hard to answer this quation as I am big fan of this label and `ve got almost everything of their discography till 2006 (just without first Asura`s album) and most of these after. At the moment (similar to Gagarin) I listen less ( not regularly) to their music because (for some reasons) could not buy cds but always pay attention to what they release.
  18. Psybient.org podcast [ep 04] Dj Fada - Crystal Generation very nice mix - really enjoy it
  19. I`m not sure when it started exactly but what I can rember it was before middle of 90s and projects like FSOL, some tracks of Orbital then first ambient compilations (CD 2) from Spirit Zone by DJ Antaro - "Global psychedelic trance ... (then chillout ... ) and so on
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