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    Dalton Trance Teleport /CRONOMI recs./ is an ambient & oldschool goa DJ since 1994, which is also the year in which he organised one of the first goa parties in the ex-Yugoslavia. Born in Krusevac (RS) but now living in Rijeka (CRO), he started to play goatrance with his brother (R.I.P.) as the DaLtOn DJ's. Now he is a member of Green-Spirit (CH). In the past he played alongside big names as Electric Universe, Astral Projection, California Sunshine, MFG, Power Source,Tristan, Cosmosis... Festivals:  Fruttstock Festival, EXIT Festival, Aurora Festival, Voltron, Future Nature Festival, Zen.It Festival, Life Celabration Festival, Forestronika Festival, Dance Xperience Festival...  Worked in Portugal, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Norway, Belgium, Lebanon, Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia...

    videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/DaltonTranceTeleport   fan page: https://www.facebook.com/daltontrance

    booking contact: daltongoa@gmail.com
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