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  1. Synphaera Records was a great discovery when I was looking for ambient/downtempo labels. The first two albums they published, by Ascendant, are two gems of the genre, and this new compilation Starseeds is an excellent preview of what is to come from this label in the future.
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    Die Stadt

    Hello, I have recently discovered this forum and I would like to introduce myself and my musical project: it is called 'Die Stadt' (German for 'the city'), since I get most inspiration from urban environments. Atmospheres, patterns and sounds are the basis of our themes, which fit in the realm of electronic ambient and downtempo music. We have recently released an album titled Le dieu numérique, which are five electronic pieces inspired by how virtual reality, cyberspace and social networks define our society, the same way religion did in the past. I hope you like it. Any word about it will be welcome, and I'm looking forward to share more music with you all and listen to other people's work. More info about Die Stadt in our website: www.diestadt.es
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