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  1. https://visionaryshamanics.bandcamp.com/track/tikki-masala-natural-mystic awesome track
  2. Spotted Peccary Music https://ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com/ Shimmering Moods Records https://shimmeringmoodsrecords.bandcamp.com/music Eternell http://eternell.net/music and thousands gigabytes and hours of ambient works made by classic ambient/dubtechno/idm/psychill/modern classical musicians
  3. Maiia's live is good release if you look at it through the lens of downtempo/live funky band set Alla tooks all good things from Hallucinogen - In Dub Live, Flooting Grooves, Ajja & Cosmosis - The Alien Jams Live etc. But if you want to relax and meditate at evening with this music - you couldn't do it because this is not psybient, it's rather funky experiments of rock/dub band than meditative submergence into sound design Alla respect) You made a great job and your project evolves in the right way)
  4. If I could I'll ask him about psychill music scene in 1994-1995 some tracks from his album Implant, and tracks by Astralasia and Banco de Gaia - how does mr. Merv think, did they create the whole genre "psychedelic chillout" in 1994 in UK? or maybe genre was born earlier in psychedelic rock times, or maybe later in TIP and Twisted era? If you can ask this question in better English it will be great))
  5. I like original mix of that track) also I used to close my set with the beautiful track Liquid Stranger - Lotus and maybe some releases from Dakini Records comes in my mind
  6. do you know is Yggdrasil Records label belogs to Kurbeats/Yggdrasil ? I listened Yggdrasil set at Chill Out Planet festival - it was stunning
  7. not bad psy-prog/psy-tech EP released yesterday on Tetrameth's label Weapon Records http://weaponrecords.com/album/mode-20-2 intelligent sound, but as for me, I like more tribal and ethno sound and it's nice to see that Merkaba sometimes returns to that music from bass side in his label Merkaba Music it's winter in Moscow, and I've got deep-psy-music mood))
  8. "Coco Bread" nice summer track, sounds like Shaman's Dream
  9. Yes, I think my problem is that I want something monumental (like "Kattoo - Megrim" in IDM genre for example) But nevermind, you do a great job guys. Dub, ambient, downtempo - is the best music for intelligent people
  10. I think Erothyme is IDM, sounds like Kettel (glitchy analog synts sound) I am waiting for Codex VI, but I'm slowly go out of psychedelic music world, maybe because of I tired to listen to this music more then 10 years, maybe because of low quality (nothing unique) and minimum experiments at this style nowadays.
  11. Shimmering Moods Records released three great albums one week ago https://shimmeringmoodsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/departures https://shimmeringmoodsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/dream-landscapes https://shimmeringmoodsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/penguin-kids awesome ambient with field recordings
  12. thanks to timeisart, i didn't know about that great label https://forestroots.bandcamp.com/track/der-pfad-live-extract
  13. by the way sensient released downtempo album and i think you need to look at idm scene, not psychill so maybe you would like it https://www.discogs.com/artist/228591-Tzolkin and other artists from big idm labels
  14. I agree with you and the second reason is that a lot of classic psychic record labels are not working or releasing other style of music now so it's very hard to find new talanted musicians for even djs and much harder to simple listeners
  15. I'll vote for Jaymon - Soundtrack For The Seasons that's not psybient, but great field recordings sometimes when it's winter in russia I like to listen field recordings, some years ago I made mix of that kind of ambient using tracks of russian awesome project The Parks
  16. also I liked Minds Of Infinity - Eyes Of Infinity [self-release] - I don't think that old-school synts are great nowadays, but atmosphere of that album is awesome
  17. there are 2 releases from Desert Trax records on this week Liquid Bloom & Numatik - well I like one track from this release Mose Robert - Flowing - is label trying to do more commercial sound? the style is something like minimal tech and tribal house
  18. I find the best way for me before mixing I change levels of every track in sony soundforge then i mix them in tracktor (with gain and headroom about -3db as Gagarin said) and after that I normalize mix again in sony soundforge by the way you can use izotope ozone in soundforge as plugin and you need to know, that not only db levels are show the volume level, but RMS levels too (it's something like a "power of sound") take the tool Statistics in soundforge, after analyzing you will see the minimum and maximum RMS levels for left and right channels I try to make it about -0.10 db RMS and that's question about compression you can change compression by Sony Express FX Dynamics or Sony Graphic Dynamics but as for me I don't change compression, you know there are a millions of ugly mixes, djs don't care about even distortion because of +2db and red-zone so don't blow you mind because of some difference in 0.010 db of the tracks) first of all is idea and tracklist
  19. Argaman made very unique and abstract album as his previous two but now he added IDM sounds to every track, and as for me, i don't like it why does almost everybody now use industrial and idm sounds? we are living in huge megapolises where idm sounds are everywhere
  20. 1200 Micrograms - Ritualism EP RELEASE DATE : 2016-11-14 LABEL : Tip Records CATALOG : TIPR2016002 Deep in the dessert.. under the night sky.. the shaman began a ritual.. ayahuasca.. initiations.. Beyond the Pineal gland, ripping at the seams, the ceremony has began.. strange colours and sounds, and the trees assuming shapes of animals, and faces.. 1200 Mic´s is a Heroic Dose, of high energy Protons, tickling the electrons.. on a tapestry of high voltage turbo charged Psy trance / breaking boundaries every time.. the music goes forward.. Ritualistic.. Shamanistic.. realistic aural landscapes.. so.. welcome.. enter the circle and let the Ritual Commence.. this music was made in the Studio of Riktam and Bansi with Chikkii on the idyllic isle of Ibiza.. and.. many thanks to those involved.. as ever RajaRam Sept 2016 Tracklist: 01. The Ritual [7:09] 02. We Want To Be Free [6:38] 03. Speed Freak [6:50] Buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/ritualism-ep/1870194
  21. Deborah Martin's releases at her Spotted Peccary Music label https://ambientelectronic.bandcamp.com/music by the way it is really Great label, first ambient/chillout album that i liked was Johan Agebjörn - Mossebo from that label
  22. I like to listen to psychill at evening after working day I drink green chinese tea, turn off the lights and lie on the sofa It's a meditation for me
  23. Well my favorite is Living Light - Tales from the Karman Line 2 : Atmospheres [Desert Trax] It's a shame but I didn't know about this project till october 2016 ))
  24. Psychoz - Namaste [Trimurti Records] really not bad music, russian record-labels are not dead yet it's Kaya Project style sound, so it's ethno/tribal downtempo. in one of their tracks they try to create some psychedelic atmosphere sounds like Tengri, but they made it bad but other Psychoz tracks are quite well and differs from other russian labels releases
  25. Kattoo is musician from another planet like Simon Postford, but his last album not so good for me
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