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    The first collection of Chill-out and Electronic music by Russian independed label 'Aera Records'. 
    The compilation includes original versions and remixes of label members' tracks. 

    Geography is wide. Central Russia, the Urals and Bashkiria, Udmurtia, Orenburg, and even China. 

    The compilation includes tracks by musicians and projects that are respected in Russian world\ethnic musicians community: 
    Tatiana Kalmikova (Live Earth), Wind All, HAUA, Ikaruska aka Peter Nesterov, Xibil. 

    Along with well-known names following projects are presented for the first time: iNDIAN artists, ShooDJa-ChooDJa, Astral Sigment. 
    AERAVIBES is a journey into the Mother Russia's vast expanses.
    01 Astral Sigment-Intro 
    02 Living Earth - Utushka (Taturas remix) 
    03 iNDIAN - Green Hills 
    04 HAUA - Diva Divo 
    05 Bisan Toron - Unexpected Visitor (Frol Music remix) 
    06 Manu Shrine - Dismissal (Original Mix) 
    07 ShooDJa-ChooDJa - Akashka 
    08 Wind To All - On The East 
    09 Xibil - Teleportation 
    10 WILL Ensemble - Ya Gulala (Ikarushka remix) 
    11 T-DAB - Udm Mood 

    All rights reserved. 
    Aera Records Publishing. 
    Catalog number: AERA04 
    Release date: 03.03.2016 




    Album: Willow

    Artist: Xibil




    WILLOW - album of the Russian ethno-musician Xibil.

    Soaring Handpan sounds draw the main line of the album. They are woven into the threads of other ethnic instruments: udu, jaw (более политкорректно) harp, Tibetan bowls, xiao flute and clarinet, African kalimba. Electronic processing creates depth and diversity of the music space.

    Xibil is the music of ancient Ural mountains, beautiful hills, the endless plains. It blows, freely flying nearby and encompasses the listener.

    Symbol of the album is the inner image of understanding the world.

    Warm wind swirls around the Willow at dusk, it carries a melody of wonderful instruments.

    Secret magical world is hidden in wind compositions and tree strength.

    Music created by Xibil is a sacred path that constantly teaches and enriches the soul of the musician.


    Thanks to the musicians who participated in the recording of the album:

    Ricardo Sanchez / Ricardo sanchez - handpan, Xiao flute

    Nikita Knauts / Kito - handpan

    Anna Shapovalova / AnaiShi- Kalimba, art work

    Alexander belyashi / SAX - clarionet




    1. Intro

    2. Wind Play

    3. Essence (feat. AnaiShi)

    4. Mahatma

    5. Religion of Beautiful Lake

    6. Willow

    7. Starfall (feat. Ricardo Sanchez)

    8. Coyote Road (feat. Kito, Sax)

    9. Odyssey

    10. Warm Night (feat. AnaiShi)

    11. Teotihuacan (feat. Ricardo Sanchez)

    12. Outro


    The album was recorded at a Days of Mist Studio (Magnitogorsk) in 2015-2016.

    Aera Records Publishing 2016 All Rigths Reserved.




  3. ‪#‎Aerarecords‬ presents! 


    HAUA - DARIA 2016!



    On iTunes



    On BandCamp




    The second album of the Russian project HAUA.

    Project takes its origins in Bashkortostan, the republic at the foothills of the Southern Urals.

    HAUA (Hawa), translated from many languages means the space, air, wind.

    Album DARIA - sound journey into the world without ethnic borders.

    This album contains many traditions from around the globe and these components make up the bright world that draws music project HAUA.


    01 Mountains in-troo

    02 Haua vargan

    03 Ural drams
    04 Ra-Khana
    05 Gabbash
    06 Seven Aka
    07 Nirvana
    08 Forest out - troo


    The leading instrument in the project HAUA –Kurai (kuray),

    is a wind instrument makes from a reed which grows on a

    joint of Europe and Asia, in Ural mountains area. Kurai – the

    Bashkirs traditional national native instrument , the first

    mention about is dated 6 th. century in letters the traveller

    passing on great Ural steppe which has been populated by

    nomadic people. Really age of kurai is much more and

    begins in ancient times. Art of playing on the unique wind

    instrument pass from father to son, masters of

    Bashkortostan. Distinctive feature of it instrument consists in that it has no

    mouthpiece. The executor takes a sound between, a teeth and lips, adding throat




    Marat Fayzullin (Taturas) - Kurai, music, programming, production, mixing.

    Tatyana Kalmykova (Swaha, SWA) – vocals.

    Basem Al Ashkar – oud.

    Artem Zotkin - guitar, sound recording.

    Daria Kurnosova - bowls, triangles.

    Iskander - darbuka, djembe, tabla and other percussion.

    Marat Kadyrov - ideologue director.


    Additional recorded participated:

    Michael Mihnevich - harp (01) 

    Ruslan Beketov - mastering Gleb Beketov - art work


    The album recorded in the Cinemusic Studio Moscow Moscow 2009-2016 

    With the support of

    Producing center Paul Shatrova


    Creative manor "Guslitsa" Studio 

    "Giant Records" 









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