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  1. timeisart, I would like to second your approval of the Yoga Mantra album. I have heard rumors of a Yoga Mantra 2 release in the pipeline, but nothing so far as of yet. Yiannis, I'm glad you also (along with me) are enjoying Lab's Cloud - The Structure Of Emotions. For you and anyone else who enjoys this kind of music, I would like to recommend a rather obscure artist named Tim Rowe. His two solo releases, Night Runner and The Elegy Suite, are IMO superlative ambient. https://triplemoonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-rowe-night-runner https://weareallghosts.bandcamp.com/album/the-elegy-suite-waag-rel062
  2. I thought of a parallel case. Simon Posford is a psytrance artist who was the driving force behind the Celtic Cross - Hicksville album, and who releases as Hallucinogen, as one half of the groups Younger Brother and Shpongle. But recently he released his very first album under his own name. It's titled Flux & Contemplation: Portrait Of An Artist In Isolation. https://simonposford.bandcamp.com/ This album is a more focused and mature Posford, subtly nuanced and many-layered. It runs the gamut of ambient, psybient, IDM and psytrance in varying measures, but in the end remains its own unique and deeply expressive creature. I'm now hypothesizing that the extended introspection that has been forced upon many artists by their forced isolations during lockdowns has prompted alterations in their sonic palettes. it remains to be seen whether these changes in emphasis perdure, or whether they will fade with the eventual lessening of the severity of the pandemic.
  3. The latest album by Lab's Cloud, The Structure Of Emotions, is full-on ambient rather than psybient, and the artist himself even explicitly stated that it was a departure and new direction for him (the album is gorgeous, btw). https://labscloudmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-structure-of-emotions Can anyone here think of other psybient artists that have released full-on ambient albums lately? I suspect that their psybient histories would tend to enrich their subsequent ambient offerings, as IMO it did in this case, and would appreciate other examples that might help me to verify or falsify this notion. I'd also simply like to listen to them...;~)
  4. I heartily recommend checking the Bandcamp pages of both Mystical Sun and Don Peyote. They have both continued to release music that's at a very high level.
  5. They are oldies, but I recc Pink Elln - Electronic Dreamplant, Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit, and Bill Laswell - City Of Light (this last a collab with Tetsu Inoue and two members of Coil). All of them date to the 90's Golden Age of Ambient Electronica era. You might also like a later album: Mystical Sun - Volcanoes And U.F.O.'s
  6. No, just new stuff I didn't know about by folks I like...;~)
  7. Thanx Much for showing me where to spend another 45 bucks...;~)
  8. Yeah, Rock Bitch Mafia is right up there with Hicksville on the goa iconicity scale IMO. Here's hoping for a Conscious Pilot II...;~)
  9. Thank you sooo much for listing Matt Coldrick - Music For A Busy Head Vol. 2 in your upcoming album list. I bought it as soon as it came out. It is a worthy successor to Pan Electric's monumental Step Out release He doesn't do too well on quantity but his consistent quality more than makes up for it.
  10. New idea: Sell face masks decorated with Psybient.org sticker designs.
  11. Well THAT cost me some dough....;~P Money very well spent. Thanx Much for clueing me in to what I'd missed spotting this last month. You are indeed an invaluable resource, performing an essential service. PLEEEEZE keep it up.
  12. Much belated thanx for this. Looking forward to June installment. Best recent releases: Howard Givens & Craig Padilla - The Bodhi Mantra Simon Posford - Flux & Contemplation - Portrait Of An Artist In Isolation
  13. You were right about the pastels. The full color was so thick that I was having problems reading the print under some of them unless I highlighted it with my cursor. But there are no such issues with the pastels; I can easily read the underlying print unaided. Oh; except for the world fusion grey. You might consider paling it up a bit more.
  14. Thanxabunch; much appreciated, as always. The only real difference for me is that instead of buying releases once a week, I have to save up my money and buy a lot more once a month...;~)
  15. Kalya Scintilla - Gaian Code and Sundial Aeon - Hibernal Solstice were a nice way to end 2019. Awaiting the first 2020 new releases update. btw; I found out that Future Sound Of London - A Controlled Vista will get an eventual digital release on fsoldigital. Thomas Shrubsole - Tape Music will also get an eventual digital release on his Bandcamp site. At least they won't be CD or cassette only like Angelo Harmsworth - For Argand was.
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