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  1. thank you! .... it might be somewhat out of the.... i mean, out of the â–ˆ ... wait; what is the earth shape again? ...where were we? it is what it is..... and i'm happy someone likes it!
  2. Greeting and blessigns, new project same soul, exploring space into the unknown..
  3. greetings... spacial ambiences, earthly influences..
  4. Hi all, new Album, more contained then previous one and a bit more focused again on space ambiences... Hope you all enjoy, Blessigns!
  5. ty! next one should be more into ambient realms.... not sure it will but feeling it right now
  6. The Moon, the other side and Beyond [24 Bits] Hi, new release, Warning, it doesn't fit on a CD and so maybe it makes sense it has the name it has... There's a bit of everything close to ambient, space music and goes into more uptempo psychjill but i feel it has some cohesion to it despite the number of tracks i wanted it to be dinamic so Mastering goes a bit UP and Down troughout the Album
  7. Hello, Spring is here and my 3th album is out..........so are the Future Ancients...... as such i explain this album. Hope you enjoy, leave any comments if you feel like it! Greetings and blessings, tatsava.
  8. Hello! just want to annnouce my 2nd Album, Earthlings in Out_t-er Space, released on Bandcamp. Hope you enjoy, have a great 2016! leave any comments if you feel like it... https://tatsava.bandcamp.com/album/earthlings-in-out-t-er-space
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