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  1. Yep thats the one! As soon as I heard it i knew it was getting sampled Love that video so much
  2. Artist: Tea Tree Album: Ancient City Type: E.P Style tags: Psydub, psybient, psybreaks Media type: WEB Year: 2017 Label: The Beats Bizarre Length: 00:32:56 official url: https://thebeatsbizarre.bandcamp.com/album/ancient-city-ep Tracklist: 1. Destination Unknown (08.23) 2. Waterfall (07.15) 3. Turbo Encabulator (08.19) 4. Ancient City (09.00)
  3. Artist: Alterra Project Album: Turing Test Type: EP Style tags: Psydub, midtempo breaks Media type: WEB Year: 2017 Label: Mindspring Music Catalog ID: MSM021 Length: 00:59:41 official url: https://mindspringmusic.bandcamp.com/album/turing-test Tracklist: 1. Alterra In Dub 2. Turing Test 3. Embient
  4. Multi instrumentalist and celebrated tunesmith Sam Jones has put together a sublime ep for us here at the beats bizarre. He has created a unique and heady mix of downtempo psychedelic electronica with an organic, contemplative feeling. Here are 3 widescreen cinematic journies, swimming through oceans of infinite possibility whilst baking on a timeless sunday afternoon. We hope you fully immerse yourselves in this release and go with the flow. Our first "pay as you feel" EP from The Beats Bizarre https://soundcloud.com/tap-in released March 14, 2016 Mastered by Adam Goodlet @ Really Good Mastering www.recreationstudio.co.uk/sectors/really-good-mastering/
  5. I find Waves doubler great for creating varied haas effects. http://www.waves.com/plugins/doubler
  6. Very nice indeed. Havnt heard E Mantra before. good mix of styles
  7. Hi Guys this is my first post! Just discovered this forum, it is awesome I do this https://soundcloud.com/tea-tree-1/tea-tree-waterfall-home-master https://soundcloud.com/tea-tree-1/tea-tree-destination-unknown-home-master
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