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  1. How much do you pay for CD download from bandcamp? I mean what is the cost of shipping to your country? I never buy CD because shipping is expensive to India, for ex: If i buy from Altar its 5$ which is quite adequate, Ultimae: 7eu Synphaera 13$, i think this is huge! what is the adequate price of shipping CD in your opinion? Thank you.
  2. hmm i see, i will not understand unless i ll hear music on that thing. maybe that vinyl thing is retro, do you think new generation people listen on vinyl player? because i don't know anyone in my circle who listen on vinyl.
  3. I was also in 2012, at that time i wasn't fond of electronic music. In Goa i have seen only Psytrance but Psy chilout never. Maybe i didn't see because i didn't know much about Psychill/ambient.
  4. Dhamika - Endless horizons Aes dana - Leylines Androcell - Entheomythic etc
  5. Hi and Namaste all, My name is Manny officially but pronounce Manni and Im from Delhi, India . I think im only one from India who listen to Psybient/Psychill music. Haven't met anyone from India who listen to such music genre. It all started after my first Albert hoffman trip in 2012 . I have started listening from Cell, CBL and many many more..After trip i started to listen Psychill/Psybient music. This music give me Dreamy and altered state, Which i love . I used to listen free music before, never thought of buying their album, it just didn't come to my mind. Recently i got to know about Bandcamp and now i'm able to Support my Artists, Atleast somehow i can thank to them for their tremendous effort for creating music. Peace and Love!
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