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  1. How much do you pay for CD download from bandcamp? I mean what is the cost of shipping to your country? I never buy CD because shipping is expensive to India, for ex: If i buy from Altar its 5$ which is quite adequate, Ultimae: 7eu Synphaera 13$, i think this is huge! what is the adequate price of shipping CD in your opinion? Thank you.
  2. hmm i see, i will not understand unless i ll hear music on that thing. maybe that vinyl thing is retro, do you think new generation people listen on vinyl player? because i don't know anyone in my circle who listen on vinyl.
  3. Does music sound better in vinyl? why some people get interested in vinyl.
  4. I was also in 2012, at that time i wasn't fond of electronic music. In Goa i have seen only Psytrance but Psy chilout never. Maybe i didn't see because i didn't know much about Psychill/ambient.
  5. Dhamika - Endless horizons Aes dana - Leylines Androcell - Entheomythic etc
  6. Hi and Namaste all, My name is Manny officially but pronounce Manni and Im from Delhi, India . I think im only one from India who listen to Psybient/Psychill music. Haven't met anyone from India who listen to such music genre. It all started after my first Albert hoffman trip in 2012 . I have started listening from Cell, CBL and many many more..After trip i started to listen Psychill/Psybient music. This music give me Dreamy and altered state, Which i love . I used to listen free music before, never thought of buying their album, it just didn't come to my mind. Recently i got to know about Bandcamp and now i'm able to Support my Artists, Atleast somehow i can thank to them for their tremendous effort for creating music. Peace and Love!
  7. I don't sleep at nights (many years). I usually sleep all day . I listen to music at nights, at night music become more beautiful because everywhere is silence .
  8. A very interesting video about Psy music. What is Psychedelic music? Personally i didn't enjoy Psy music that much before Psychedelic experiences. What do you think?
  9. Really loved Far EP, loving music more and from this label . Haven't listened to Alkor but i believe this is good album. Released on Microcosmos can't be bad i think. Darshan atmosphere, its too deep and dark , i don't listen such music. Liked Noxius album, it was his first album and i think he did good job. Microcosmos chillout vol 3 , Hidden gem tracks, loved it so much!, Every track is amazing, I was surprised to see such amazing tracks from upcoming Russian artists like Cubring, Noraus, and Invisible ink . I m in love with their music! Will listen soon rest the of Psybient/Psychill albums.
  10. Dub Trees - Celtic Vedic - Beautiful ethnic indian psydub chillin album. NOYA Project - Insight - I like Balance music, Beautiful Progressive chillout album with little bit of dark. Seamoon - Crystal Language - I m not very big fan of Psydub, the reason i like this album because of this track Crystal Language (528Hz - 8Hz Binaural) so Psychill track! <3 Various Artists - Cosmik Chill Green- I don't usually listen to VA albums but I liked this time, Cosmik Chill Green is nice Psychedelic chillout , btw I didn't know about this label before, need to listen more albums from this label. Ultradian - Pathfinder sweet deep ambient music Don't mind my comments =)
  11. I really like Aviron - Oasis EP beautiful Psychill but bit fast bpm. Dreamstalker also good, Didn't hear of him before. Lets not talk about about Floating spiral, they have All best and famous artists, this release can't be bad. We should better concentrate on new or not famous Artist and promote them. ) Le voyage introspectife , This is so French that i can't even spell the artist and album , About the release i found this is like French folk, Can't understand the words, but i really enjoyed. Rest of the release i didn't listen or they are not in my genre to listen. Just listen Rukirek album, Amazing!! Super!, best what i have heard in this poll. Huuhaa - Starizono i liked it omg, This is so beautiful! Katozuka - Seven skies!
  12. They are both different genres, Try to explain in short, Psychill is psy CHILLOUT Psybient is psy AMBIENT I think everyone knows difference between Chillout and Ambient.
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