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  1. Chill Out Trance a VA series released in late 90's. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Chill-Out-Trance/release/601333
  2. That Oliver Orand is a remaster of the Hol Baumann album [Human} release by Ultimae. Seems to be three extra tracks though.
  3. I tried to send you a private message but the system says you are unable to receive it.
  4. Nice track. I like the dark undertones together with the vangelis style lead.
  5. Awesome video of Solar Fields walking through production of a track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Pz1jXpdZgY
  6. Especially in ambient/psychill style, layering seems to be a big thing. So far my experience has been adding layers and layers of different instruments to fill the sonic pallet. Realizing what I actually have is just a big glop of sound has me sitting here scratching my head. Its been hard to realize I don't need so many layers. The simpler, the better (ahem...Vasilis!) Trying to keep my hand off the reverb send has been tough. But the realization all that reverb I'm adding is just making the song sound like crap has been a big one. Would love to read others experience in this area!
  7. Lorn


    HA! You can say that again.
  8. Since there are so many styles here on the site I would suggest doing a double length type comp where one section is Psybient/Psychill and the other is Psydub/Psybass. Also, I agree with Andorra, the tracks should be unreleased.
  9. Hey released on Mindspring... https://mindspringmusic.bandcamp.com/album/cosmic-clearance
  10. Thanks that is what I thought they were.
  11. So I just came across this article and its the first time I have heard of the STEM format. http://djtechtools.com/2017/07/03/2-years-will-will-take-stems-go-mainstream/ Anyone here know anything about it? I'm still not sure what it is. Is this a way to buy pieces of a track? If so that would be great for remixing. Thoughts/comments?
  12. Whether it sounds better is up for debate...but it certainly brings the listener a sense of operation, involvement and connection that doesn't come from clicking a virtual play button.
  13. Nice interview of two electronic artists on the Ableton blog. https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/monolog-subheim-collaborate/
  14. I'm not sure how that Galaxy Dust Project qualifies as psychill.
  15. Lorn

    Album demo

    I enjoy the progression in your tracks. Well done. I'll be watching for release.
  16. Too bad, there goes another label I won't buy from.
  17. I've been doing this a lot recently. Picking a track I really like and attempting to make something similar, without duplicating. I find its the structure of the reference track which helps me the most, ie. where are the breaks, how many and how long are they, is there a long intro or does the meat of the track come in right away, etc.
  18. Good advice. For arp sequencing it depends which synth I'm currently working on. Some synths seem to have amazing built in arp sequencers like the new Uhe Hive.
  19. Great set of Ableton tips. https://cymatics.fm/2017/04/17/20-tips-ableton-tutorial/
  20. Well I'll be honest I'm not a fan of the monthly polls...too big.
  21. Please do but they have refused to use it in the past. I refuse to buy from beatport...they are garbage.
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