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    Lorn reacted to yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    Enjoying this, new Crystal Vibe track, yay!
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    Lorn reacted to Gagarin Project in Royalty free samples   
    Free music samples: download loops, hits and multis 60,745 free sample downloads http://www.musicradar.com/news/tech/free-music-samples-download-loops-hits-and-multis-627820
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    Lorn reacted to Mamomam Records in Red Sun Rising - Four Different Walks ( Mamomam Records )   
    Hello there !

    We are proud to presents you our new release - Four Different Walks from Red Sun Rising. Four previously unreleased tracks from polish psychill talent.   Artist: Red Sun Rising Album: Four Different Walks Type: EP Style tags: Psychill Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2017 Label: Mamomam Records Catalog ID: MAMOMAM003 Length: 0:32:27 official url: Tracklist:   1. Silver Lake 07:08
    2. Upon My return  8:37
    3. Horizontal Landscape 07:42
    4. Slavic Soul 09:40

    Mastering : Jedi Master Studio

    Red Sun Rising :

    BANDCAMP LINK - https://mamomamrecords.bandcamp.com/album/four-different-walks

    ( Sorry I coudn't get how to make it properly )

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    Lorn reacted to Iacchus in EQing   
    I dont really use vocal samples anymore.. especially the whole terrance mckenna style hippy gubbins samples started to sound really cliche and tiresome to me
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    Lorn reacted to Delightful Imperfections in EQing   
    For samples, like everyone says, make sure they are as clean as possible to begin with.

    Then, I then run mine through a plugin by iZotope called 'Dialogue Denoiser', which really cleans it up. You'll be surprised how clean a sample can get, just be careful not to remove any nice bits from the voice.

    I then EQ as required, & add delay / fx / compression if appropriate.

    These days I try and use samples more sparingly, as I find it alters the vibe of a track soooo much...so I really dont want to do it for the sake of it! Less is more for me
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    Lorn reacted to Iacchus in EQing   
    The problem with vocals is that consonants are effectively white noise.  If you de-noise it using de-essers etc, you remove the definitoin of the talking and left with something more 'vowelly'
    There are expensive forensic cleanup suites that do a reasonable job of reducing noise and leaving the vocals as unaffected as possible but to be honest, why not leave the noise in?  nothing wrong with a bit of noise in a track
    If you don't like how the noise starts and stops suddenly with the vocal track, take a bit of the noise when the voice isn't there, loop it, and fade it in and out before/after the sample.
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    Lorn reacted to Iacchus in EQing   
    Depends what you are trying to mix it with, and what the sound of the voice is like!  But generally I would probably compress it if there is dynamic range i dont want, and roll off the bottom to keep it away from the bass and kick.
    I certainly wouldnt try to tune it, it is spoken word, not singing, by its very nature it is not supposed to be in a tune. 
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    Lorn reacted to Gagarin Project in Books for Music Producers   
    suggested by Zack O'Brien via FB comment:
    Zen and the Art of Mixing: REV 2
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    Lorn reacted to Fuluf in best of the year poll 2016 - participate and please help to spread the word about -   
    That problem has been around since the day psybient.org started this vote and I've always thought that it should be fixed. But I filled the form today and actually found it quite good, easy and reasonable because I had forgotten quite a lot of the stuff that came out last year. The proper releases got the proper votes. So keep going with this, you've got my approval!
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    Lorn got a reaction from Ambient Epicuros in What are you listening now?   
    This Artificial Intelligence series by Ambient Epicuros is simply brilliant. All of them. The music, the composition and the video. Genius. Not sure where AE has gotten to these days. It seems he is on hiatus.
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    Lorn got a reaction from timeisart in news - 2016 - W51 (December 12-18) - release of the week poll   
    Thanks again timeisart for the hard work putting these weekly lists together. Makes my job so much easier!
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    Lorn got a reaction from Gagarin Project in news - 2016 - W51 (December 12-18) - release of the week poll   
    Thanks again timeisart for the hard work putting these weekly lists together. Makes my job so much easier!
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    Lorn got a reaction from Psilopylot in psychill is dead ?   
    This is probably the biggest reason some might say psychill is dead. I for one would prefer to see psybass go into its own direction and separate from psychill.
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    Lorn reacted to timeisart in psychill is dead ?   
    I think the 1,200+ psy downtempo releases this year speaks for itself, it's still going strong.. but since a good bit of those are of the psybass variety, many of the original psybient lovers may be alienated by the way part of the scene has evolved as has been said. but it's not all uniform, there's still plenty of good actual psybient coming out of labels like Microcosmos, Mystic Sound and Altar Records that should satisfy most chillers.
    There doesn't seem to be an ambition of psybient artists to expand into the mainstream to convince skeptics that it's not "dead". Personally I prefer that it remains underground because once large amounts of money get involved music tends to turn to shit.
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    Lorn reacted to andorra in Transition Fx   
    Easy way is to use reversed cymbal with some FX to bring stereo width and depth.
    Sometimes those work quite well, specially when added some reverb and delay to create that after swoosh
    I like to automate a stereo width plugin with reversed cymbals to "open it up" a bit. Also panning the transition can bring some extra depth.
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    Lorn reacted to Cord in news - 2016 - W48 (November 21-27) - release of the week poll   
    Thanks for the support guys! 
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    Lorn got a reaction from Spinnet (One Arc Degree) in video clips   
    Jon & Vangelis...I used to listen their stuff over and over during the 80's.
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    Lorn got a reaction from yiannis in news - 2016 - W24 (June 6 - 12) - release of the week poll   
    Cosmik Chillout Green super comp!
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    Lorn got a reaction from Gagarin Project in news - 2015 - W52 - release of the week poll   
    Illuminus certainly worthwhile!
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    Lorn reacted to Leptonhead in V.A. Goa Meditation Vol.1 By Sky Technology & Nova Fractal [timewarp048] (Timewarp Records) (Downtempo Goa, Psy-Bient)   
    V.A. Goa Meditation Vol.1 By Sky Technology & Nova Fractal [timewarp048] (Timewarp Records) (Downtempo Goa, Psy-Bient)

    Support please  http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/tim/tim2cd048.html
    Goa Meditation Vol.1
    v/a by Sky Technology & Nova Fractal
    Timewarp Records
    2 Panel Jewel Case 2CD
    August 2016
    01 - Zopmanika - Cosmic Intelligence
    02 - Jbc Arkadii - Beyond Solar System
    03 - Pandemicus - Monotonica
    04 - Triquetra - Godess of Sleep
    05 - Sky Technology - The Power of Forgiveness
    06 - Katedra - They Came in Peace
    07 - Spirit Medicine - Wardance (Contemplative Immortality Edit)
    08 - Fiery Dawn - Surya Deva
    09 - Tavi - Superrotation
    10 - Ufomatka - Flying Saucer
    01 - Ethereals - Above the Moonlight
    02 - Atati - Dela Dejl
    03 - First Man - Jivatma
    04 - Katedra - Awareness
    05 - Overdream, Atom Sessions - Red Salt
    06 - Maiia303 – Sunset-Glitter (Vagator Version)
    07 - Sky Technology - Mario in Space
    08 - Space Vibes System - The Secret Voyage
    09 - Ufomatka - Lunar Valley
    10 - Trikselos - Once In The Forest
    Compiled by: Sky Technology & Nova Fractal
    Mastering: Deimos (Igor Cernic)
    Distribution by Psyshop & Geomagnetic Distribution
    (p) and © www.Geomagnetic.tv [email protected]   
    Release Notes:
    Timewarp Records has achieved inner enlightenment through the well-known practise of calming the body and mind to attain the healing Alpha Wave state generated during Meditation. With volume One of this quintessential new series quite aptly titled “Goa Meditation†label manager and multi-talented goa producer Nova Fractal joins forces with label artist Sky Technology to compile a deeply soothing mind body excursion featuring top PsyChill and Sloa Goa Midtempo compositions inspiring the theme and extending the concept across many disciplines of Downtempo Ambient Breakbeat and even hints of Psy Bass and Chill Step Psybient. Sky Technology proposed this idea to Nova Fractal when he conceived of a three part odyssey that started with his ecclesiastal melodic acid chill goa EP on Goa Records titled “Free Spiritâ€, Delves deeply through this mind expanding double disc compilation and culminates on his coming soon, eagerly anticipated full length album on Timewarp Rec titled “Spiritualityâ€. These two talented musicians collaborate seamlessly to discover and present a perfectly balanced selection of artists and songs that communicate our philosophy and mission perfectly. Expect great music from returning Timewarp regulars as well as a great variety of artists new to the label.
    Dmytro Kolosovskiy aka Sky Technology is well known Ukraine psychedelic trance producer who comes from Kiew, born in 1982. His main style is melodic goa trance, tracks with powerful beat, full of energy, ethno motives, spiced all with acid sounds. He also makes very powerful and emotional downtempo-ambient music. So far he has released couple of EP, 2 full length albums, numerous tracks on various compilations, he has done also some compilations. From this talented artist we can expect soon to be released new downtempo album and singles.
    Nova Fractal is Croatian psychedelic & Goa trance project, founded by Renato Brnic from Slavonski Brod, also releasing breaks and downtempo with his side project "Main Sequence Star" and managing Timewarp Records.
    Label Profile:
    Timewarp Records focuses on classic retro inspired goa trance co-managed by Nova Fractal, Random & Dr. Spook. Expect some out of this world music light years ahead of its time, get ready to enter the Timewarp. https://www.facebook.com/Timewarp.rec
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    Lorn reacted to neil (spatialize) in AstroPilot's tips   
    Yeah I used Tokyo dawn slick eq recently mastering an album. Nice interface. Good sound.
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    Lorn reacted to Johnny Mandrake in AstroPilot's tips   
    looking forward for more tips and tricks
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    Lorn reacted to AstroPilot in Pad sounds   
    Omnisphere is king of pads synths, imo. most of pads/soundscapes in my tracks were made with omnisphere
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    Lorn reacted to AstroPilot in AstroPilot's tips   
    Hello psybient musicmakers!
    I decided to share with you some simple tips that help you make your music sounds better.
    So let's go!
    Clean mud on every channel of your track, just keep in mind that in most of cases only kick and bass needs low frequencies, while on other instruments you can cut lows till 80-300 hz, depends of exact instrument/sound. I recommend you to check Tokyo Dawn Records Nova and VOS SlickEQ filters, it sounds great and musically for me.
    And if you make music but you are not happy with your sound, I can help you!  https://www.facebook.com/astropilotstudio/
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    Lorn reacted to Matt Freak Flag in Newbie producer looking for advice   
    Well, for the squelches, Psilocybian posted this to the Isratrance boards a while back and I think most people do something similar.  Slow it way down for a gnarly grow, or, for extra squishiness, use some FM instead of simple oscillators.  Generally, a saw-wave modulator precisely 2 octaves below a sine-wave carrier is a good starting point here.  When the modulator is at sub-audio or nearly sub-audio frequencies, you get that ripping squelchy lead sound that makes up like... half of the leads in forest psy.
    "Trance-gated" or just gated stuff can be made all sorts of ways; you could just make a pad or vocal and chop it up manually, for maximum control.  However, I prefer the side chain method: Set up your pad or vocal, plug a gate on the channel, and side-chain the gate (with a near-instant attack and release) to your second channel, which is just any old synth running a whatever kind of oscillator.  Make a staccato note pattern on that second channel; don't worry about the notes, just the pattern, and remember to leave enough of space between notes.  When you turn off the audio output of this second channel, your staccato pattern is now controlling the audio that gets through from the first channel.  In Ableton, I think you can just "slice to midi" or something.  And, of course, there are a zillion different plugins that do this, although you'll usually sacrifice some precise control over the pattern that you'd get with the more tedious manual methods.  Xfer LFO Tool is probably the best bang for buck, and it's useful in a hundred other situations, too.  
    The sample-and-hold sequence is very simple but IMO is the best and most versatile classic psy sound.  Throw your favourite harmonically-rich oscillator (a saw will do) onto your favourite synth (that has a band pass filter).  Set the band-pass filter somewhere in the middle-ish, with high resonance, but not quite so much that it self oscillates.  Modulate the frequency of that band-pass filter with a sample-and-hold LFO (the random stairstep looking one that most synths have; might also be called "random step" or even just "random"). Chose 1/16note as the speed of the LFO.  Throw a stereo delay and some reverb on that channel, and you have instant psychedelic goodness.  That's just a starting point - you can use the S&H LFO to modulate literally anything and it will probably sound cool: oscillator type, distortion amount, resonance, FM amount, pitch, amount of reverb, all of the above, etc.  Try with different filter types, try with parallel filters, try with no filter...
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