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  1. Thanks guys for the input! very warm welcome. If any of you guys are interested, I found something very reminiscent of the Connect.Ohm sound. The album Luftrum by Motionfield has some really atmospheric downtempo pieces (e.g. 1 and 6) that really got the same groove going. Peace out1!
  2. Thanks guys! Maybe a more focused request now - is there anything else out there like Connect. Ohm 9980? Some really good downtempo (not reggae or ethno)?
  3. Hi guys. Fairly new to psybient. I got started on psybient with some Ultimae stuff (CBL, Sync24, Connect.Ohm), which very much had a synthetic, spacey sound. This is quite in contrast to the ethno-ambient / reggae dub flavour seen in much other psybient (e.g. shpongle, androcell). What I'm really looking forward to is some more high quality 'spacey' psybient. Not particularly too much live instruments and singing, high on the synths. Stuff I really enjoyed: Connect. Ohm (fantastic. any more downtempo in this vein would be godsend) Koan - Argonautica (love the synths) Sync 24 - Comfortable Void Abakus - Not much farther from the sun Any recommendations? Consider me fairly well-listened in Ultimae stuff, so would be thinking of outside that. Thanks!
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