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  1. Happy you guys like it. The thing with the cover is really shitty. We released the album almost a month before. Cosmicleaf could have react to it, but I guess it was to late. You have to realize, these days Labels try to reduce costs as much as possible. Instead of paying a graphic designer to make a original cover, you search for a nice foto on sites like fotolia.com and get a foto, graphic or whatever there and you pay a few bucks instead of 200-300 euros. Here we just got super unlucky, that the cosmicleaf guys choosed exactly the same picture as I did. I mean, on Fotolia.com you have 54 million fotos!! At the end, nobody is to blame, just bad luck.
  2. Well, I thought I keep the post without any additional info's...I'm a newbie to this great forum and homepage. But of course I can give some background info's for those who care. As you might know, I'm coming from the psytrance and progressive corner, released several albums as Motion Drive, Rumble Pack and Blue Vortex. After many years of dance music, it bored the hell out of me. Now I kind of found my freedom in chill out and downtempo music. My biggest inspirations and favourite acts are Entheogenic, Shpongle, Ott, Kuba, Kaya Project, Zen Baboon...well, some of the usual suspects I guess I love this world music vibez, ethno stuff...I hope that's heard through out the album This album took me around two years. Produced as usual in my small home studio, nothing fancy there really. Well, feedback on the album is most welcome:)
  3. Artist: Motion Drive Album: Chill Out Realms Type: Album Style Tags: Chill Out, Dub, Lounge Media Type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: IONO Music Catalog ID: INM1DIGI207 Official url: http://www.ionomusic.com/index.php?show=53&R=572&PHPSESSID=45a449b774bbfx5ffb3311c92edfa421 Tracklist: 1. Modesetter (04.28) 2. Astro (07.50) 3. Bombay Day Trip (07.49) 4. Deep Fried Dub (08.03) 5. The Substance (07.58) 6. Back to the white Island (07.06) 7. Dubalicious (06.45) 8. The God Particle (06.45) 9. Ocean Of Joy (07.03) 10. Sombrero Torero (06.30)
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