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  1. Hello everyone, The Audio Commons research project aims at bringing Creative Commons audio content to the creative industries (http://www.audiocommons.org/). A part of one of the first actions within this project is to gain insights into how creative users interact or wish to be able to interact with audio commons content whether e.g. samples, loops, sound effects or entire songs. An online survey has been created. It is a way to get some feedbacks and results from users : https://goo.gl/U8mAz9 If you have 10 minutes to participate, it would be very useful for all the laboratories involved in the research project, and then hopefully also useful for users... I also introduce you Freesound (https://www.freesound.org/) : a collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers. This website is maintained at the Music Technology Group (MTG), Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, where I'm actually doing my PhD. For us (scientific researcher) it is a very useful study case for testing new ways to explore sound databases, or getting user semantic knowledge from sound tags and descriptions. For you (artists & producers), it is a great collaborative place where you can download and upload some audio samples. Hope you'll appreciate all the efforts done in the scientific field (we are a lot working in music related topics and hopping to help the artist community), and that you will enjoy the survey Peace, Xavier
  2. Hey, Thanks for your encouragements ! You may have given me some good advices. For the drums, I could work in adding another part I guess. The synth allready have the cain of effect you propose, but maybe I have to play with the parameters a bit... Your ideas of closing the filter for the first parts and double the parts seems good. Thanks, I will give it a try.
  3. Ok, thanks for your advice, I will try. Maybe this way I can also learn how to make other cain of sounds. It might not be so easy to reproduce the sound of some producers...
  4. Hello Lorn, Great to have feedback from you ! For the fast arpeggiated sound at 3:09, I've been working on duplicating it with other spatialized and weird sounds. It gives more space and geometry but maybe it reduces its strength ? So hard to get a great bass sound :s I've tried to bring some changes on the sound (adding sometimes for example a saturation). For the rythm, I'm pretty stuck and don't really know how to change it (there are some little changes in the last parts). Should I try to find an other kick/snare/bass grooves ? Or work more on time duration or timbral caracteristics ? The mix is also bad I guess... Need practice Thanks for your answer and encouragement, Xavier
  5. Hello, I'm very pleased to join this beautiful community ! I've been working on the production of music for a few years, and I'm finaly finding more or less the type of music I want to work on. Here is one of my first try in downtempo music. I would be very pleased to get some feedback and advises from you : By the way, I recently moved to Barcelona, if you know some great chill out music places... Thank you, Xavier
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