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  1. Producers: -LO.Renzo (Blue hour) -Halfred (Merkaba) -IooN Cosmic Downtempo (Spirited rec/Purple Hexagon) -MauxuaM (Ind) -Naan (Purple Hexagon) -Mystic Vibes (ind) -IshDub -Re:set Labels: -Blue Hour Sounds -Purple Hexagon records -Looney Moon experiment Festivals: -Human Evolution Festival -Blackmoon Festival -WAO Festival Associations: Evolution Family Goaproject Naskapi tribe to be continued
  2. and Disk inventory (FREE) to see what's clogging up ypur hard drive http://www.derlien.com/
  3. Big support for f.lux, when you bypass it at night you see the difference A very cool piece of software i'm using all the time on osx is audiofinder, altough not freeware it allows you to see the waveform in realtime, reads .flac and other lossless formats and has other nice features such as bulk renaming for extensive audiofiles lybraries http://www.icedaudio.com/site/
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