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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to snowdrop in travels - festivals - possible forum member meetings   
    So far:
    20/07/2015 - Solar United Natives, Hungary
    11/09/2015 - Hazey Daze, UK
    Honoured to be playing alongside some of my favourite Shanti Planti artists in Hungary!
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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to Gagarin Project in travels - festivals - possible forum member meetings   
    Hi Folks, 
    i know we live far away from each other, but i am pretty sure we will eventually meet ! 
    So what are you summer plans for festivals ? Let meet each other somewhere if we are nearby !
    Here are mine summer trips to festivals (in Europe):
    20/06/2015 Ambiosonic Festival @ France  04/07/2015 Nowhere Festival @ Spain  23/07/2015 Waha Festival @ Romania  30/07/2015 Harmonic Festival, South France 13/08/2015 Future Nature Festival @ Pula, Croatia 27/08/2015 Psy-Fi @ Netherlands  in September i hopefully will go to Brasil and then Canada. It is time to take a break from my Paris life.   would be a pleasure to meet you in "real life", i am glad to finally meet Mønsterhed at Ambiosonic and very exited to play on same stage with Digital Mystery Tour @ Harmonic, those guys inspired me so much with their music.
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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo got a reaction from Gagarin Project in Useful Software   
    and Disk inventory (FREE) to see what's clogging up ypur hard drive 
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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to Gagarin Project in Useful Software   
    started to use today a buffer clipbord - Jumpcut (osx)
    alternatives => http://sourceforge.net/projects/jumpcut/?source=typ_redirect
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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to Gagarin Project in Useful Software   
    i highly recommend everybody to use f.lux , i actually believe thah this "free"software to make your life better.
    It works on Mac, Linux, Windows, iPhone / iPad.   https://justgetflux.com/
      Official presentation: Ever notice how people texting at night have that eerie blue glow?   Or wake up ready to write down the Next Great Idea, and get blinded by your computer screen?   During the day, computer screens look good—they're designed to look like the sun. But, at 9PM, 10PM, or 3AM, you probably shouldn't be looking at the sun.   f.lux f.lux fixes this: it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.   It's even possible that you're staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better.
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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to ancientrealms in Ableton vs Logic vs Fruityloops .... ?   
    I've used Ableton for many years but I agree with many of the posts that you should try multiple pieces of software because everyone has a different style, taste and flow.
    However, once you have decided on a setup, stick with it, learn it, live it, don't give up on it. You will have to give whatever setup you choose your life energy to make it work and that takes time and experience.
    Much joy on your journey.
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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to Mr. UPGrade in Ableton vs Logic vs Fruityloops .... ?   
    I started my production journey with FL Studio back in 2012. Its very interesting DAW, it has realy fast workflow and is very easy to learn. The advantage is also that you have a LOT of free resources online (like for example http://howtomakeelectronicmusic.com/).There was one thing that i really didnt like, and that was lack of audio tracks. Clip based workflow is awesome for a lot of working with  midi. (which btw i think is awesome, especialy the piano roll and midi tools in it). 
    While using FL Studio i downloaded almoust all software there is in trial versions and had a list of things that i wanted to test how they are done in other DAW (i.e. bounce track, bounce clip, editing notes, working with autiomation and stuff like automation follow clips, saving presets and efect chains and all that good jazz). After i think 3 months of testing, i bought my second DAW - Studio One (version 2.5) and I`m very happy with it. The workflow is awesome and the gui is realy clean. I didnt had any problems with crashing or anything like that. My killer feature number one is the ability to take and midi clip (one loop of youre synth killer bass line for example) and just drag and drop it into the browser and studio one will save midi, audio and whole preset for synth and all inserts on its track so whenever i`m doing any sound design sessions or while doing a track i did something that i`m not fully happy in that context i just drag it into "ideas" folder and i have whole preset with midi clip stored and becouse they where saved with audio files you can audition them in browser.
    I wasnt fully happy with live while testing (a did 8, and demo of 9 when it lounched), it was interesting to think it in context of live (which i dont plan to do) but for me it missed many functionalities and the hardest part to work with was automation and midi editor which for me such big time. 
    I have bitwig (bought it on some promotion) and i`m beggining to love it (its definitly not live ready) but it has all those "ableton live issues" fixed, for me its nsane for making fx and some wicked drones and stuff like that. The killer thing is that you have all those midi and audio controllers (no, not fx) that for example can control filter cuf off (or any other parameter) based on midi notes from other track. But i dont plan to use it to whole song stuff, when i will learn enought (and when they will polish a bit bitwig) i hope to do most "composing" in bitwig and export raw mixdowns for mix/master in Studio One (i dont know how but the mix quality and headroom are so freaking awesome i never can get similar efects in other DAW).
    One more thing about bitwig - it has the open api controller which is f..... amazing becouse you can turn almoust any controller into "ableton push" or akai apc. I have maschine studio and the current functions implemented are insane and i think that with some more work done in bitwig this will be the killer DAW for live. 
    PS. I know i have a lot of gear and software and i`m a lousy starting producer but thats the pro/con of working 10 years in IT, i have money but i don`t have time
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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to unknown music in Ableton vs Logic vs Fruityloops .... ?   
    I started back in the days of FL Studio 7 through 10. Now I'm using Reaper for all my projects, all of my new dream scatter material is all fully made with Reaper. Used to think that FL Studio had me covered and it served me really well for a long time. It kinda became very natural for me and was easy to use and flow with. I never thought I'd use anything else until I started getting into reaper gradually and realized that so many of the limitations that held me back in fl studio were solved in reaper. I'm forever reaper now.
    I've given a shot at Cubase and Ableton and a few others but none of them really felt right with me as FL Studio did and Reaper does. Cubase is too slow and bulky for me, it's bloated like a new PC loaded with microsoft windows. Ableton just didn't suit my production style, but looks interesting for being able to play around live. I think it's ultimately up to you and how how you prefer to work and what sort of plugins you want to get bundled. FL Studio is a real nice way to start off and has a lot of creative possibilities especially for beat making. For me currently, FL Studio looks like a toy compared to Reaper; however, reaper doesn't come bundled with any instruments or vst plugins--which is okay for me as I prefer certain third party plugins. Reaper comes in a mere 9 mb download but provides an excellent fully customizable audio production environment, aside from the vst plugins.
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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to Trala Lama in Ableton vs Logic vs Fruityloops .... ?   
    I like Ableton a lot, not just for live playing but also to be able to produce 'live' as you can change and manipulate almost anything while the track keeps playing.
    But for basics I still prefer Sony Acid Pro 7, which is a very user-friendly and cute piece of software.

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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to Sephira in Ableton vs Logic vs Fruityloops .... ?   
    I have heard good things about FL.
    I started with Live.
    I now use Logic to produce and Live for performance. Logic, for me personally, is the nicest environment to work in when making music. Cubase also gets good reviews.
    try them all and see what you like.
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    IooN Cosmic Downtempo reacted to Raul Jordan in Ableton vs Logic vs Fruityloops .... ?   
    I'm using Cubase since many years but now I'm giving a try to Ableton Live, and I like a lot, because you can do an arrangment "in Live", you play the patterns as you feel it at any moment...
    And to start, Ableton Live have many project examples, step by step, and a Help window that explain each parameter every time you put the mouse over.
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