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  1. Artist: Myth Maker

    Album: in not of
    Type: album
    Style tags: Psybient, Downtempo, Electronica, Ambient
    Media type: Download/Web
    Year: 2018
    Label: Cydonian Sounds
    Length: 54 minutes
    1. Not by Theory but Through Life
    2. The Twelve Streams
    3. Iron Mixed With Clay
    4. Dark Lighter
    5. Epinoia
    6. Femina Candida
    7. He Who Rides the Tiger Will Not Be Mauled by it
    8. Ineffable
    9. Nothing Beside Remains
    10. Machina Esotericum
    11. Morphology of Miracles
    12. The Sound of One Hand Clapping
    13. Ever and Anon
    14. Wanderer in a Strange World
    I wrote these songs over the last three years in the Cydonian Sounds Music and Sound Design studio nestled in the woods of northern New Jersey. The theme of the record is inspired by the journeys of gentle souls who feel alien in this not-so-gentle world.
    The guitar on "Ineffable" was written and performed by my good friend who goes by the pseudonym 4arms.
    Most of the album was recorded in-the-box using Propellerhead's Reason. The synth tracks on "Machina Esotericum" were recorded using a Korg Minilogue and a Roland JD-XA.
    Everything is tuned to A=432Hz.
    I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed making it!

  2. Hey everybody!


    I go by the name Myth Maker when makin some music. You might like what I have to offer! I'm a bit new to electronic music, but I've been playing music my entire life. I like to give my music away for free so go ahead and "name your own price" on the bandcamp site!


    Links to check out music:







    Here's a sample of my music


    Thank you all so much!

    Peace and Love,

    Myth Maker

  3. Artist: Myth Maker

    Album: Cydonia Complicated
    Type: album
    Style tags: psybient, ambient, spoken word, downtempo
    Media type: Web
    Year: 2016
    Label: [none]
    Length: 00:52:23
    1. Sun Begins Its Climb Again
    2. Colliders and Dancers
    3. Amber Light
    4. Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal!
    5. Orchid Clad Hangar
    6. LO-III-84M
    7. Atmospherean Realms
    8. The Prophecy of Sir William Hope
    9. Dreams of Mercury
    10. Desert Varnish
    11. It Certainly is Out There
    12. Post Apollo Hypnosis
    13. 35A72
    14. Riding Borealis
    15. The Baconian Conspearecy
    I hope you thoroughly enjoy this record! Download for free!
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