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  1. Hi, I`m Jakub and i`m from Poland. I found this forum and psybient.org by accident while googling Androcell, when I run into the interview on psybient.org. I`m listening to psybient/downtempo music for around 2 years now and just starting to explore all those produces - both big names like CBL, Androcell, Solar Fields, and the maybe smaller names from http://www.ektoplazm.com/portal. For past 3 years I`m learning music production, but with strange path, becouse I`ve started by making drum loops as background beat for plaing on my electric/bass guitars. In the same time i was exploring more electronic genres (both faster and slower stuff) and was more and more into listening and eventually producing downtempo music. Unfortunetly my personal life and full time job as software engineer (which lately i just hate with passion) often collided with music production, so to be honest last 8 months was productive and previous around 2 years was only learning some basics. Thats why my soundcloud are only 2 demos which are very old and proper new stuff will arive very soon:) As for what inspire me, i think its a lot of eastern philosophy, photography (i`m also a amature photographer) and nature (my track My Spirit is Free was actually inspired by my view from the window and surroundings that i see every day while walking my dog). Peace
  2. Well for me is a bit of everything mentioned above. I`m rather new to ambient/chillout/downtempo music - around 2 years of listening and before that it was just Peace Orchestra and FSOL. Based on that experienced i can say that all the slower tempo genres are very not defined and blury when comes to labeling, and imho thats why they are so interesting and provide many different (lets call it) enterteinment values. Some slower tracks are dreamy and takes you into deep emotional journey thats rather chilly and other like for me Echoes of An Empty Room from E-Mantra thats great for walking/running and excercises. One thing that I`m not shure if was mentioned here, that i really like about many downtempo tracks is that they arent so everly compressed and FULL ON LOUDNESS, CLUB LEVEL. Of course they are sometimes loud and club friendly but not to the point of for example many trance/psytrance tracks out there lately (i love psy trance but sometimes its just d much, and 2 loud).
  3. Yeah, probably not, but keep in mind that I`m just starting my journey trought trance/chill/ambient genres (well maybe not starting, but last year i started to go deeper into those genres) so for me at least for now there is so much music to discover and i actually dont know when i will listen to all of this
  4. As a listener I love spotify and most of my music comes from spotify. I have also collection of CD`s and couple of donations/bought digital copies but mostly i prefer streaming + donations. My love for spotify is becouse of couple of reasons: 1) I have it on my phone, laptop, ipad and i have all my liked, stared files, list of all artists that i follow, the news feed about updates from them. 2) Related artists (maybe not always the best) helped me discover awesome music based on fact that have known FSOL and Peace Orchestra (yeah, i ended up with psybient based on those 2 + Astral Projection:)) 3) Start radio from - also awesome for creating random playlists of tunes from specific genres and styles (its doing preaty good job of guesing tracks based on thumbs up/down feedback in player). 4) Offline mode and saving localy files. 5) links to web player or spotify player - i ofter talk to my friend on skype/gtalk about music and our inspirations and stuff like that and easy pointing to track is awesome. I hope that spotify will grow and one thing that i would love to have in spotify is the ability to go outside spotify (links to home pages) and option to donate to artist in spotify. Other thing is that for me the 10 $ (in poland it is even cheaper) is a joke for high quality streaming and i would be able to pay around 20$ for this service monthly just becouse i`m so happy about it. One other thing that is missing is the ability to have flac or other loosless compresion for offline mode/saving playlists but i can understand why at least for now they dont have this option implemented. From the "producer" point of view, i actualy dont know becouse i`m just starting my journey, and i will probably never "live of music", as I`m software developer and music is my hobby but becouse of lack of time i wont probably achive anything money worth. One thing i know that both me and some of my friends found artists on spotify and then bought physical copies of albums or donated to artists so besides revenue from streaming there is a promotion aspect that is very important and people should not ignore it (thats only my opinio of course).
  5. I started my production journey with FL Studio back in 2012. Its very interesting DAW, it has realy fast workflow and is very easy to learn. The advantage is also that you have a LOT of free resources online (like for example http://howtomakeelectronicmusic.com/).There was one thing that i really didnt like, and that was lack of audio tracks. Clip based workflow is awesome for a lot of working with midi. (which btw i think is awesome, especialy the piano roll and midi tools in it). While using FL Studio i downloaded almoust all software there is in trial versions and had a list of things that i wanted to test how they are done in other DAW (i.e. bounce track, bounce clip, editing notes, working with autiomation and stuff like automation follow clips, saving presets and efect chains and all that good jazz). After i think 3 months of testing, i bought my second DAW - Studio One (version 2.5) and I`m very happy with it. The workflow is awesome and the gui is realy clean. I didnt had any problems with crashing or anything like that. My killer feature number one is the ability to take and midi clip (one loop of youre synth killer bass line for example) and just drag and drop it into the browser and studio one will save midi, audio and whole preset for synth and all inserts on its track so whenever i`m doing any sound design sessions or while doing a track i did something that i`m not fully happy in that context i just drag it into "ideas" folder and i have whole preset with midi clip stored and becouse they where saved with audio files you can audition them in browser. I wasnt fully happy with live while testing (a did 8, and demo of 9 when it lounched), it was interesting to think it in context of live (which i dont plan to do) but for me it missed many functionalities and the hardest part to work with was automation and midi editor which for me such big time. I have bitwig (bought it on some promotion) and i`m beggining to love it (its definitly not live ready) but it has all those "ableton live issues" fixed, for me its nsane for making fx and some wicked drones and stuff like that. The killer thing is that you have all those midi and audio controllers (no, not fx) that for example can control filter cuf off (or any other parameter) based on midi notes from other track. But i dont plan to use it to whole song stuff, when i will learn enought (and when they will polish a bit bitwig) i hope to do most "composing" in bitwig and export raw mixdowns for mix/master in Studio One (i dont know how but the mix quality and headroom are so freaking awesome i never can get similar efects in other DAW). One more thing about bitwig - it has the open api controller which is f..... amazing becouse you can turn almoust any controller into "ableton push" or akai apc. I have maschine studio and the current functions implemented are insane and i think that with some more work done in bitwig this will be the killer DAW for live. PS. I know i have a lot of gear and software and i`m a lousy starting producer but thats the pro/con of working 10 years in IT, i have money but i don`t have time
  6. For analizing and shaping stereo with i often use Flux stereo tool (http://www.fluxhome.com/products/) and Voxengo MSED (http://www.voxengo.com/product/msed/) Both are free
  7. I started with FSOL, dont remember the album (i had a lot of mp3 from different albums, you know high school days;)) and some other chill stuff like Krudder and Dorfmeister and Peace Orchestra. It was a time when i was moving from rock/metal into some electronic and jazz but i didnt listen to a lot of it back then, becouse i also discovered Goa, DnB, and later on Dubstep and becouse I like to explore genres I didnt focus too much on any of them but in 2014 I really got hooked by Androcell, Carbon Based Life Forms AES DENA and a lot of related artists (thanks to Spotify for that !! ) Now Psybient and related genres are on top of my listening queue:)
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