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  1. This is one of my favourite EPs to relax to. It's not psybient at all, but it's excellent and accessible for someone who doesn't like all those electronic whale songs There's also this excellent album - one of my all time favourites - again guitars and synths, but still feeling pretty organic and accessible:
  2. Hello everyone I'd like to introduce you to my podcast... I started in October 2012, I try to post monthly... There're 65 hour long mixes of ambient, psybient, chill and nearby genres.... I have a few recent mixes up on soundcloud The rest you can download from my website, or you can subscribe to my podcast on your phone... http://repose.royce.me On my website among my mixes are a few guest mixes from the likes of Miktek, State Azure, Max Million, Lauge and Baba Gnohm, and a few others... And a DJ set or two from me at Rainbow Serpent Festival and a few other parties here in Australia. I hope you enjoy
  3. I think you need to consider what it means to, day in day out, be making a living from making music. How much of your time will be spent doing the making music, and how much time do you have to spend doing things that support that in order to turn your output in to dollar... this includes things like self promotion, self education, negotiating with labels, understanding what your listeners like, gigs, administration, keeping up with fans, etc. I'm not in the business of music, so I don't know how much time and energy this would require, but it's surely stuff that needs doing in order to be viable. Writing some tunes and putting them up on bandcamp is certainly not enough - you'll need to be comfortable with being an entrepreneur. In my mind I can imagine, as a struggling musician, a tension... trying to figure out how much time to spend doing the fun stuff and the boring stuff... I imagine there's a lot more boring stuff to do than fun stuff!
  4. I'm not an amazing DJ by any measure, but perhaps the most important lesson I have learned is to not be paralysed by thinking that my mix isn't good or my work isn't good. If you're making a mix or a piece of music don't struggle with how bad it is, push through it and complete it. If you give up you'll have nothing.
  5. Not so psybient but still fantastic space music: https://bennjordan.bandcamp.com/album/pale-blue-dot I've been getting in to this lately: https://synphaera.bandcamp.com/releases
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