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  1. Artist: Carbon Based Lifeforms Album: MOS 6581 Remixes Type: EP Style tags: psybient, ambient, downtempo Media type: Digital Year: 2016 Label: Leftfield Records For me at least MOS 6581 is Carbon Based Lifeforms most iconic track, it’s a standout track on Hydroponic Garden which itself was a standout album and it’s no surprise that if they were going to release and EP of remixes it would be this track. Here we have 4 remixes of MOS 6581 in a variety of styles, so don’t expect a mini story or flow to the EP, it’s basically a tool for DJs of different styles to get the lush & chill melody of this track in to sets of different styles and push CBL’s brand recognition a little bit. Overall I was very happy with this, all remixes are pretty much what I want from a remix, the original track is recognizable but it’s been made in to a different style of music. The Hardfloor remix has a great complementary sub melody, a stronger beat than the original and a lot of little trippy sounds interwoven through the track. The main melody sounds like it has more reverb adding a little more to the ethereal atmosphere. The Aija remix is more housey with a steady beat and energy. It puts me in mind of listening to MOS 6581 in a Spanish beach bar in the early evening. It’s got a little bit of guitar, brighter melodies than the original while retaining some of the darkness of the original. There’s a very brief appearance of the sample later on but it sounds more like a distant conversation. The Saafi Brothers remix starts softly becomes a slow powerful track. There are glitchy sounds coming over the main melody which is played slightly differently at different stages of the track. It’s the longest here at over 10 minutes but is good value for it and it really doesn’t feel that long but it does end quite abruptly where I thought it was going to continue. The Live Version is great. It builds up really well, starting off with just percussion and a light melody, shortly followed by the sirens and more atmospheric sounds. By the time the melody comes in it feels emmense, dropped at just the right time to give a lover of this track tingles. Overall it’s a good EP of remixes. If you like MOS 6581 then this will be a nice addition for you as all 4 tracks are varied enough to make listening to them all in a row a pleasure rather than fatiguing. Any DJs of more upbeat styles might like putting some of these in their sets.
  2. I've always assumed it stemmed out of the habit of finishing a goatrance album with a downbeat track. Some artists like The Infinity Project just took it a bit further and made full albums. Sure there are lots of earlier influences but then there is for everything.
  3. She might like Butterfly Dawn on Liquid Sound Design https://youtu.be/FluyjiVYQp8
  4. Artist: Miktek Album: Elsewhere Type: Album Style tags: psybient, ambient, downtempo Media type: CD Year: 2013 Label: Ultimae While this was released 3 years ago it has done the same as many of the greatest Ultimae releases, it didnt impress me on early listens and sat around on the shelf for a year or more, then I put it on on a whim and and listening to it felt like I was listening to a totally different album. Elsehwhere is a slow, dark, melancholic piece of journey music. The tracks blend nicely into each other creating a beautiful story that I would highly recommend. 1. False Dawn A deep slow opener sets a melancholy mood, rumbling bass sounds like a far off storm slowing approaching while light melodies feel like trapped sunlight trying to get around the clouds. 2. Elephants 1A bit more urgency with a faster beat sounding like the steady movement of a caravan travelling through the desert. Half heard utterances lie behind soft ambience and subtle melodies making me feel like I am watching from a distance. 3. Incompressible Flow I love the beat on this track, there is a deliciously sharp edge to the one that starts off alone and it continues to sit nicely behind the full beat when it kicks in and adds the dark melancholic mood of the track. 4. Ominous Ride (album edit) A steady beat, strong yet subtle melody and what sounds like water quickly flowing down a an uneven surface give a feeling of moving forward. The dark ambience gives it a slight edge of dread as if its taking us somewhere out of our comfort zone. 5. Human Theory A slower track, starts out mostly ambience and feels like I am walking through a grey desolate plane, as the beat and melodies come in it builds a bigger picture, not so lonely yet still alone while surrounded by others. 6. Abismo 2.0 This starts off similar to Human Theory in feel but adds more energy to the journey, the beat remains steady, the melodies come out of each side surrounded by whoosing ambient drones, I feel grounded yet ready to fly. 7. Song of the Burning Mountain This feels like a shift in momentumn, theres more and it is more progressive. The beats more prominent and a little quicker, the ambience flows faster all around and the is an energy building behind it all as if a train travelling ever upwards. 8. Purity There is a deep strong bassline reverberating through this, a chittering in the background and beats that trip alongside themselves as they go. Tiny sparkling melodies makes me feel like sunlight reflecting on a mountain stream surrounded by invisible but audible insects. 9. Elsewhere (The fade edit) Everything feels lighter in this track, the beats, the melodies the ambience all fly a little more like were moving above the ground. The vocal sample near the end is recessed as if were hearing it through the radio thats not quite tuned right. 10. Magnificent Desolation If ever there was a track that deserved magnificient in the title it was this one. It feels at once lonely but extremely grand. Like floating above the clouds at night with nothing in between you and the heavens. The strings that flow through the track hold it all together beautifully. A stand out track on great album. 11. Nascency A great follow up to track #10, it still has that floaty feeling but much more of a descending feeling. I feel like I am slowly floating downwards through thick cloud cover on a bed of soft melody. 12. Time or Place A nice soft end to the album. It feels more grounded but still like I am floating. Imagine on top of the mountain, above patchy clouds and under a garland of starts. We have arrived. Mikteks Elsewhere is a great melancholic journey filled with deep bass, bright melodies, rushing ambient synths and a lot of texture and details. For me it is one of the best Ultimae records. Favourite tracks 2,4,5,10(!!) & 11
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