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  1. I should follow this forum more often... I was playing in this event before CBL! 😁 Did you make it to the party?
  2. I was just coming to say that this one went a bit weird towards the end but you got here first =D
  3. Thank you for providing these lists! It's quite a long already! Lots of new new names and good releases to be discovered!
  4. I know some here are using it...? Is it a worth a shot compared to Bitwig and Ableton?
  5. So as the title says it... What are your thoughts on re-releasing music on the album? What I mean... If you've released an EP or more back in the day and you would like to re-release a track or two (maybe a new version, mix or edit) from those in upcoming album of yours. How does industry or people see it?
  6. I have tuned in for few psybient and psytrance live shows but I don't know... It's fun and good to see people stream these but the overall experience has been quite poor so far. Sorry to say this... What bothers most is that the audio and video quality is quite low most of the time. But I hope these live streams progress while they are coming more popular.
  7. 1. Silence 05:44 2. Since you were gone 07:25 3. Ecouri 06:16 4. Departed 06:58 5. Night Walker 06:24 6. E-Mantra & Reasonandu - Shadow Skies 06:03 7. Prelude 06:10 8. Le Ciel est Triste 06:30 9. Echoes of an empty room 09:01 10. Touching 05:36 11. Passing through 07:19 12. Hymn 04:42 After many years i decided to take my music back from the labels that previously release them. So this month will start with my dear Album " SILENCE" Several tracks were re-edited ..remixed ..improved sounds Melusine Records will be the label releasing them all step by step with new covers new mastering and big news ..on CD (limited to 100 ) for each album. Cd's will be available for purchase directly from me at [email protected] "Silence" will contain also small changes like a bonus track that should have been on the initial version of the Album but didn't quite get a place on . All being said ..i present you the New "SILENCE" Music : Emanuel Carpus Cover: Painting by Leonid Carpus , digitally edited by Melusine Crew Mastering : Zsolt Peter (Artifact303) credits released March 17, 2020 Follow E-Mantra here : soundcloud.com/e-mantra www.facebook.com/EMantra604 www.instagram.com/emantra_official/ www.youtube.com/user/Emantramusic twitter.com/EMantra1 [email protected] melusinerecords.bandcamp.com open.spotify.com/artist/2E0kgEPDzzNtzXFOUPNCYV Thank you friends and fans . Special thx to : Negulescu Raluca , Dumitrescu Alexandru (Reasonandu), Egor Povzner, Ensancha ElAlma Rec , Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)
  8. 1. Vibrational Repatterning 04:40 2. Lapislazzuli 13:16 3. Omumborombonga 13:40 4. The Dance of the Secret Monkey 14:51 5. Antherium 10:47 6. Orange Of Life 13:47 7. Dhyana 19:03 8. Salamandras 14:02 9. Vibrashapes 09:24 10. Rain 07:12 11. Deephandsonator 05:12 about Mindspring Music Presents: The Flying Mars - Cosmochemistry [MSM086] The Flying Mars newest album comes from a mix of emotions: places, feelings, people and sounds. All were experienced while traveling the world and gave wide inspiration for this masterpiece. Many stories are to be found inside this deeply personal body of work, where every track was composed in a different place on this Earth. Fueled by nature and equipped with a field recorder, He set out on his journey; recording every sound, Paying close attention to his surroundings while capturing the essence of the here and now. You are invited to relive this journey and state of mind. Listen closely and you will be able to feel the exact sensations, smell the same smells, and hear the same sounds that were heard during the creative process – which is deeply rooted in the heart and soul of this unique artist. This is the second Album of Mario Engel, from Switzerland. With his main project - β€œThe Flying Mars”, he is always in search of new sounds, oblique sonorities, and exhilarating vibes. With constantly nurtured creativity and a refined artistic approach to sculpting sounds and arranging tracks, he invites you on a sonic journey with... more credits released March 27, 2020 Artist: The Flying Mars Genre: Psychedelic Hand drum on track 6: Lorenzo Nessi Vocals on track 7: James Mariott and Alexandros Karsiotis. Artwork: Mario Engel Mastering: Ascended Mastering Release Biography: Stephen Moon & Patrick Palone Written & Produced: Mario Engel Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/the-flying-mars Facecook: www.facebook.com/theflyingmars/
  9. https://chronosmusic.bandcamp.com/album/helios-ii 1. Land Aqua Mass 06:49 2. Lift Off 06:46 3. Chronos & Diakov - Diacronity (Album Version) 07:00 4. Houston We Have A Problem 06:42 5. Meridianus 06:33 6. 8248 Gurzuf 07:00 7. Chronos & Ephilion - Solaris 07:20 8. Ai Petri Majesty 06:50 9. Micro Music 07:25 10. Sacred Paintings 07:24 11. A Place of Quiet 06:10 12. Sacred Books 07:16 about All links β–Ί bnd.lc/heliosII A masterpiece wanting to be a dedication of love to his recently deceased lovely mother Natalia Klimenko, Chronos aka Nick Klimenko is back after a long absence on Altar. An album of great sonic purity which offers to the listener to enter in a deep relaxation state and tells a unique story of its kind. If you liked his first opus "Helios" ( chronosmusic.bandcamp.com/album/helios ) seven years ago, you will fall in love with this suite of great beauty and maturity, never equaled before. Nick has traveled again to the magical places of Crimea and for the third time was so inspired that he immediately wrote a new chillout album. All of these named album tracks are connected with one special place in South Crimea and was made after visiting all twelve of them: 8248 Gurzuf - Gurzuf Town Houston We Have A Problem - Crimean Observatory Lift Off - Eski Kermen Sacred Books - Temple Of Sun Sacred Place A Place Of Quiet... more credits released March 2, 2020 W&P by Nikita Klimenko, Moscow, Russia www.facebook.com/Chronosomusic/ chronos-music.ru Except tracks: #3 with Alex Diakov and track #7 with Ephilion. Artwork and mastering by DJ Zen www.facebook.com/ZenAltarRec/ bnd.lc/AltarRecords Offered in 24bits studio master quality. |ARCDA98|
  10. Great to see this compilation by Cosmic Touch! Details from Bandcamp 1.AQUIVER - Kan Seumoto 04:02 2.KOJO - Inflates My Conscious 08:19 3.COSMIC TOUCH - Bass Medicine 07:12 4.COSMIC PHASE - Glow 07:45 5.SUBROOT - Tidal Change 08:22 6.BROKENBLENDER - Shredded Realm 05:42 7.WISE TREE - Mahadevi 03:00 8.MAOA - Cloudfire 08:12 9.DUBNOTIC & MAHAON - Tandra 07:00 10.OPALESCENCE - Vine 05:26 Brought to you through the Visionary Shamanics Portal, this collection of tracks is the result of a common goal shared by the artists, to heal and inspire the soul during these trying times. May you find the strength to help us build a better tomorrow. Compiled By Cosmic Touch BASS MEDICINE Feel the bass vibrations deep in the soul Heartbeats share rhythms of ghostly drums bold Into the dream planes climbing celestial vines Devas of many kinds giving healing blessings divine As everything is changing and transforming Glowing and radiating awareness sublime Channelling our ancestor teachers are talking Following an open path of wisdom walking A beautiful vessel of the innerverse to take Touring of the minds labyrinth that's morphing To the centre engaging the pineal gland to awake Layer after layer we shed our fears to resonate Shamanic swirling colourful twirls unfurl much more As new dimensions and astral planes to explore credits released April 20, 2020 Compiled By: COSMIC TOUCH Cover Art: MARTIN HAWK Shamanic Poetry: MYSTICAL VOYAGER Mastering: DIGITALX Mastering Lab Additional mastering & Credits: Tracks 1 & 4 Mastered By: AQUIVER Track 9 Mastered By: MAHAON Track 3 Didgeridoo BY: GABRIEL KIMCHI & Sarangi BY: LORENZO MANTOVANI Track 4 French Horn By: ZOHAR YAAR Track 8 Vocals By: EMMA RAUDASOJA & Guitar BY: JUSSI KARAST
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