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    andorra reacted to Gagarin Project in Interviews with psychill psybient psydub artists   
    We continue to host interview sessions, and we have already 50+ exclusive interviews plus some "re-published" and "archive" interviews !
    Don't miss, all is here :
    all interviews - https://www.psybient.org/love/category/articles/interviews/
    archive - https://www.psybient.org/love/category/articles/archive/
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    andorra got a reaction from Gagarin Project in The Official Carbon Based Lifeforms Discussion Thread   
    I should follow this forum more often... I was playing in this event before CBL! 😁 Did you make it to the party?
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    andorra got a reaction from timeisart in Q1 2022 Releases   
    Thank you for providing these lists! It's quite a long already! Lots of new new names and good releases to be discovered!
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    andorra reacted to yiannis in psybient forum future ? what can we do for the community ?   
    It's been said before, social media is where the discussion is. I don't have any so I too wish there were more activity here. Any attempt at dialogue from my part has been met with minimal response, always from the usual suspects. I do check out Gordon's lists regularly, but I don't want to keep starting threads where responses can be counted on one hand of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or keep posting on the listening now thread on my own.
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    andorra got a reaction from Nordique in Do you use Open Source DAW or OS for music?   
    I'm using Renoise and it's available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Thought it's quite different than most of the DAW's out there but I love it. I've used trackers since 90's Fast Tracker 2 and I found it too hard to start learning some another DAW now. It would take too much time to learn everything... Old dog already!
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    andorra got a reaction from Trala Lama in Essential tips, plugins and VST   
    "50 Best Free VST Plugins in 2018"
    Again very nice list of totally free tools and toys to play with
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    andorra got a reaction from Gagarin Project in E-Mantra - Silence (2020) [Melusine Records] (Psybient, Psychill)   
    1. Silence 05:44    
    2. Since you were gone 07:25    
    3. Ecouri 06:16    
    4. Departed 06:58    
    5. Night Walker 06:24    
    6. E-Mantra & Reasonandu - Shadow Skies 06:03    
    7. Prelude 06:10    
    8. Le Ciel est Triste 06:30    
    9. Echoes of an empty room 09:01    
    10. Touching 05:36    
    11. Passing through 07:19    
    12. Hymn 04:42    

    After many years i decided to take my music back from the labels that previously release them.
    So this month will start with my dear Album " SILENCE"
    Several tracks were re-edited ..remixed ..improved sounds
    Melusine Records will be the label releasing them all step by step with new covers new mastering and big news ..on CD (limited to 100 ) for each album.
    Cd's will be available for purchase directly from me at [email protected]
    "Silence" will contain also small changes like a bonus track that should have been on the initial version of the Album but didn't quite get a place on .
    All being said ..i present you the New "SILENCE"
    Music : Emanuel Carpus
    Cover: Painting by Leonid Carpus , digitally edited by Melusine Crew
    Mastering : Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)
    released March 17, 2020
    Follow E-Mantra here :
    [email protected]
    Thank you friends and fans .
    Special thx to : Negulescu Raluca , Dumitrescu Alexandru (Reasonandu), Egor Povzner, Ensancha ElAlma Rec , Zsolt Peter (Artifact303)
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    andorra reacted to Matt in What are you listening now?   
    You can find my Psybient - Psychill - Downtempo playlist on Deezer here: https://www.deezer.com/en/playlist/2166859162
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    andorra reacted to yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    The first two tunes on this one are fantastic.

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    andorra got a reaction from Gagarin Project in Listen to my music   
    Uploaded some tracks to Soundcloud
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    andorra got a reaction from Sounds of Snow in Tips and tricks on how to apply to play at festivals   
    I would like to add that the introduction/application should be somehow professional and clear. I think it matters how you introduce yourself and try to sell your music to organisers. Be polite and humble, send applications to same places also next year. It will pay off some day
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    andorra got a reaction from yiannis in Who's the best artists in Psybient right now?   
    Hard question and you're absolutely right! There are so many artists and labels releasing new music that I actually find it difficult to explore new music nowadays
    There are few labels I'll try to follow and check their new releases but I'm sure that there's so much new music and talented artists that you won't ever notice because the mass is so huge...
    And back to the original question... Can't really name the best artist but labels like Melusine, Mystic Sound, Mindspring and Synphaera have released some pretty good chill lately!
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    andorra got a reaction from yiannis in V/A - We Are Sky Dancers [Melusine Records 2018] (Psybient, Downtempo) - Free Download!   
    Free download V/A from Melusine Records

    https://melusinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/we-are-sky-dancers   Melusine Records - Free Release   released April 29, 2018    Dakini Festival  www.facebook.com/thedakini/    Cover Art - Etal  www.facebook.com/etal2016/  
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    andorra got a reaction from left in Key-G Radiozora Heliconia Tales Jan 2018   
    Will have a listen to this. Thanks for sharing your excellent music
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    andorra reacted to left in Key-G Radiozora Heliconia Tales Jan 2018   
    Hi guys , 
    here i let you my last set for Radiozora from last January  , it includes some unreleased tracks which will be out soon  so enjoy it if you want , hope you like it 
    hugs to all 
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    andorra reacted to Johnny Mandrake in Layering   
    I was always jealous of my colleges having impressive amounts of layers. Now I don't care, if maximum sixteen sounds good, why should I force myself to have 32+?
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    andorra got a reaction from Psilopylot in Essential tips, plugins and VST   
    Aaand it's finally also available as vst plugin!
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    andorra got a reaction from yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    Classic stuff
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    andorra reacted to yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    Binging on Total Eclipse's EPs, one after the other.    "We must be in heaven, man."
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    andorra reacted to Ant Nebula in Ant Nebula (Mindspring Music)   
    The Ant Nebula is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Norma that is composed of a bright core and featuring distinct high-velocity outflows. The name and qualities are shared with a versatile chill DJ who spends his time between Australia and Europe.
    Ant Nebula’s sets are infused with a palpable energy that stems from his love of life and combine the harmonic overtones of melodic driving beats interwoven with ethnic sounds and the artful syncopation of well-produced psychedelia.
    Ant brings technical mastery second to none which allows him to take listeners on a journey inward exploring the various textures of consciousness, or, echoing the bipolar nature of his namesake, he can create dance floor pandemonium in which people become the dance for the duration of his set. He hosts a fortnightly session on the Internet-based chill station, Radio Q37 and is also a label DJ for Mindspring Music, home of unique and intelligent sonic outpourings for the discerning music lover.
    VA Intra-Dimensional (Psybient/Psychill/Psydub)
    Compiled by Ant Nebula
    Mindspring Music
    Release Date : December 29 2017
    Contact / Bookings:
    E-Mail : [email protected] 






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    andorra got a reaction from Flexagon in Top 50 Best Free VST Plugins Of 2017 (bedroomproducersblog.com)   
    These are the best free VST plugins released in 2017! We went through every news article we posted this year, analyzed your comments, and compiled a list of this year’s finest VST plugin freeware.
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    andorra got a reaction from Gagarin Project in [open call] interview with EAT STATIC   
    I would like to ask about the new album. I know Eat Static mainly from Goa-trance music so how they ended up doing downtempo/dub/chill album? I understood that it's done entirely with modular synthesizers so what kind of process is that and how they ended doing so compared to old setup (and what kind setup was the old). Are we going to see and hear Eat Static playing next summer in festival chill-out stages?
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    andorra reacted to Moebius in Möbius - Mystic Sound Series #11 (2017) [Mystic Sound Records] (Chill out)   
    I did this set recently for the 'Mystic Sound Series' radio show on RadiOzora.

    It contains tracks from my last four albums 'Advocatus Diaboli', 'Per Aspera Ad Astra', 'Tempus Fugit' and 'Mutatis Mundi'. Here is the complete track list:
    1. Slow Motion (Per Aspera Ad Astra, Bump Foot Records, 2012)
    2. Space Tuna (Per Aspera Ad Astra, Bump Foot Records, 2012)
    3. Free Spirit (Mutatis Mundi, Mystic Sound Records, 2016)
    4. Moss Stone (Tempus Fugit, Phonocake Records, 2015)
    5. Overheated (Per Aspera Ad Astra, Bump Foot Records, 2012)
    6. Sands Of Time (Tempus Fugit, Phonocake Records, 2015)
    7. Spacetime Curvature (Tempus Fugit, Phonocake Records, 2015)
    8. Trapped In A Black Hole (Advocatus Diaboli, Bump Foot Records, 2010)
    9. Anticyclic Permutation (Tempus Fugit, Phonocake Records, 2015)
    10. Storm Signals ((Per Aspera Ad Astra, Bump Foot Records, 2012)
    11. Dark Wood (Mutatis Mundi, Mystic Sound Records, 2016)
    12. Melting Phase 46 (Advocatus Diaboli, Bump Foot Records, 2010)
    13. Fractal Earth (Mutatis Mundi, Mystic Sound Records, 2016)
    14. Quantum Glow (Mutatis Mundi, Mystic Sound Records, 2016)
    15. World Shift (Mutatis Mundi, Mystic Sound Records, 2016)
    Thanks for listening and have a great day!
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    andorra got a reaction from Lorn in Essential tips, plugins and VST   
    Soundtoys Little Plate reverb for free thru November 22 if anyone is interested!
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    andorra got a reaction from Lorn in Links to tutorials and other useful resources   
    This was great! Very interesting walk-through how he has made one of his tracks. Also lots of good tips and tricks!
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