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    andorra got a reaction from floyd2.0 in V/A - Downtempo Cherries (2016) [Cosmicleaf Records] (downtempo, psychill)   
    Artist: V/A
    Album: Downtempo Cherries
    Type: Album
    Style tags: Downtempo, Psychill
    Media type: WEB
    Year: 2016
    Label: Cosmicleaf Records
    The branches of this cherry-tree are hanging low and heavy with juicy cosmic beats and vibes.
    Come and spend the afternoon in the shade with this collection of Cosmicleaf's finest downtempo productions.
    Ranging from driving progressive ambient to mellow sunset melodies,
    there's something in here for every nature-loving chiller.
    released November 3, 2016


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    andorra got a reaction from floyd2.0 in Samsara Festival 2017 - 3rd European edition (Hungary, 8-13 August)   
    New home – same old vibe & spirit.
    Still no crowd, no dust.
    No monuments.
    No sponsors, no investors.
    Just us, Samsarians. And the best psybient lineup on this planet.
    Samsara Festival Europe welcomes the world’s contemporary tribes to its third summer celebration of the free spirit, love, peace & unity – where the chill stage is the main stage.
    Samsara is a worldwide annual psychedelic murmuration for yoga-, music-, dance- and nature lovers hosting lecturers, instructors, teachers, trainers, mentors, coaches, tutors, advisers, guides, demonstrators, psychologists, doctors, healers, anatomists, gurus, shamans, curers, medicine men and therapists along with a psybient music festival.
    90 yoga workshops, seances and lectures followed by 80 music artists and DJs on Chill, Alternative and Tilos World Music stages – hidden deep into our 40 acres of private forest surrounding the fantasy village of Samsara, strictly for ages 0-116.
    Samsara shuttle buses from Siofok Train Station and Ozora Festival gate.
    The yoga village, separated from the music festival area with the Gate of Purity, includes:
    Dome of Sadhana: As one basic and very important part of practicing yoga, the asanas prepare the body and the nervous system to be able to move on to the pranayama, and other methods that reqiure more experience, physical and spiritual endurance. Training ourselves in yoga postures also help to improve willpower, reduce stress and makes your own body more comfortable.
    Philosopher’s Shala: Asanas are just a branch of the tree of yoga. At this place, it is possible to climb on other branches, such as basic or advanced philosophy or ayurvedic studies, but workshops and teachings will be held, for example in psychology, lifestyle and consuming habits.
    Acro Playground: The playground is the home of the daily led acro jamming on beginner and intermediate level and other acrobatics related classes like handstand. Alternative and hoop dance workshops will be also held, as every kind of movement, practiced with concentration and joy, are basic tools for self improvement.
    Healing Hut: Visiting the Hut within the village, one can practice trust, and let one of the festivals highly qualified therapist take care of one’s physical, mental or emotional issues. Some of the available treatments:
    -yumeiho -medical massage -thai massage -chrystal therapy –prananadi -reiki
    Ticket info Samsara 3rd Europe Edition 8-13 August 2017 (at the gate price 138€ if available)

    Phase 1 until 1 December 2016 (limited to 300 tickets) Early Bird Special Double Ticket 138€ for 2 persons

    Phase 2 until 31 December 2016 (limited to 500 tickets) Early Bird Regular Single Ticket 88€

    Phase 3 until 1 February 2017 (limited to 600 tickets) 96€

    Phase 4 until 1 April 2017 (limited to 600 tickets) 112€

    Phase 5 until 1 June 2017 (limited to 600 tickets) 122€
    Samsara Himalaya Edition India 6-15 October 2017 (at the gate price 368€ if available)

    Phase 1 until 1 January 2016 (limited to 200 tickets) Early Bird Special Double Ticket 368€ (for 2 persons)

    Phase 2 until 31 March 2016 (limited to 400 tickets) Early Bird Regular Single Ticket 228€
    4 ways to go:

    1. Ticket price + 4 € fee online Hadra Ticket Shop on www.hadra.net
    2. Ticket price +3 € fee: transfer to [email protected] via PayPal
    3. Ticket price + 2 € fee: Lotus Shop in Budapest, József körút 83
    4. Ticket price +0 fee: transfer to [email protected] via Paypal and MARK PAYMENT AS TRANSFER TO A FRIEND
    Since the beginning of the unwritten history of mankind, people have always wanted to see the unseen, touch the untouchable, and reach points of view, where the seemingly most complicated questions of life become crystal clear.

    For that purpose, fires have been lit, tribes were singing and dancing around and shamans went on their journeys into different realms, searching for usually fearsome, but blissfully instructive visions! Yogis, saddhus, monks were doing the holy process of meditation, mantra chanting and yoga sadhana. In many culture, countless human souls tried to arrive to a better understanding, praying to gods, angels, spirits, or to the root, the cosmic intelligence itself, to seek for guidance. We believe that the road to merge with the ultimate consciousness is one, but can be travelled on many ways, in many colours.

    Samsara festival unites the mind-expanding experience of listening and dancing psychedelic music under the sun and the full-moon, and many kinds of yoga traditions and other methods of gaining awareness, practiced for thousands of years. This is a great opportunity to have a deeper knowledge of Yoga, as one of the Sat Darshanam, and experience other aspects, than cling to only doing asanas. The rich variety of philosophical workshops and healing processes help the sadhaka to improve their daily practice to a completely different level of self realizaton via offering techniques that focuses ones perception on exploring the immortal Spirit within.
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    andorra reacted to Moebius in Moebius - Mutatis Mundi (2016) [Mystic Sound Records] (PsyBreaks, PsyChill, Ambient)   
    My new album "Mutatis Mundi" was released yesterday by Mystic Sound Records!!!

    Feel invited to join me to explore the world of "Mutatis Mundi"!
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    andorra reacted to Gagarin Project in help to promote this forum please   
    Hi Guys, 
    would be cool to have a little bit more people here, can i ask you to share information about this forum with your friends, fans, etc ? it can be in personal talk, fb post, or even in your local fb group or old forum that nobody use any more.
    i think we are having here a nice project, and would be nice to give it a bit more "live" and "dynamic".
    Love and Light
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    andorra got a reaction from MusicSimplified in Developing some new sounds here - Beats Beyond Matter   
    Welcome and thank you for sharing your music. Sounds good and very well produced. Looking forward to hear your album
    Maybe think sharing your chilled sounds more fitting subforum -> http://forum.psybient.org/index.php/forum/31-tracks-and-demos/
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    andorra got a reaction from Dhamika in Dhamika - Eliya (2016) [Dhamika Music] (Downtempo,Psychill,Ambient)   
    Great EP!
    First two tracks are signature Dhamika downtempo tracks and third one is a bit more chilled track.
    Very enjoyable to listen to! Takes me back to last summer and Samsara where I saw you playing live in middle of hot summer day (or morning was it..?)
    Nice northern cover art also
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    andorra got a reaction from yiannis in What are you listening now?   
    Time for some uplifting psybient for Friday!

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    andorra reacted to Shpongle in What are you listening now?   
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    andorra got a reaction from yiannis in What do you think about our current logo ?   
    Would love to have a psybient.org T-shirt with that kind of colorful mandala logo on it
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    andorra reacted to Alchemist in Alchemist - RevealZ Live Dj Set @ Zodiak Club 2016   
    The set was recorded at the brand new Zodiak club in Brussels on the 7th of October ("RevealZ" party) in the Cosmic Eden room. Some transitions could have been done better but there are some killer tracks anyway that I hope you will enjoy! Inside you will find somewhat Glitchy and Dubby vibes, with allot of recent tunes and a few unexpected twists and turns. Not restricted to one genre, but always with an emphasis on the low end of the frequency spectrum. Especially in the second part of the mix the tempo tends to pick up a bit, touching upon some psychedelic drum & bass and other funky vibes!
    1) Androcell - Frog Pond [self-Released, 2016]
    2) Stimulus Timbre - Garden of Rest [self-Released, 2013]
    3) Digital Skunk - Taking Wing    [Liquid Lounge, 2016]
    4) Psyentifica - Queltami    [self-Released, 2016]
    5) Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis (Gaudi Remix) [Leftfield Recordings, 2016]
    6) Blue Lunar Monkey - Metta [Tycho Records, 2011]
    7) Seamoon - The Center of The Mandala (528 Hz)    [Merkaba Music, 2016]
    8) Apriori - Facture VIP [Triple Drop Productions, 2016]
    9) Atom Session - Autumn Glider    [self-Released/Ektoplazm, 2016]
    10) Pitch Black - It's the Future Knocking [Dubmission Records, 2016]
    11) Kaya Project - Shifting Sands (Kukan Dub Lagan Remix) - Kaya edit [Tribal Shift Records, 2016]
    12) Dub Size - The World Is A Fine Place [Dan Dada Records, 2016]
    13) Mystical Warrior - Passage To Dub [Dan Dada Records, 2016]
    14) PlusStepper - Digital Horns [Original Dub Gathering, 2015]‎
    15) Androcell - Smile on [Altar Records, 2014]
    16) Sixis & Expedizion - Awakening World (Bloop Remix)    [shanti Planti, 2015]
    17) Sixis & Expedizion - Awakening World (Sixis Revision) [shanti Planti, 2015]
    18) Xeno - Elevenwoods [into This Wired Abyss, 2015]
    19) One Arc Degree - Jupiter Transit [blue Tunes Chillout, 2015]
    20) Hinkstep - And A Song For You [Ovnimoon Records, 2013]
    21) Bryocon - Subside [Triple Drop Productions, 2016]
    22) Carbon Based Lifeforms - Proton / Electron [ultimae Records, 2006]
    23) Sixis - Wandering Deeper [Addictech Records, 2015]
    24) Silicon Slave - Corporate Furry [beanstalk Records, 2016]
    25) Kalya Scintilla - Acacia [Merkaba Music, 2016]
    26) Blue Lunar Monkey - The Unknown [Altar Records, 2016]
    27) KEEMIYO - Serendipity [Altar Records, 2016]
    28) KEEMIYO - Fractal Universe [Altar Records, 2016]
    29) Unknown Reality - Fresh Fruit [self-Released, 2016]
    30) Astral Waves, Sufi's Life & Merlin - Le Rêve Eveillé [Altar Records, 2015]

    High-quality downloads are enabled on soundcloud.
    Also thanks to =ҒLΦɎD= for the pic.
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    andorra reacted to kalakmul in Kalakmul - The Simplest Way to Nothing (2016) [Tohu Bohu Recordings] (Psybient, Psydub, Ambient)   
    Artist: Kalakmul
    Album: The Simplest Way to Nothing Type: album Style tags: Psydub, Psybient, Ambient Media type: WEB Year: 2016 Label: Tohu Bohu Recordings Length: 00:51:16 official url: http://www.kalakmul.com   1. Three Stones (6:16) 2. Anitya (6:48) 3. Anybody Home (6:15) 4. Kingdom of the Snake (7:03) 5. Khufu (6:43) 6. Uba Buba Buba (6:28) 7. Nyam Nyam (7:26) 8. Detachment (5:36) 9. The Simplest Way to Nothing (51:16)     http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kalakmul    
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    andorra reacted to Gagarin Project in psybient.org celebrates 4 years ! help us with ideas for the future   
    we are looking for volunteer to integrate psybient.org team and update our instagram page.


    if you have smartphone and 10-20 minutes per week - get in touch

    thanks in advance!


    p.s. our volunteers get regularly cool goodies, access to shows, possibility to interview artists and music downloads
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    andorra reacted to Zmei in Zmei   
    Zmei was born in Chisinau, Moldova and is currently based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
    Been addicted to music deeply since being a child listening to Rock, Jazz,  DnB, Minimal, Dub, Psychill, Psydub, Ambient,  all the kind of ethnical music.... Music was with him through all the life events he can remember and this is why her cares much about what he’s giving to you through the sound.
    Found his love in a face of psychedelic music in 2010 and since then a lot of discoveries were done and much more to come. You can hear him playing Minimal or DnB easily or even mixing all the genres together.
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zmei11
    SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/zmeialexei
    And here's a direct link to my latest set, hope you like it: https://www.mixcloud.com/zmei/not-enough-of-me/   Thank you 
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    andorra reacted to floyd2.0 in Atmosphere Factory - Atmosphere Factory (2016) [Dakini Records] (psybient, dub, space, tribal world fusion).   
    Artist: Atmosphere Factory
    Album: Atmosphere Factory
    Type: EP
    Style tags: psybient, dub, space, tribal world fusion
    Media type: Digital
    Year: 2016
    Label: Dakini Records

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    andorra reacted to Spinnet (One Arc Degree) in V.A - Colours (2016) [Astropilot Music] (progressive chill-out, slow trance, ambient)   
    Artist: V.A
    Album: Colours
    Type: Compilation
    Style tags: Progressive Chillout, Slow Trance, Ambient 
    Media type: Digital
    Year: 2016
    Label: AstroPilot Music

    "Colours" signals the birth of AstroPilot's new label and judging by the music featured in this first V/A, it's going to be a serious player in the psychill space! 

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    andorra reacted to Gagarin Project in Mastering services for psybient and related genres   
    Let's group here info and feedbacks about talented mastering engineers around the globe. Mastering is an important part of finalization of a track and good mastering can help a track (release) to stand out and most importantly sound great in amy environment. 
    Below is a list of some mastering offers, feel welcome to add the one you recommend in the comments and i will add them in this top post.
    Altar Records Mastering http://www.altar-records.com/mastering.html AstroPilot Mastering Services https://soundcloud.com/astropilotmastering Cydelix https://www.facebook.com/cydelix.geedel Deimos Soundlabs http://www.deimos-soundlabs.com/mastering Hermetech Mastering http://hermetechmastering.com Koan Mastering Lab https://www.facebook.com/koanmastering Manifold Studios http://manifold-studio.com/ Mindspring Music Mastering Services [email protected] Sammy Wags Analogue Summing and Mastering http://sammywags.com Stooodio Mastering http://oood.net/mastering/about-stooodio-mastering Ultimae Mastering http://ultimae.com/audio-mastering/ UProoted Mastering http://www.tripledropproductions.com/uprooted-mastering.html   p.s. this list was inspired by the wiki page at reddit.com/r/Psybient/ , also i thank to PazuzusPetals for it.
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    andorra reacted to Alchemist in 2016/07/06-10 - Samsara Festival (EUROPE 2ND EDITION)   
    Yes, can't wait for next year either. Really curious to see in which country/location it will be for the 3th edition!
    I had so many amazing experiences at Samsara, it is hard to put it all into words.
    Music-wise I enjoyed the set of Gaudi the most together with the whole Ultimae records showcase on Saturday (Cell, Sync24, CBL, Solar Fields, HUVA Network, Aes Dana, Miktek, ...), but actually every day was a nice music journey.  Some personal highlights: dancing to Carbon Based Lifeforms on the Mainstage at sunset under a rainbow, doing staff spinning workshop(s), watching the crazy fire shows at night, talking to all the lovely people, ...
    The Radio Tilos stage surprised me also very much. I didn't expect to stumble upon Long Arm playing live in the forest, let alone a Acid House party on the first night!
    Basically the festival had a great variety of music, making it sometimes hard to choose between stages, but this is luxury problem!
    I liked the fact that it was a rather small-scaled festival, with only 2000-3000 people (if I could have a guess). There were no cues at the showers and most people had a nice camping spot in the shade and/or in the forest. The small scale also meant you would literally bump into your favourite artists walking around the festival.
    While I enjoyed the festival allot, there are also some potential points for improvement:
    - I found it a pity that, during the first few nights, the mainstage and surrounding area was very dark at night. You could not see the beautiful UV/fluorescent decorations that were hanging right above your head. The blacklights and lasers were not turned on until the third or fourth night of the festival, and even then not so bright. The same for the videomapping. It looked great, so why not let it start sooner?
    - Similarly, it was a bit of a shame that the mainstage booth was not opened yet the first two days and DJs had to play on a small table/stage. (Although I suspect this had to do with some technical difficulties)
    - having the ability to pay with cash at the small shops (and not only that plastic card) would have been nice
    - unclear rules of the security about entering the festival with your car and/or your own food and drinks (one day allowed, the other not)
    I do understand not all of the above was the choice of the organisers, and the police & fire brigade also had a say in this, so just something to take with you for the next edition
    You can find some of the pictures I took here: http://imgur.com/a/Un1Fn. I did not include all of them, and they are not of super high quality, but it should give you a general impression of the festival!
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    andorra got a reaction from Stellar Flux in Stellar Flux, my latest psychedelic tracks with some interesting video footage   
    Very nice! Love the video on '15th floor'  
    Samurai video is also nice but could use some video effects on these to make it a bit more interesting?
    Something like kaleidoscope effect or something.. Just my thoughts.. Music is great though
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    andorra reacted to dubmission in Pitch Black - Filtered Senses (2016) [Dubmission]   
    After nine busy years traveling the world, Pitch Black are thrilled to announce the release of their fifth album 'Filtered Senses'

    It's available direct from them at Bandcamp, via all digital download stores, streaming sites and as a CD in pretty much every country except for North America (that's now October 7th).

    The album is instantly recognisable as one of theirs, thanks mainly to the unfeasibly large bass and the endless delays. There are touches of playfulness amidst the menacing undertones plus some fresh new sounds in the mix. As with all of their releases to date, it happily jumps genres, with tracks ranging from the ambient wash of 'A Great Silence is Spreading' to the stomping foot tapper of 'Pixel Dust'. With everything else in between those two, 'Filtered Senses' could be described as having one foot on the dancefloor, one eye in the cinema and both ears in psychedelic stereo.
    Their tour dates for the New Zealand summer have begun to be revealed, with shows at Northern Bass on 30/12, Rhythm and Alps on 31/12 and Sundaise on 11/03 announced so far.

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    andorra reacted to Johnny Mandrake in Andorra music (single demo tracks / psybient, downtempo, ambient)   
    really good vibes mate!
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    andorra reacted to floyd2.0 in SiebZehN - Sidenotes (2016) [Self released] (psybient, downtempo).   
    Artist: SiebZehN
    Album: Sidenotes
    Type: EP
    Style tags: psybient, downtempo
    Media type: Digital
    Year: 2016
    Label: Self Released
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    andorra reacted to Johnny Mandrake in Something small from me, just to say hello :)   
    And a video how it's done

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    andorra got a reaction from yiannis in Classical Trancelations in Concert   
    "Imagine the energy, thrill and euphoria of electronic music interpreted by a grand symphony orchestra. How deep would Faithless' Insomnia go, how high would Darude’s Sandstorm take you and how epic would Eric Prydz’s Opus sound?"
    Check it out.. Quite awesome! The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra playing some truly trance classics
    (Available to watch only for limited time..)
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    andorra reacted to Johnny Mandrake in Creating music videos for psybient   
    I got brilliant app at my ipad, it's calles VOSC. Would be perfect for ambient videos, but I don't know how to record internal screen video on ipad
    take a look:

    I just found this: http://www.apptamin.com/blog/capture-iphone-ipad-screen-video/
    I'll try and show some result!
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    andorra reacted to Johnny Mandrake in Creating music videos for psybient   

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