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    andorra got a reaction from Johnny Mandrake in Creating music videos for psybient   
    I've been thinking to upload some of my music to youtube but I'd like to create some visuals as music video instead just using a still picture in the video.
    I don't really even know where to start with this so every tip about the process, free software, video clips, effects etc.... is appreciated
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    andorra reacted to 0llum in Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper (Acoustic Guitar Version)   
    Hey guys, 
    I've recorded an acoustic version of that aswesome track and I'd like to hear what you think

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    andorra got a reaction from floyd2.0 in Saving the S.U.N. Fundraising Campaign   
    7 days to go... I hope they get what they need. Helped by grapping the T-shirt
    I really liked the S.U.N. Festival both times I've been there and really hoping to go there again.
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    andorra reacted to Johnny Mandrake in Something small from me, just to say hello :)   
    I don't know where should I post it, so I will do it here. My live act at the Goadupa Festival in Poland:

    Performed from 128 live mixed loops, I used only Maschine to play it. Have fun and feel free to comment!
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    andorra got a reaction from Hermetech Mastering in Limiter on your master? To use or not to use!   
    I checked Hermetech's website (new forum member) and he has a blog with few posts about mastering and one is about mastering compression. Not really limiting but he explains this:
    Mastering ratios are often very low, like 1.1:1 or 1.5:1, very rarely more than 2.0:1.
    Try not to do more than about 1.5-3dB of Gain Reduction on the highest peaks.
    I found this post really helpful, read more here: http://hermetechmastering.com/blog/
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    andorra reacted to Alchemist in Alchemist - United in Dub - Live Dj Set @ United Spirits Festival 2016 [Psychill, Psydub, Dub, Steppers]   
    Hello guys,
    Last weekend I had the chance to play at the "United Spirits" gathering here in Belgium. This is the result: a gently evolving set starting with Psychill and Psydub, going into more roots-oriented sunny Dub and to conclude some heavy steppers.

    1) Hang Massive - Once Again        [self-Released, 2014 re-issue]
    2) Supersillyus - Charade        [Gravitas Recordings, 2016]
    3) AtYya - Sixth Serpent        [iboga Records, 2016]
    4) Sergio Walgood - Timeshift Lapse    [Psyderweb Records, 2013]
    5) Supersillyus - Enigmagician          [Maia Brasil Records & Omnitropic, 2014]
    6) Living Light - War of Consciousness (Kaleidoscope Jukebox Dub)    [Desert Trax, 2015]          
    7) Shpongle - The Stamen of the Shamen    [Twisted Records, 2005]
    8) Geoglyph - The Philosopher King    [Liquid Lounge, 2016]
    9) Ultramorphic - To Live By The Sea    [Liquid Lounge, 2016]
    10) Grouch - Soul Provider               [self-Released, 2013]
    11) Grouch - Drowning in Dub        [Enig'matik Records, 2011]
    12) Tara Putra - Euro Bongs        [Purple Hexagon Records, 2015]
    13) Hang Massive & J Rokka Ft. Victoria Grebezs - Marine Migration (Gaudi Rmx)    [self-Released, 2016]
    14) Kanka - Doodidoo Dub        [self-Released, 2015]
    15) Dub Dynasty feat Cologne - Footsteps Dub    [steppas Records, 2016]
    16) Dub Dynasty feat Cologne - Footsteps     [steppas Records, 2016]
    17) Brain Damage meets Vibronics - Letter Dub     [Jarring Effects, 2013]
    18) Alpha Steppa feat Prince Jambo -  Mix Up Fix Up    [steppas Records, 2015]
    19) Alpha Steppa feat Prince Jambo - Mix Up Fix DUB    [steppas Records, 2015]    
    20) Art-X feat The Roots Addict - Wada        [ODGPROD, 2016]
    21) Art-X feat SoulNurse - City's too Ruff    [ODGPROD, 2016]
    22) Dub Dynasty feat Cian Finn - Blessings Dub     [steppas Records, 2014]
    23) Dub Dynasty feat Cian Finn - Blessings (Original mix)    [steppas Records, 2014]
    24) Alpha Steppa feat I-Sarana - The Eternal River    [steppas Records, 2015]    
    25) Alpha Steppa feat I-Sarana - The River        [steppas Records, 2015]
    26) Mr Zebre - Anthem                    [Rootical Attack Records, 2014]
    27) Ondubground - Step 4 Yah                [ODGPROD, 2014]
    28) Dopus Ei - Dreadlock Diaries            [unreleased]
    29) Art-X feat The Roots ADdict - From Midle East    [ODGPROD, 2016]
    30) Nibana - Our Eyes                    [Maia Brasil Records, 2014] 
    Best enjoyed on a bass-heavy system or headphones I think!   High-quality downloads are enabled.
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    andorra got a reaction from Gagarin Project in 2016/07/06-10 - Samsara Festival (EUROPE 2ND EDITION)   
    This year there was three stages for music: main stage, alternative stage and small 'tilos' stage in forest.
    Last year there was one stage more but I think this was better arrangement.
    It was good idea that some artists played chillout-set on main stage and trance-set on alternative stage.
    Didn't have time to see everything but I really enjoyed my time around the festival.
    There was also lots of yoga classes and different kind of lectures on the festival.
    If I'd have to say what impressed me most I'll have to say that it was Max Million's set on main stage.
    There were plenty of great sets but this hit me the most.
    Can't wait for the next year....!
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    andorra got a reaction from Gagarin Project in 2016/09/10 - Trip To Goa presents: Solar Fields Live (Goa 9Y Anniversary) - Helsinki, Finland   
    There's some psychill events yes but they're more underground. Still usually very, very nice though. This one is public event and half psychill half psytrance. This same organizer has brought us Ott, E-Mantra and many more.. We've all been waiting for very long time to see Solar Fields playing here! It's seems that this event will most likely to be sold-out
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    andorra got a reaction from Phase47 in Ascendant - Meridian [Synphaera, 2016] (Ambient, Psybient)   
    Artist: Ascendant
    Album:  Meridian Label: Synphaera Type: Album Style tags: Ambient, Psybient, Downtempo, Space,  Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2016     10,000 years from now. 10,000 light years from here. A New Land, come of age into a time of abundance, transcendence and enlightenment. The Age of Earth and Stone, where…  An enlightened man exists alongside post-singularity machine AI that manifest as floating coils of light. Frozen clouds are summoned and then flash-melted to provide the planet’s water, and liquid has memory. 
    A planet where habitats the size, shape & semblance of mountains hover over large bodies of water. A planet where enormous belts of sub-orbital forests scrub the ozone and provide oxygen. 
    A world where gravity bends, but time does not. A world of alchemical transmutation, elemental summoning, and abundance. 
    The Age of Earth and Stone. 


    More Ascendant music at  ambientascendant.bandcamp.com 
    All Synphaera digital releases are cut from the 24BIT Master Source. Never pay more for 24BIT. Never settle for less. 
    SYN02 © & â“… 2016 Synphaera 
    All Rights Reserved 
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    andorra reacted to Gagarin Project in How does your, or somebody elses, studio/DJ-set-up looks like (take a pic and post it and maybe explain what we see)?   
    Infected Mushrooms
    (love the speakers they have, i had a chance to hear them)

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    andorra reacted to Johnny Mandrake in How does your, or somebody elses, studio/DJ-set-up looks like (take a pic and post it and maybe explain what we see)?   
    I am a little bit creative guy, that's why there is little messy.

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    andorra reacted to AstroPilot in AstroPilot's tips   
    Astropilot Mastering Studio Tips #3!
    Do you wanna be ready for results after mastering of your track? Probably you know that after compression, maximizer the balance of you track could be changed. To avoid this you can some standard maximer of your DAW or L2 from Waves. Just put on master channel with 2-3 db gain reduction while you do mixing. And don't forget to switch off it then you will render the track. 
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    andorra reacted to neil (spatialize) in AstroPilot's tips   
    Yeah I used Tokyo dawn slick eq recently mastering an album. Nice interface. Good sound.
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    andorra got a reaction from krass-linux in What are you listening now?   
    This is a great album, one of my favourite V/A's from Ultimae.
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    andorra reacted to floyd2.0 in Listen to my DJ mix   
    After Sunrise DJ set @ Petrol Club, Antwerp. (Psy-Fi Festival Pre Party), June 29th 2016.   Openingset for the main dancefloor.   From midtempo psy bass to progressive psytrance.   Many thanx to the Dacru-crew!  

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    andorra reacted to floyd2.0 in =Ò’LΦɎD= - Summer Solstice DJ Set @ Ruigoord June 18th, 2016 (Chillout stage) (psydub & psybass).   
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    andorra reacted to krass-linux in What are you listening now?   

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    andorra reacted to psydub in What are you listening now?   
    Seeds of hope https://badgersrecords.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-seeds-of-hope
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    andorra reacted to Myth Maker in Myth Maker - "A Spark of Fire Under All That Smoke"   
    Here's a new one off of my upcoming record. The final version will probably be different. So enjoy this one!
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    andorra got a reaction from tuculuxu in 2016/07/06-10 - Samsara Festival (EUROPE 2ND EDITION)   
    Yes very nice line-up! 
    Alchemist, let's meet there! Anyone else from the forum coming?
    I'm so happy to say that I'll be playing my Andorra live-set in Alternative Stage on Sunday afternoon 

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    andorra reacted to AstroPilot in Snare reverb   
    Greetings! I use room reverb for snare (and other percs, hats and etc) with decay 200-400 ms, pre-delay time = 60 000 Ã· track tempo Ã· 4 = length of 1/16 . and for example, for 120 bpm, 60 000÷120÷4=125 ms, so its to big number for pre delay time, so why we need to divide on 4 again and we got 31.25. Usually for different reverbs in one track I use different pre-delay time, so let's say for big reverb I will use here 62,5 = 31,25*2 . But anyway don't forget to check everything with your ears!
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    andorra reacted to AstroPilot in AstroPilot's tips   
    Hello psybient musicmakers!
    I decided to share with you some simple tips that help you make your music sounds better.
    So let's go!
    Clean mud on every channel of your track, just keep in mind that in most of cases only kick and bass needs low frequencies, while on other instruments you can cut lows till 80-300 hz, depends of exact instrument/sound. I recommend you to check Tokyo Dawn Records Nova and VOS SlickEQ filters, it sounds great and musically for me.
    And if you make music but you are not happy with your sound, I can help you!  https://www.facebook.com/astropilotstudio/
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    andorra reacted to Antandra in Royalty free samples   
    I have released a World Music Sample Pack in both a free edition and premium edition.
    The free version comes with 4 instruments including shakers, hapi drum, native flute, and doumbek.
    The premium version comes with 28 instruments including marimba, didgeridoo, mbira, djembe, saxophone, jaw harp and a whole lot more.
    All the samples were recorded myself using a high quality condenser mic or sampled from public domain recordings. They are 100% royalty free to use in your own productions.
    Download the free version and/or check out the premium version available via Pro Samples here:
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    andorra reacted to Seamoon in Seamoon - Crystal Language (2016) [Merkaba Music] (psybass, dubstep, glitch hop).   
    Hey Guys,
    check out my new EP 'Crystal Language' featuring 4 brand new tracks for your Merkaba activation
    Artist: SEAMOON Album: Crystal Language Type: EP Style tags: psybass, dubstep, glitch hop. Media type: DIGITAL Year: 2016 Label: Merkaba Music   Available on:  
    and soon also on my bandcamp store:
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