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  1. Dream of electric sheeps, Stranger in a strange land... I can tell that you're a fan of science fiction. Philip K Dick is probably my favorite author of all time, nobody can do a proper mindf*cking like he could.


    yeah man most of the times when i choose the name for a track i have any of these stories in my mind , reading a book or something that inspire me while making the song 

  2. Hi Lurii thanks for all the work you do to spread the music , to be honest my gear is really humble i just use the computer , a novation keyboard for studio and Akai mini one for live.

    I use a lot of plugins and im testing new staff all the time but of course i have some that use more like Omnisphere , Reaktor , Serum and Kontakt.Im an Ableton user and i usually create my sub with Operator.


    For efx i  really like Fabfilter (who doesnt) , Soundtoys , Sugarbytes , Stillwell Audio .....and love the Ableton natives too , convolution reverb is amazing.


    On the other hand there are some guitars on the album recorded with an AKG special for spanish guitar , vocals on IN SAi by LIly Jung was recorded with a Neuman mic if i remember correctly and there are also many sounds (even my vocal and my girldfriends one ) recorded with a really cheap Shure but that sounds are extremely processed so i dont need a first quality microphone for that ... :)

  3. Heyy , Kike from Key-G here , 


    just seen my last album is not posted here at the forum so im sharing it now so that the people who havent had a chance to listen to it can do it.

    If someone wants to ask me something about the album or anything else i would be happy to answer  greetings to allyaa  :)







  4. Hi thank you vey much for sharing the album and  hope you like and enjoy it .......


    well answering your questions ,  I'm not very fast producing, at least in this project because I like to approach it in a more musical way and not so electronic so  this ep take me about 5 or 6 months but  working on other things at the same time also.


    About inspirations I like many kinds of music  but,  of course , i grew up in Ibiza trance scene and artist like Ott  , Shpongle,Younguer Brother  or Globular can be my main influences.


    About software i use Ableton now but i was working with Logic in the past , lots of vst and plugs of course and many libs too  but I like to process a lot the samples  and record my own instruments and vocals.


    Thanks again I m here for whatever you want

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