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  1. <3 I have a friend with a studio, ill be taking my tracks to his spot just to relax and absorb. Now I have multiple different projects going as I just got a vocal looper, need to dedicate as much as possible to all 3 of my avenues of expression (Logic Pro X, my acoustic band, and my accapella beatboxing looping solo project) (on top of my office job and my incoming star child baby) I need to clone myself!
  2. And in regards to monitoring, i live at a meditation center and amplified music is not always appreciated ( my studio is right underneath a room where the monks come to do practice) so my workaround is Closed Back headphones for recording and open backed headphones for mixing and mastering
  3. My goodness Matt Freak Flag! Endless gratitude for that extremely enlightening post! I guess trap is a loaded word for most these days, i grew up listening to dirty south hip hop and fell in love with the complex drum patterns. Most of the trap music i hear these days is not up my alley, but i do love incorporating those bass heavy 808s with high speed hi hat fills in alot of my tunes Seriously, thank you so much for the detailed reply. When i get back from this festival im at for the weekend i will be diving into everything you mentioned Tashi Delek! (Tibetan phrase meaning something like may all auspiciousness come to you)
  4. Hello all! My apologies if this sort of thread is discouraged here. I have been dabbling in production for a few years, but just started getting serious after switching from Ableton to Logic Pro X. Almost immediately things are clicking for me in Logic that took months of agonizing study in Ableton, and I am starting to crystallize my desires in sound creation in a fashion that is giving me hope that the sounds in my head can finally come out and be shared with the world. I am looking for experienced downtempo bass music/psybient producers willing to illuminate for me some of the techniques that I should be focusing on learning. I don't require deep instruction or anything as I have got many gigabytes of videos about Logic and Alchemy and such to watch over the next couple months. Just looking for a basic "hey, you should learn this stutter edit technique, or learn to gate vocals, or learn how to sidechain". My music is coming out a blend of psybient and more trap focused bass music with my passions of shoegazer/ambient/Dream-pop/post-rock with my electric guitar. i am also an experienced vocalist/lyricist/beatboxer with an acoustic band as my other project so I will be adding lots of vocals and vocal sound effects to my work. My Rig is as follows: 2012 Macbook Pro, soon to be upgraded to 16gb RAM and a new SSD Nektar Impact LX49 MIDI controller Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface 2x behringer XM8500 Dynamic Mics Logic Pro X (and Mainstage) G&L ASAT Bluesboy Classic electric guitar Thank you for your sage wisdom , friends <3 TLDR : I would love to know what techniques are the best for a budding psychill producer to learn. No need to go into detail, just the name of the technique is fine. Blessings.
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