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    Trala Lama reacted to andorra in Essential tips, plugins and VST   
    "50 Best Free VST Plugins in 2018"
    Again very nice list of totally free tools and toys to play with
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    Trala Lama reacted to Psilopylot in Essential tips, plugins and VST   
    Nice find, I'll try it out and see how it works inside a DAW.
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    Trala Lama reacted to Gagarin in April 2020 Releases   
    to encourage discussions we give are giving away music downloads to a random participants of this thread.. welcome to share with community if you liked something here    
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    Trala Lama reacted to =Ò’LΦɎD= in DJs and Tracklist   
    Tracklists are indeed very important for the support of producers.
    But i agree with the fact that it isn't always easy to do it in a propper way, like Trala Lama says.
    Also a tracklist will make the set more atractive for the people who are looking for a set they like.
    Personally I often check out the tracklist first before I listen to a set.
    And time-stamping is a must, but i don't do it every time, mainly i'm a bit lazy sometimes
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    Trala Lama reacted to speedsound in Psy-Chill Tribal Loops - Sample Pack Vol.1   
    PACK preview:
    Over 1.5 GB of Psy-Chill samples! A new loop pack designed for Psy Chill, Ambient and other laid-back productions of a psychedelic nature! These inspirational loops have been created to inject an instant hit of pure positive energy for your latest tracks. Launch yourself onto the Chillout stages of the summer's big festivals with this extraordinary Psy loop library from Speedsound.
    Royalty-Free: All of the content in this download is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these sounds in your own commercial music releases with no restrictions.
    DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=KRTK2PBZEBU22
    - - - - - CHECK MORE PACKS HERE - - - - -
    #chillout #psychill #tribal #loops
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    Trala Lama reacted to timeisart in March 2020 Releases   
    I have recently figured out how to automatically import information from bandcamp directly into google sheets, including the genre tags. So that's why there's a larger number of genres seen above. Personally I think it looks a little messy here on the forum, it looks better on the psybient.org post (which includes bandcamp players).
    I may reconfigure these forum posts to make them look better, and can include bandcamp players here again. But if this forum goes down again, just go to the main psybient.org site to see the monthly updates.
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    Trala Lama reacted to Matt in What are you listening now?   
    You can find my Psybient - Psychill - Downtempo playlist on Deezer here: https://www.deezer.com/en/playlist/2166859162
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    Trala Lama reacted to via'on in do we need this forum ? question to ask   
    Although there's a small activity here, I think this forum is really cool for the releases update section.  
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    Trala Lama reacted to Gagarin in Rare, Sold Out and Out-Of Print releases that I am searching for   
    don't have any of those
    you might want to edit your post, and write the name above the link. this way it will be "indexed" by forum, so when some one search for them they can find it.
    and it will be more convenient for people to know what you are looking for without clicking the link.
    i send you a pm.
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    Trala Lama reacted to Gagarin in What laptop is the best choice for modern digital DJ'ing.   
    i personally prefer OSX (macbook) over windows.
    you need to decide which software you need and then check if is available on OS you want. Also price might be important to take in consideration.
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    Trala Lama reacted to gogiarc in ARS - AuditoryRelaxation Podcast   
    Spectrum Vision's soundscapes are colorful intergalactic pathways to lead you across every horizon imaginable.
    Let the refined psychedelic tunes free your spirit and the soothing bass take you on a journey that will expand your mind and your vision. 
    Enjoy, and thank you for listening!
    Spectrum Vision
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/spectrum.vision 
    Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/spectrum-vision 
    Bandcamp: www.spectrumvisionoffical.bandcamp.com 
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/spectrum_vision
    Auditory Relaxation
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/AuditoryRelaxation 
    Follow DJ BzB: www.mixcloud.com/tom-bzb-heled 
    Follow DJ gogi: www.mixcloud.com/gogistyle 
    Follow DJ Lazy Ant: www.mixcloud.com/olivier-kains

     Tracklist: 1 March 2 Mono Town 3 Nano 4 Scwott 5 Neptun 6 Tajmahal 7 Alone Again 8 Earth 9 Electro Alice   All tracks by Spectrum Vision
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    Trala Lama reacted to gogiarc in ARS - AuditoryRelaxation Podcast   
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    Trala Lama reacted to schofield in Importance of backup's   
    Update: On Tuesday night, after this post, I had another look at my back-up arrangements. By default, I had my NAS drive set to not back-up temporary files.  However, Ableton's *.asd files share the same extension as temporary MS Word documents, so that is why they weren't backing up.  I turned on the back-up for temp files and they all backed up within 15 minutes.
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    Trala Lama got a reaction from Judge Ming in What Equipement do you use?   
    I use both cd's and laptop + controller.
    For me cd's have the advantage that with a good selection of 24 cd's in a small pouch + my headphones I can travel light.
    The advantage of laptop + controller is the huge amount of music I can take with me, and not being limited by the brand or model of CDJ's and mixer wherever I play.
    For cd's I use 2 Pioneer CDJ 500S's and 2 Pioneer CDJ 200's with a Allen & Heath Xone 464 mixer.
    For digital I use Traktor Pro on a Acer Travelmate B113 (i5 / 8Gb / 250 Gb SSD) + Vestax TR-1
    The TR-1 is already a quite older model, but specially made for traktor, it's rocksolid metal build and there are some nice different midimappings available for free on the web.
    There are no jogwheels, you can seach and scroll using buttons, but even the latest Native Instruments S8 does not have them anymore.
    Another nice thing is that you can find a new TR-1 for about 99 euros if you look around so it is about 10 times cheaper that a S8 

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    Trala Lama reacted to Shpongle in What are you listening now?   
    No really psybient, but that new Enigma album is pretty great! That last track
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    Trala Lama reacted to psydub in What are you listening now?   
    Listening to the new Gagarin mix recorded in 11' Listen to Gagarin Project - Shamanic Dance (recorded in 2011) by Gagarin Project ✅ #np on #SoundCloud

    smoke one!
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    Trala Lama reacted to =Ò’LΦɎD= in What are you listening now?   
    Really getting into this kinda deep, sticky & atmospheric (dub)techno atm.

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    Trala Lama reacted to Shpongle in What are you listening now?   
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    Trala Lama reacted to Gagarin in Do you do mastering of your DJ mixes?   
    a simple video about mix mastering, basically to keep level same.

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    Trala Lama reacted to =Ò’LΦɎD= in Do you do mastering of your DJ mixes?   
    thanx for this vid, think i'm gonna give audacity a go
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    Trala Lama got a reaction from thanosp81 in Music buying habits   
    For digital releases I find it hard to stay away from Bandcamp more than a few days.
    I find most other digital shops too expensive, specially because I prefer to buy only .wav format.
    My BC wishlist is almost as big as my collection while I store most 'name your price' items in my shopping cart .
    For cd's there's no greater pleasure for me than secondhand cd shops or market stalls , I can spend a lot of time browsing around feeling amazed about what I find sometimes.
    Budget restriction is my only enemy
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    Trala Lama reacted to oceanz in All times best(s)   
    - just wanted to add Irresistable Force (mixmastermorris) to the list of all-time classics. Global Chillage is phenomenal! Other couple of albums also brilliant
    - again Gel-Sol is world-class, maybe have a pre-listen but in amongst some utterly sublime ambience
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    Trala Lama reacted to DJ Chien in Music buying habits   
    Hehe if one day I limit my records budget that will mean my brain's been eaten and possessed by an alien intelligence and I am no longer a chien.
    Well I must admit my bank account sometimes stares at me with threatening eyes but I'm...uneasy with the idea of a dj preventing himself from acquiring interesting music - for Hofmann's sake that's the basis of our work! (this could be different for a pure producer)
    Since I haven't had a CD player for years, I buy digital - Bandcamp only because then I know money goes into the musician's pocket AND you have the lossless option. And there has to be a psychological factor also
    If the album is more than 15$ it has to be a record I really love and want to dj.
    From times to times I buy vinyls, mainly because I've stumbled on a record that just doesn't exist in digital format (mostly 60's-70's music).
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    Trala Lama reacted to Gagarin in Music buying habits   
    i was buying a lot of CDs before , after i discovered torrents i started to buy less.
    since 2010 i started to buy digital and collect music only in LOSSLESS formats.
    now i limit myself to buy music, because i don't have space on HDD to keep it
    but i still do it regularly, i love music and love to support artists.
    Another limits is budget of course and the price for release. When release is 1 euro per track is fine, when is 2 euros like on beatport i tend not to buy it, i guess it is psychological.
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    Trala Lama got a reaction from Suttree in All times best(s)   
    These are three all time classics that made me love psybient in the first place:
    Shpongle  -  Are You Shpongled ?.
    Ott           -  Blumenkraft.
    Shulman   -  In Search of a Meaningful Moment.
    (There are some more but the original poster asked for only 3)
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