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    Trala Lama reacted to angelaweiss in Forgotten Future - forgotten future: W1 (2015) [Creative Shop Music] (psybient, ambient, glitchy space-psychill)   
    After having attended the house (studio) - premier show yesterday, and it being listed on the release of the week page, it was time to post the "forgotten future: W1" release here.
    (My personal opinion, if I may: an instant classic with character from one of my favorite composers).
    Artist: Forgotten Future
    Album: forgotten future: W1
    Type: concept album
    Style tags: psybient, ambient, space music
    Media type: CD, Digital Download
    Year: 2015
    Label: Creative Shop Music
    Catalog ID: CMS008
    Length: 77:40
    Official site: juliusdobos.com
    forgotten future: W1 is the first piece of a 4-album concept series, the framework for the musical and ideological endeavor to take the listener through Universal themes centered around four of the "big questions". Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana - Ultimae) and ambient Pioneer Robert Rich have participated in the production of the album, which is available in a premium digipak edition and as a figital download in traditional and in 24-bit studio Master format.
          forgotten future: W1   is a story of a journey - one of multiversal scale, beyond the boundaries of time and through new dimensions. It is about the journey we all take one day. We are frightened of the unknown, yet it feels so familiar... it feels like we have been in this environment before...

    It’s a curious and humbling experience, a galactic travel on a forgotten road that takes us to a mysterious destination, which road seems like... we must have traveled it before. And while we feel completely lost, anxious and painfully lonely out there in the vast Universe, we are ecstatic about the journey through the unimaginable, about witnessing the answers to some of the ultimate questions, and at the end, realizing that the experience was not the first one, indeed.

    But, returning from our voyage, we only bring the distant memories of feelings with us... forgetting the experience – which we will re-live again in the future.


    about forgotten future
    is the moniker and brand new project of platinum-album electronic music- and film composer Julius Dobos (Connecting Images, Mountain Flying, DragonBall Z, Don't Mess with the Zohan, MallCop, NCIS). The music evokes strong emotions, memories with haunting melodies, monumental electronic instrumentation, dynamic song structures, cutting edge sounds, organic textures of psybient electronic music.

    Psybient - ambient organic electronic music with strong rhythms, melodic themes, unique soundscapes, cutting edge sound design - a musical journey through time, space & new dimensions.
    released 24 April 2015  

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    Trala Lama got a reaction from floyd2.0 in DJs and Tracklist   
    I agree that putting a tracklist with a mix is the best option, but sometimes it is hard to describe the actual mix in a linear tracklist.
    For instance when mixing more than 2 decks, and fading in and out certain tracks or repeating (parts of) them more then once makes it rather impossible to determine a classic linear tracklist as used by Mixcloud i.e.
    (And no way to time-stamp it properly..)
    So my opinion is: ''Yes, but...''
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    Trala Lama reacted to Gagarin Project in DJs and Tracklist   
    Some of the DJ's have the old habbit of keeping the tracklist private. While i respect this approach, i think if a DJ decide to put a mix online for a "free listen" they shall put full tracklist, this is the simplest and the most effective way to thank to the artist. Having no time is no excuse, Having 1-2 unreleased tracks is also no excuse, as partial playlist is better then nothing.
    what is your opinion ?
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    Trala Lama reacted to Gagarin Project in Listen to my DJ mix   
    I just spoke with Master Margerita, he propose me to listen to his latest two mixes:
    Master Margherita – Orbit Mix #7 (Recorded at home in February 2015)

    Master Margherita – Organic Grooves #4 (Recorded at home in September 2014.)
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    Trala Lama reacted to FrancoFunghi in What do you enjoy about psychedelic downtempo?   
    Yiannis, nothing to add, you describe exactly what I love about this music. I always was more in the chill as on the main floor. Changed my primary skill from Psytrance to this music. I create fantastic soundscapes into the inner Universe, check out my Mixes
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    Trala Lama reacted to yiannis in What do you enjoy about psychedelic downtempo?   
    The title should be self-explanatory.
    For me it's the following:
    1. Obviously, the slow tempo. I love it when it's  around 70-100 bpm.
    2. The pads. Extremely important for me. It feels like swimming or diving in an aural sea.
    3. The layers. Although I can appreciate some minimal psybient, like some Virtual and Robert Rich releases, it sends me to other worlds when there are arpeggios and effects around the main themes.
    4. The melodies. I can't enjoy purely weird or experimental music for too long.
    5. The ethnic element. a. Vocals, Arabic, Far Eastern, Tuvan, almost anything goes. I know they are anathema to a lot of listeners, but I love them as a part of the whole. Not so much as the main focus, although I do like Entheogenic, for example, who sometimes tend to overuse them b. Instrumentation: I enjoy all manner of traditional instruments, but I have a soft spot for tablas, stringed and wind instruments.
    6. The emotional aspect. This might be my favourite element.
    7. The "fractal" quality of some of the music. As it says on a sample I heard recently (but can't remember where    ) "self similar, but not the same," when I get deep into a tune it feels like getting ever deeper into the Mandelbrot. I know it's the most typical example there is, but that's what it feels like. And it also gets progressively brighter, with various visual effects that look like tricks your eyes play on you on a sunny day, following the effects. I don't often have the will to focus inward for too long though.
    8. Nature sounds from field recordings. What would Matt Hillier's music be without them?
    9. Some artwork is fantastic and deepens the experience in its own right. I adore the art on Dakini releases, for instance.
    As I've said elsewhere, I used to value the spiritual aspect, but now it's not as important for me anymore.
    And you?
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    Trala Lama reacted to Gagarin Project in news - 2015 - W8 - release of the week poll   
    floyd 2.0 did you notice that you can vote for a release in this topic?
    maybe it is not obvious
    oops, maybe you voted already, i just realised that votes are not visible until we vote. that's a wise feature.
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    Trala Lama got a reaction from marsh in DJ Trala Lama   
    At the age of seven, DJ Trala Lama (TCP/IP, NL) went to the local music-school on Wednesday afternoons but after three Wednesdays of crying out loud his parents decided it was better he quit the music-school and was allowed again to go play outside. This has strongly influenced his love for outdoor parties and festivals. Over the last twenty years he has been playing a mix of ethno-psychedelic chillbient and some more uptempo music in order to gently take his audience down the road that leads to the State of Lamastan.

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    Trala Lama reacted to Gagarin Project in How to release a dj set in internet (naming, tagging, cover art)? My way to do it.   
    Maybe it is not the pro way to do it, but in this way i do feel that i am creating something that is listener friendly. I've seen some other people around me doing and created my own approach. Being probably the biggest consumer of my mixes, i like them to look "nice" on my audio players.
    I am sharing the technical aspect of creating DJ mix, the "legally" proper way is to contact each of the artist/labels and ask them for permission to use a track in dj mix. Well i guess 99% of dj's in internet don't do it and i am one of those. Actually most of the time if you provide proper credits (information about track-list) most of the artist will thank you for promoting what their music. 
    Creating of mix and archive file
    Recording a mix (following an idea or experimenting, track pre-selection or improvisation) Checking the mix (i do not like to re-record mixes, but sometimes is necessary) Intro / Outro - fade in / fade out (to make it smooth)  (optional) mastering. ( i am not doing it, but i know some people do it). Here is discussion on this subject. Giving the name to the mix Track-list (i think this is a mandatory for all the mixes that are released to public, dj's must give credits to all the artist tracks they use) Basic mix info to the text file Cover art creation (i usually use a creative commons licensed images and i edit them in photoshop) (optional) i create a .cue file.This file is useful when you record a mix to CD, as it give the information to cd recording program about the track length. This way when mix is recorded to CD you can skip tracks. This .cue file will allow to skip tracks when you use some of the software audio players on your computers. put everything to a folder (audio file + text file + cover art file + cue) Preparing mp3 file to online / offline sharing
    As I record my mixes to the wave format, i keep the lossless version of file for archive (i convert them to Apple lossless format, but FLAC, AIFF can do the job as good).
    Then I convert it to mp3 (320 kbps). This file will be uploaded. using Itunes i add all tags: artist, name, year, style etc (see screenshot) a add cover art i add track-list to lyrics field  (see screenshot) i name the mp3 file properly (something like this Gagarin_Project_-_32_-_Cosmic_Awakening_-_10_-_Earth.mp3).Adding number to the mix allow me to keep them sorted if they are stored in one folder) adding "underlines" instead of spaces can be useful when you upload files. (this allow to view all this information on some audio players, for instance the track-list can be easily visible by ipod/iphone). It also help for people to identify the author of the mix. 
    if i want to make mix publicly available i will upload it to online streaming services (soundcoud and mixcloud) and will share share it to groups on soundcloud and facebook.
    you can look here the example of a folder with all files => http://www.gagarinproject.org/download-our-mixes/
    Last but not least, i think dj's shall support/buy the music they mix, listeners shall support/buy original artists. 
    Let me know if it was interesting / useful for you to read
    This workflow might sounds complex, well i do it like this.

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    Trala Lama reacted to Flying Lotus in 2014 - Festival Reports Links (Video and Pictures)   
    S.U.N. Festival 2014 

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