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  1. ^ that's quite a conversation on DJTT !!
  2. ^ From the first one? Morten Granau - Tusindfryd (amazing!) Vonoom - Hillred Street Alright, well, maybe two great tracks. Haven't listened to it in a long time. But I remember enjoying the whole compilation for it's varied nature. I'll have to dig it out again and have a listen...
  3. Update: On Tuesday night, after this post, I had another look at my back-up arrangements. By default, I had my NAS drive set to not back-up temporary files. However, Ableton's *.asd files share the same extension as temporary MS Word documents, so that is why they weren't backing up. I turned on the back-up for temp files and they all backed up within 15 minutes. Win!
  4. Seeing Danish Delights Vol 2 reminds me of volume 1, and this cracker of a track: https://youtu.be/nupiw3e8S_A This was a favourite for me for months, if not years! Still love it. (after numerous edits, i give up trying to get the video to appear here....)
  5. Have to say, I have been pretty excited by the prospect of Danish Delights Vol.2. The first compilation a few years back was excellent, with a great range of uptempo and downtempo tracks.
  6. That sounds like a pretty good back-up arrangement Gagarin. Thankfully, software on my NAS drive handles the sync between PC and the NAS, and then the back-up from the NAS to my 3TB HDD. So all I have to do is take my 3TB HDD home, plug it in, and press 'back-up'. I also back-up movies, TV shows, and perhaps most important of all, family photos.
  7. That's rough! I have a 1 TB WD Passport portable drive that my main music collection is on. That is backed up in real time to NAS drive in my house, and the NAS drive is backed up every 1-3 months to another external drive (Seagate 3 TB) that I keep in a locked drawer where I work (so, offsite). I only realised recently that the NAS drive backs up all of the music files - importantly - but does not back up the *.asd files that Ableton creates when you load a track as a clip in Ableton, warp it and save the clip settings. Don't know why as there appears to be no lower size cut-off. Anyhoo.... So if I lose my WD, I will not lose everything, but I will lose the *.asd files. It's not the end of the world (*touches wood*) as most of the clip settings are saved in another folder that I use to navigate Ableton to find tracks to play. I have had my WD for about 5 years now (*touches wood again, and rubs it*), same as my Asus laptop. Interested to hear from other people too.
  8. Kings from Frameworks is an excellent album. Also liked Kalya Scintilla's remix album - or most of it. The Desert Dwellers remix album is mostly stuff released before. Of the two new tracks on it, one of them is on Open Ancient Eyes Remixed.
  9. ^ I like Lump Records, personally. But yeah, they are mostly deep house oriented releases. Though Estray appears on there bit too, which is maybe the source of the crossover timeisart.
  10. Good to see I Awake back. Always liked the Ultimae the album, so interested to listen properly to his Merkaba release. Also welcome for me is Tor's remix album of Blue Book - mostly good stuff in there.
  11. Liquid Bloom - Re:Generations is a good listen. Would have preferred un-mixed tracks though - or at least the option of un-mixed tracks. Haven't listened to Chris Komas' EP yet, but his music is usually pretty good.
  12. G'day! I quite enjoyed Dirtwire's album, and also the Polish Ambassador's new one. And Estray's 'Deep Root Edits Vol​.​1', which came up in my feed because I follow Lump Records. The link above is to his artist page on bandcamp. So that's pretty cool - a few more of his tracks for me to investigate.
  13. Tosca! Nice one. Just finished listening and have to say I really like their new album. Thanks for including it.
  14. They look pretty good. I like the two speakers and a sub combo - but pricey.
  15. I just recently bought myself a ue Megaboom speaker. A couple of friends have the Boom2 speakers, which are pretty good. So I got the bigger one. Have really had a chance to test it out properly yet, as it is going under the tree for me from Santa. Otherwise the kids ask questions like why Santa didn't get mum and dad a present this year. It does bluetooth or plug in via 1/4" jack. It's handy to play music from the iPad when camping or in the park etc. Another friend is a pool cleaner and he bought two. he puts one at either end of the pools he cleans and then gets to work, listening to music from his phone.
  16. I don't usually split my vote between two releases, but with the Wildlight remix album and Giyo's latest album, I have to. Both a stellar and, in the case of Giyo, long awaited.
  17. This is not bad, the second track I really like. The first one is okay too. I really loved his Birdie EP on Addictech
  18. I've been using the Sennheiser hd 205's for many, many years. Still happy with them. On my second pair and have had them for probably 8 years. That said, I hardly use them any more. When I mix, I tend to go visual based on the wave form.
  19. Thanks Mønsterhed, that's the sort of answer I was looking for.
  20. In the past I have use my laptop and an APC40 controller to control Ableton Live in my DJ sets. I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 and have a newer version of Ableton installed - the upshot is that I cannot get APC40 to work with Ableton (using Isotonik template, which I love). Anyway, I do use my iPad as a controller for Ableton at the moment at home. If I was going to play at a festival, do you think the Laptop and iPad are an okay combo to use? A friend suggested it wouldn't 'look as good' to a punter, but in reality the iPad works pretty good as a controller. Not as tactile as the APC40 mind you. Anyway, any thoughts or opinions? I will still try to get the APC40 talking to Ableton and Isotonik again, but as a fall back, the iPad could be okay?
  21. I'm a bit like Gagarin - used to buy a lot of CDs, from the 90s through to around 2010. In the 90s I'd be checking 2nd hand cd shops all the time. If i wanted to buy an imported dance music CD, it'd cost around AU$30 or AU$35, sometimes more, and if it wasn't in stock I'd have to order it through the shop and wait two or three weeks until it came in. In early to mid 2000's, for psytrance and chill, I bought from Saiko Sounds in Hong Kong. The prices were much better - around AU$16-20 per CD - and the delivery, by courier (Fed Ex) was only a few days. At some point I downloaded lots of MP3s, but gave up on them when I realised how bad the sound quality was. Then I found someone on Discogs from Russia who approached me about swapping lossless rips of CDs we had; did that for a year or so. But I found that I didn't listen to and enjoy the music I got for free as much as the music I bought, so that fell by the wayside. Then came Bandcamp - Hallelujah! - and I did by some CDs from it to begin with, but after I while I switched to digital because I could buy so much more. Now I buy entirely digital. I used to burn all of my digital music purchases to CDs, but that became unmanageable, so that's when I bought a laptop and midi controller and stopped burning CDs. Now it's Bandcamp mostly. If I can't get something there, then I try DjTunes or digital-tunes.net, maybe Z-Digital, and as a last resort, Beatport. So, that's my story. I do love music.
  22. That does look really interesting. Thanks for posting!
  23. I would normally jump onto the saQi bandwagon, but his most recent EP (listed above) didn't really float my boat this time around. It may grow on me, over time. Otherwise, a slow week for me, so to speak.
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