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  1. Since you mentioned it, a very large chunk of Eat Static's work. But you probably already know that. 🙄
  2. Thank you, always useful 🙂
  3. Proxeeus' album is fantastic, just the right balance between light and darkness.
  4. I really enjoy all the installments of Avatar Records' Café... series. Like I said to an online friend, they are my go to proper relaxation series: not too deep, not to clubby, with chilled, unintrusive, soft beats. They've released three so far this year, Café Africa, Café Shanghai and Café Bhutan, all great.
  5. Still here in case you were wondering, still appreciating your work 🙂 Been a bit out of the loop, only occasionally checking downtempo albums, but am getting more into it again. Your lists are always helpful Gordon. Thank you and keep up the good work. I signed up here for some discussions but since that's done on social media now, no such luck here , hence the absence of comments.🙁
  6. The first two tunes on this one are fantastic.
  7. With all this work you've put in I'm starting to doubt it took you less than the weekly updates It might be useful to copy-paste the colour codes each month, or make them somehow readily available without having to search this topic each time.
  8. I think I'm not the only one to be thankful for your work Gordon. I'd missed some releases I'm interested in, but finally became aware of them thanks to this list.
  9. I'm listening to Easily Embarrassed's EE4 as I'm typing this. I was looking at the artwork for that album a bit more carefully and noticed the girl with purple hair under 'Wanted' on the cover of the semi-mixed version. She seems to have first appeared, albeit in the shadows, on the Tales of the Coin Spinner back cover and long strip and then on the Different Dimensions EP, in all cases along with an apparently live jester toy. Is anyone aware of a continuing story behind these three releases? BTW they seem to have abandoned this project and focused on another one instead, Retro Brothers http://www.retro-brothers.com/
  10. This guy is outside time! I like the compilation this comes from but my favourite is the second installment.
  11. It was weird to do. I'm more of an albums person and if I go for individual tracks they aren't necessarily the same ones each time. Hope you like what you hear
  12. I was aware - and really liked - Kris Kylven's goa trance music with UX and Syb Unity Nettwerk, but not Eon Project, one of his downtempo "bands". Listening to their Brain Filter album; I'm really liking it, very varied in style but always interesting https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mXLHhSkYlJvlP42EfULbalvQzhWTlezNc
  13. OK, here comes an attempt: Shpongle - Vapour Rumours Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity Banco de Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa Crystal Vibe - Shift of the Ages Children of the Bong - The Veil... Eat Static - Forgotten Rites Bluetech - Prayers for Rain (Dub Mix) E-Mantra - Gesthemane Doof - Try Hallucinogen in Dub - Angelic Particles Ott - Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack Afro Celt Sound System - Riding the Waves Younger Brother - Happy Pills Celtic Cross - Swazz Ozric Tentacles - Crackerblocks (if I had to chose only one) Androcell - Desert Nomad Timeshard - Cosmic Carrot (Peel Sessions version) Asura - The Savers That'll do. Tomorrow it could be different.
  14. Better late than never. Blisswave's EP is absolutely amazing! Best artist release to come from Melusine that I've heard.
  15. Been checking out some of Greg Hunter's works recently and he sounds pretty organic. Kaya Project too. Neither of them is new though. Saw the Vlastur live band show last year (I think) and they were mostly organic, but I wasn't too impressed. What happened to The Peaking Goddess Collective? Did they ever release anything after Organika?
  16. Impossible task. I really can't begin to think about it. It was hard enough when we did the albums list, and my tastes weren't even as varied as they are today. But I like most of the tunes you mentioned. Special shout out to the MWNN and COTB tracks.
  17. Thanks for the update Gordon. The Astronaut Ape, Dimmat, and Stereomantra releases are all good; the Eguana album is very pleasant though not particularly psychedelic and the Pitch Black album was a great surprise as, although I've never been a huge fan, I really enjoyed it.
  18. Having a listen at that and it's also beautiful, I just have to be in the right mindset to get it. Which I am right now.
  19. The problem with a lot of Ishq releases is that they're very droney and almost interchangeable. Or so abstract I can't listen to them for more than one track. I like albums like orchid, Sama, and And Awake, when there's things I can follow happening. Having said that, I remember I did enjoy Tren.
  20. Hibernation is my least favourite of Seb Taylor's projects but those ambient reworks are fantastic. Very subtle - if any at all - percussion but a lot going on. Always enjoy Stefan Torto's works (when they're not three-minute slices of music) and this is no exception. The title track is great. Really like Spacechillers 2 and Zen Baboon's Origiro, interesting concept with the poetry.
  21. Can UCP do no wrong? Granted, his style doesn't change much, but his works are always well crafted and take me places. Will check out Eguana, Miktek and Sync24 and possibly Flucturion 2.0, Govinda and the suggested compilation. Thanks for your continued work Gordon
  22. Having an Entheogenic afternoon/evening - only the band, not the plants though - in reverse order and they sound really nice and immersive, despite the similarities. I like Kykeon a bit more than the latest one btw, but it picks up in the second half and I really like Outer Chaos. BC link for the latest one:
  23. Easing back into psy downtempo after a long period of goa and Ozric-related madness. Bluetech's albums is nice as usual. Enjoyed Khooman's album quite a bit too. How was your time in Japan? Did it include any music related activities?
  24. 6 hours?!? Brains will explode. I'd go, but I don't know if I could last the whole set. Hope you can make it, he was really cool when I saw him a couple of years ago.
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