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  1. It's been said before, social media is where the discussion is. I don't have any so I too wish there were more activity here. Any attempt at dialogue from my part has been met with minimal response, always from the usual suspects. I do check out Gordon's lists regularly, but I don't want to keep starting threads where responses can be counted on one hand of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or keep posting on the listening now thread on my own.

  2. AstroPilot has quite a few ambient albums. Matt Hillier goes back and forth with his multitude of aliases. Eguana releases all kinds of downtempo, psychill and ambient music. There's also Carbon Based Lifeforms' Twentythree and VLA, Bluetech's Dreaming into Being and Liquid Geometries, Germind's Ambient Waves and Bathyscaphe, I.M.D.'s Hertz 01 and 02 EPs, some Jairamji releases I haven't checked out yet, Kyoto's Scapes & Spheres and  Squares & Triangles, Lauge's Latitudes, Ovnimoon's alter ego OM and some Rising Galaxy releases I've browsed but didn't grab my attention so I can't remember. I don't know if that counts, but Seb Taylor's Kaya Project have released two Ambient Mixes and KP's last album Body.Mind.Soul. includes an ambient mix, and Hibernation have released Ambient Re-Works 01. Not all of these are particularly new but there you go, that's all I'm aware of. Hope this is some of what you're looking for. :)

  3. 12 hours ago, Robonaut said:

    Are any of their later albums good?

    Depends what you're looking for. 2008's Back to Earth and their latest, 2017's Last Ship to Paradise, are downtempo and amazing imo. 2000's Crash & Burn! and 2001's In the Nude! are pretty eclectic, with all kinds of weird stuff, some loungy and accessible elements there, with ES's touch of course. 2007's De-Classified is a return to their techno roots with one of my favourite tracks of theirs, Tractor Beam, which is drum'n'bassy btw. Finally, 2016's double Dead Planet is split in half, uptempo and downtempo, and is simultaneously a kind of recap and an experiment. The downtempo side is very weird. YouTube is your friend.

    It's worth mentioning that SotG was the hardest album to get into for me too, and is still my least favourite.

  4. I really enjoy all the installments of Avatar Records' Café... series. Like I said to an online friend, they are my go to proper relaxation series: not too deep, not to clubby, with chilled, unintrusive, soft beats. They've released three so far this year, Café Africa, Café Shanghai and Café Bhutan, all great.

  5. Still here in case you were wondering, still appreciating your work 🙂 Been a bit out of the loop, only occasionally checking downtempo albums, but am getting more into it again. Your lists are always helpful Gordon. Thank you and keep up the good work.

    I signed up here for some discussions but since that's done on social media now, no such luck here , hence the absence of comments.🙁

  6. I'm listening to Easily Embarrassed's EE4 as I'm typing this. I was looking at the artwork for that album a bit more carefully and noticed the girl with purple hair under 'Wanted' on the cover of the semi-mixed version. She seems to have first appeared, albeit in the shadows, on the Tales of the Coin Spinner back cover and long strip and then on the Different Dimensions EP, in all cases along with an apparently live jester toy. Is anyone aware of a continuing story behind these three releases?


    BTW they seem to have abandoned this project and focused on another one instead, Retro Brothers http://www.retro-brothers.com/

  7. OK, here comes an attempt:


    Shpongle - Vapour Rumours

    Entheogenic - Ground Luminosity

    Banco de Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa

    Crystal Vibe - Shift of the Ages

    Children of the Bong - The Veil...

    Eat Static - Forgotten Rites

    Bluetech - Prayers for Rain (Dub Mix)

    E-Mantra - Gesthemane

    Doof - Try

    Hallucinogen in Dub - Angelic Particles

    Ott - Jack's Cheese and Bread Snack

    Afro Celt Sound System - Riding the Waves

    Younger Brother - Happy Pills

    Celtic Cross - Swazz

    Ozric Tentacles - Crackerblocks (if I had to chose only one)

    Androcell - Desert Nomad

    Timeshard - Cosmic Carrot (Peel Sessions version)

    Asura - The Savers


    That'll do. Tomorrow it could be different.

  8. Still feel that the scene is missing some organic/analogue sounding stuff, which puts the focus on simplicity and space.

    Been checking out some of Greg Hunter's works recently and he sounds pretty organic. Kaya Project too. Neither of them is new though. Saw the Vlastur live band show last year (I think) and they were mostly organic, but I wasn't too impressed.


    What happened to The Peaking Goddess Collective? Did they ever release anything after Organika?

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