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  1. Just had a listen to this: Pretty mediocre by Posford standards. There's a new album coming out, probably some time next year. I hope it's better than his last few Shpongle efforts, which had enjoyable moments but IMO were nowhere near as good as their first four.
  2. In a row: Makyo - Shringara, Padmasana debut, Kaya Project - Elixir. Getting to that part of summer...
  3. Alkor's EP is really good. Just my kind of tempos and atmospheres, not too fast but not beatless, making the listener float in bliss.
  4. Yeah, love the Ineffable cover. The other two not so much. Last Days is a great album though.
  5. Self-explanatory title once more. For me it would have to be Dakini, especially the Sky Dancing compilations. Altar and Interchill share second place. Feel free to post any covers you'd like to share.
  6. I liked the Androcell EP too, especially the last three tunes.
  7. These two tunes have blown my mind recently. Awesome intense melodic goa.
  8. ^ ^ ^ That's a first, your most enjoyable act being your own It's fine with me though if that's the case
  9. And the rest of the Cryptic Entity EP.
  10. The obligatory Wailers. Exodus atm. I don't listen to any other reggae artists for some reason though Friends have played some other artists for me like Tosh, Perry and Black Uhuru. Nice enough stuff and I always enjoy it when it's played, but I don't feel inclined to dig deeper into this sound. I find reggae more relaxed/relaxing than psydub, but I reckon the depth of sound found in psydub is found in some of the lyrics in reggae.
  11. Amen to that! I've been in and out of an old school goa phase these past few months. When I heard that distinctive trancey bass line often present in chillgressive I used to instantly roll my eyes until a few months ago. Even though it's not my number one choice when it comes to downtempo, I at least give it a chance these days. Was there ever a proper goa trance scene (i.e. parties with more than a group of friends) where you live/lived? There isn't much information on this online.
  12. I'm not a psytrance expert but aren't those tunes a bit too free form to fall under that category? They're not too far removed from chillgressive IMO. I must admit that I only started giving that subgenre a chance very recently so pardon my ignorance.
  13. Apparently there's a whole new Flooting Grooves album out, Monosodium Flootamate out just today> Having a quick check as I'm typing this.
  14. There's a snippet of a new, most probably unfinished Shpongle live tune on their Facebook page. Not much to get a proper idea, but very chilled as it is. Shpongle (Simon Posford)
  15. Relaxing and beautiful, mostly organic with some added smooth pads
  16. *Sigh* I so wish... Apart from the fact that I really doubt I could afford it I'll be working those days.
  17. Interesting interview. There are no ambiguities btw, only very few minor grammar mistakes that don't impede understanding at all. I totally agree with your views on travelling, wish I had the money and time to do it more often.
  18. After a couple of cloudy and rainy days - when Floating Spirals III fitted really well - we're back to the summer. This sounds made for the season:
  19. Seamoon's got a new EP just out. Sounds quite similar to Expression of the Moment.
  20. I love the Rukirek album too, and Floating Spirals as well. I think it's possibly even better than the first two installments, though I need to refresh my memory of the first one. Seeds of Hope also had some interesting tunes, a bit experimental.
  21. Wow, this certainly doesn't sound almost 11 years old to my ears.
  22. I've just finished reading this essay: https://www.sociedelic.com/psychedelic-society-revisited-on-reducing-valves-reality-tunnels-and-the-question-of-psychedelic-culture/It deals with McKenna's claim that "culture is not your friend" and whether his ideal, psychedelic society is possible. A Spanish psytrance festival experience is taken into account. Very interesting read.
  23. Possibly a bit darker than Butterfly Tales, but a totally worthy successor IMO.
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