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  1. Having a listen at that and it's also beautiful, I just have to be in the right mindset to get it. Which I am right now.
  2. The problem with a lot of Ishq releases is that they're very droney and almost interchangeable. Or so abstract I can't listen to them for more than one track. I like albums like orchid, Sama, and And Awake, when there's things I can follow happening. Having said that, I remember I did enjoy Tren.
  3. Hibernation is my least favourite of Seb Taylor's projects but those ambient reworks are fantastic. Very subtle - if any at all - percussion but a lot going on. Always enjoy Stefan Torto's works (when they're not three-minute slices of music) and this is no exception. The title track is great. Really like Spacechillers 2 and Zen Baboon's Origiro, interesting concept with the poetry.
  4. Can UCP do no wrong? Granted, his style doesn't change much, but his works are always well crafted and take me places. Will check out Eguana, Miktek and Sync24 and possibly Flucturion 2.0, Govinda and the suggested compilation. Thanks for your continued work Gordon
  5. Having an Entheogenic afternoon/evening - only the band, not the plants though - in reverse order and they sound really nice and immersive, despite the similarities. I like Kykeon a bit more than the latest one btw, but it picks up in the second half and I really like Outer Chaos. BC link for the latest one:
  6. Easing back into psy downtempo after a long period of goa and Ozric-related madness. Bluetech's albums is nice as usual. Enjoyed Khooman's album quite a bit too. How was your time in Japan? Did it include any music related activities?
  7. 6 hours?!? Brains will explode. I'd go, but I don't know if I could last the whole set. Hope you can make it, he was really cool when I saw him a couple of years ago.
  8. Is Makyo still playing live? I thought his tinnitus prevented him. I'm sure you'll get a chance to see some psytrance though, if you're up for that. Hope you're enjoying yourself
  9. And this is excellent. Some unreleased and reworked live tracks. Total Eclipse were a lot better live than in the studio from what I've heard.
  10. I've said it before in another thread. I was familiar with his Hallucinogen work, the albums that is, and I was starting to get into downtempo. I liked Planet Dog stuff a lot (still do) and I was at record shop in Athens. The friend I was with picked up the Spiritual Worlds compilation and read me the description under the title: "ethno chill out and shamanic beats" saying, this might be something you'd like. Spot on That's where I found out about Posford's downtempo side; it's got Room 2 Om, Binah's Crescent Suns and Celtic Cross' Khatmandu. I agree about Vaccine, I can't even make myself listen to the whole album.
  11. Let's see if anyone's in the mood for a bit of discussion Simon Posford is one of the pioneers of electronic psychedelic music. Despite the fact that he's quite famous, even reaching mainstream audiences, I really like the bulk of his work, both uptempo and downtempo. So without further ado, my favourite uptempo Posford release is probably The Lone Deranger, but only marginally so. Twisted, as well as the Beast and North Central Positronics EPs are also great but TLD is the one with the perfect balance between straight goa and experimentation. My favourite downtempo release is probably Shpongle's Tales of the Inexpressible. There's nothing downtempo he has had input in that I don't love, including Hallucinogen in Dub's studio album, Younger Brother's first two releases, the Celtic Cross album and even the Eclipse compilation, but Shpongle is the project that has consistently pushed boundaries and released quality music. The reason I said TotI is that there's a lot of variety on that one and there's not one tune I could do without. AYS is amazing but limited musically; NLbNIL has some skippable tunes in the second half; IMfS I wouldn't miss the first half of Shpongolese... and the whole last track; MoC lacks depth in places; and CIV I haven't fully grasped yet.
  12. Had a partial listen to Ambientium, Eguana and Mystic Crock and Eguana was the one I liked the most.
  13. Ektoplazm, despite its noble purpose, publishes a lot generic music, so I don't often check it out. I'm glad I did today though because I discovered Psilogod's The Opposing Force from 2016. It was featured here, naturally, and was even recommended by Gordon timeisart but I didn't bother to check it out at the time. Loving it now
  14. Eknum's EP is fantastic! Full of weirdness, atmospheric and quite varied in rhythm patterns. And the producer is from Venezuela, which I can't say I've heard any other artist from. What a random find!
  15. Annual poll should start soon hopefully.
  16. Yeah, couldn't help listening to that as well. Liked it too.
  17. Geoglyph's album is already highlighted I see. Finishing off listening to it as I'm typing this, I like it quite a bit. I expected a full-on dubby album, but it's got a lot of variety.
  18. The Kaya Project remix album is very pleasant. Suduaya's album needs more listens; it sounds good but not great so far. Rukirek's album is absolutely amazing, maybe my favourite of his. Had another listen to the remastered Forest Garden, very ethnic sounding but maybe a bit dated. Key-G is always a nice listen, so I'll do that soon.
  19. I admit it's almost dead. Basically I use it for new releases since it's mostly Iurii, Gordon and I talking about anything. I think Facebook seems the preferred platform for discussion these days. I will be sad to this place go though.
  20. Eat Static - Inner Peace for uptempo lovemaking Ozric Tentacles - Half Light in Thillai for slower activities Both used with non-psy (but accommodating) partner.
  21. That's what I know about Ed's album too. I like Silas' track too and I'm glad it differentiates itself somewhat from the traditional Ozrics sound. Apparently he's going to do a gig with Saskia Maxwell, a folksy singer/guitarist/songwriter soon, which might well be interesting.
  22. E-Mantra's EP was a weird surprise, as the chant at the beginning and the end of Serenity is the Greek Orthodox hymn about the resurrection of Christ sung every Easter. Good EP too, I liked the dark edge. I wonder why Cosmosis keeps releasing single tracks instead of an album or a compilation of those.
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