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  1. Agreed. Although just like any other culture a lot of what people do is done in order to conform to it (and I admit I've been guilty of this in the past), I think that the psychedelic culture seems to have less defined, or a more relaxed attitude to, gender roles than, say, rock. It might be because the music is not defined or limited by the content of lyrics and generally attempts to dissolve all kinds of boundaries. I reckon this leaves somewhat less space for feminism, as there is hardly anything to fight against. I'm referring to western or wetern-like societies of course, as that's all I have experience of. In any case I'd be interested to see how your work develops. Best of luck with the funding.
  2. Brand new Dhamika EP, released today: Solitude. I love his sound. Not groundbreaking but always deep and emotional.
  3. I mean I may like it more with time. It's happened with quite a few albums of different genres over the years.
  4. Looks like an interesting documentary. I'll try to watch it when it becomes available.I used to rate that side of psychedelic music highly, but nowadays I mostly enjoy the spiritual feeling I get from the music the moment I'm listening to it without digging any deeper. Having said that, what are the contents of your proposed PhD snowdrop? Sounds interesting.
  5. Crystal Vibe was last years revelation for me as I'd never heard of him before and his album is delicious. Is it OK to talk about older releases too? If so, I'm playing Open System's Sanyasin atm, which I hadn't listened to for quite a while. Sounds every bit as deep and moving as it ever did. God rest Jake Stephenson's soul.
  6. Hmm, although I enjoy it, it's probably my least favourite of his albums. Who knows, maybe it'll turn out to be a grower?
  7. Superb album, genuinely relaxing. When I listened to Horizontal Bodies in the right frame of mind I literally burst out laughing.
  8. There was actually a full page on psybient at the time, with recommended artists and labels. I started buying some of the recommedations and downloaded any bits and pieces I could get my hands on on Limewire. And yes, the psybient packs were pure gold too, I learned loads from them. Nowadays it's mainly through your site I learn about new releases, but also YouTube, Ektoplazm, some bandcamp pages and some other, less, erm, legitimate sources. We're spoilt for choice nowadays so it's not a big deal if I miss some releases.
  9. I voted for both '96 and '03, depending on what counts as psybient. My favourite artists, Ozric Tentacles, had tunes in a similar style since the '80s. I started listening to them in '96. I got into psybient as a genre through the compilation Spritual Worlds, which I bought in '03. Wikipedia was instrumental in helping me discover new artists and labels.
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