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  1. Liked Stefan Torto as always, didn't enjoy the singing on Dense's album. I started appreciating Astropilot's compilations this summer but haven't had a listen to this one yet.
  2. I mean Ashes of Time. Not remixed. Not sure what you mean by those exclamation marks.
  3. That's cool I can't remember if I mentioned Gayalaxy's original album, I like that quite a bit. On two listens too, which is something I really appreciate when it happens. Like, 'I think I'm missing something and I want to listen to it again to see if I can get it.' Not sure I'd highlight Sacred Silence though.
  4. Cabeiri's album is great, my favourite of theirs so far. Looking forward to seeing them on Saturday. Really like the Kick Bong & Squazoid album. The Gayalaxy remixes EP is pretty good. I like most of Gregory Kyryluk's projects so I'll check out his new Alpha Wave Movement album. Enjoyed some of the tracks of the Ashnaia Project album but I don't like the singing. Although United Beats of Downtempo has many artists I like, it's so long it puts me off checking it out. I'll probably need at least a whole day devoted to it if I'm to do it in one go.
  5. Latest Stefan Torto album featuring violinist Kostas Lolos is very musicianly and emotional, though maybe a bit less psychedelic than his previous work.
  6. Latest Sync24 is great for overcast days. Or any day.
  7. Missed this one when it came out. It's Neil Spatialize Butler under a different name, blissed out. Beautiful.
  8. I'll second Sea Biscuit, thanks for the reminder Salamantis Here's a few more: Astralasia - Axis Mundi Banco De Gaia, just about everything O-Head - Silent Universe (a bit on the ambient side) Future Loop Foundation - Time & Bass (atmospheric d'n'b) Jake Stephenson's projects; Alien Mutation, Optica/Optic Eye, Dr Psychedelic, Ganja Beats (very dubby those two), plus Crystal Moon with Matt Hillier Gregory T. Kyryluk's Alpha Wave Movement (Berlin School) and Open Canvas - Nomadic Impressions. The latter is highly recommended. Makyo/Padmasana Mystical Sun - Primordial Atmospheres (and everything else ) Orbital - Snivilisation and In Sides (that one is a masterpiece) Patchwork - self-titled https://www.discogs.com/Patchwork-Patchwork/master/1124745 Angel Tears Sounds from the Ground (psydub) System 7 - Power of Seven The Future Sound of London - Dead Cities Timeshard The Orb - Orbus Terrarum And a bit of a cheat, as this is a 2000 compilation of tracks from '87 to 2000: Nodens Ictus - Spacelines Hope you find something you enjoy among the lot.
  9. The Mystery of the Yeti, if you aren't familiar. https://www.discogs.com/Mystery-Of-The-Yeti-The-Mystery-Of-The-Yeti/master/37152 Part 2 from '99 is a compilation https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Mystery-Of-The-Yeti-Part-2/release/82535 And on the topic of compilations, Global Psychedelic Chillout: https://www.discogs.com/label/592449-Global-Psychedelic-Chill-Out, although that's 2000-2003. In the 90s the same label released some double CDs, one trance, one downtempo, under the Global Psychedelic Trance name. Also the Ambient Meditations series on Return to the Source are pretty good, especially the first two installments. https://www.discogs.com/label/576416-Ambient-Meditations Finally, the Feed Your Head series on Planet Dog. Sorry for any redundant information.
  10. Don't remember hearing this before today, but I'm really liking it. Pretty organic sounding - though I'm not sure it is - and very smooth.
  11. I seem to have hijacked this thread but hey; new Androcell EP out a coupla days ago:
  12. Nice and loungy overall, but a lot less psychedelic than Faster. The first tune has a very Astralasia-like flavour. I really like the last one. I'm sure the album would sound perfect at a beach bar, especially if I were stoned and reclined on a deck chair. I don't know if I'll be inclined to listen to it again very soon at home though. We'll see. Anyone else listened to it? What do you think?
  13. Thanks for the reminder Gordon
  14. I liked the Blue Lunar Monkey album and Zymosis EP, but the release I enjoy the most is Sundial Aeon's album. Some of their albums in the past have left me cold while others are masterpieces in my book. I can't quite explain what it is that makes them one or the other, as they're not vastly different. This one is one of their best imo.
  15. Nice one, very chilled, hope you guys play at The Place next season...
  16. This is the Synphaera release I've found easiest to connect with after Ethereal Code. Loving the more upbeat vibe.
  17. I can't think of anyone, mainly for two reasons: a) there was a lot of unexplored ground when the early artists started, a lot of which has been covered now and there's so much coming out these days that it's really hard to tell a classic on release. If at all, this will be done retrospectively, judging by impact and continued mentioning as a great album, especially by new listeners. The Flying Mars album is excellent
  18. It sure feels good to be connected to others through sharing a rhythm or even through dancing to the same tune, and trying to enhance your life by connecting to such primal sources is surely a positive thing. I once saw a circle of traditional African percussionists play and sing in a park at a cannabis march in London (on acid) and it was a fantastic experience. I wouldn't hold my breath for societal changes on a large scale though, that isn't going to happen any time soon. Among other reasons, whole societies that were unified by rhythm were most probably small, with people sharing the same culture and experiences. The only thing to do, for as long as you can, is be the change you want to see
  19. I agree with Andorra on this one, it's easier to follow labels. I also agree with the ones he suggested, adding Microcosmos and Astropilot Music. I think there's so much to listen to at all times that it's almost impossible -at least for me- to listen to something new enough to know it's a masterpiece. Those usually require repeated listens and I usually reserve that for established artists, especially if I don't catch their work with one or two listens.
  20. My favourite Cosmicleaf artist with another great album
  21. Following up on the previous post, this is beautiful. Relaxing and thoroughly positive
  22. Getting warmer and more summery here, so this works very well. He's not particularly psychedelic as KP but his music is very smooth and relaxing. Loving the organic vibe.
  23. That's some great news, thanks for the tip Gordon
  24. Hmmm, I don't know about that. For me genre labels are used to describle the music so I know where an artist or a release stands within the general spectrum, so they are important for orientation and research. Moaning about someone "not being true to their sound" is so juvenile and show-off, as in "look at me, I'm so true, I will never betray the original sound". However, I don't see a problem with disliking a turn an artist makes without making accusations of sellout and the like. There's enough music being made on every subgenre to satisfy everyone, so I don't see why people should be criticised for being different.
  25. Had a listen to the Unusual Cosmic Process album and it's as good as everything he's put out so far. The Kick Bong album is really nice and smooth. I've lost track of him from a few albums back because I didn't find his work psychedelic enough. Maybe I wasn't listening to them in the right frame of mind - too many expectations. Red Sun Rising is spacy chillgressive drenched in pads. I will eventually check out Slackbaba and StereOMantra's EPs It's been a bit slow these past couple of weeks but there's so much catching up to do that I don't mind at all.
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