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  1. Not strictly psytrance, but a fantastic album of eclectic weirdness nonetheless
  2. Just listening to Wakhan's album and loving it. It sounds really fresh to my ears. Melodic, occasionally grandiose, with a touch of strangeness and a variety of rhythms.
  3. This is pretty nice, I don't remember hearing about this label before (though it could well have been mentioned and I just didn't pay attention):
  4. R.I.P. Jake, gone but not forgotten.
  5. I wasn't in the mood for it when it came out but I'm really liking Argus's Field of Dreams right now.
  6. I had a browse through Ascent's album and it's pretty uptempo. I think only the last tune is downtempo.
  7. Catching up with missed releases; I'm listening to this. I'm about half way through and so far I've enjoyed every tune. Sounds like an excellent compilation.
  8. I'm not IooN's biggest fan but this album is really good, probably their best so far.
  9. Kalpataru Tree's album is pleasant but not particularly deep or psychedelic. Psichi is great, though not as absolutely fantastic as Ambrosia imo. (I wonder what happened to the second installment, Fishimself asked for demos for that one a good few years ago...) The Yarn EP was OK but I would like to listen to an album by them, so they can do a few different things in the span of a full-length.
  10. A bit marginal, as there are some rock tracks on it, but most of it is many-layers-underground downtempo from '87. Funny thing is it's not feasible to release this on CD as it's 85 minutes long - originally on tape only.
  11. Binging on Total Eclipse's EPs, one after the other. "We must be in heaven, man."
  12. I'm not complaining or anything, just stating the fact. It's a good album as well. I checked the release page earlier today and it doesn't say anything about remastering.
  13. Oh I don't mind long tunes, in fact I'm unlikely to check out a release if the durations are all under six minutes. His last album had four 14-20 minute long tracks and it was great. It's just that this one's around 100 minutes long, so it'll take me ages to take it all in, with all the complexities and intricacies Gordon mentioned.
  14. Rukirek's album has some amazing moments as expected, but it's extremely long. Crystal Moon's album is a reissue, one of Hillier and Stephenson's 90s collaboration albums. Silent Pool is absolutely immersive and mesmerising. Omnisound's EP is nice and lively, not particularly relaxing. I'm hoping for a killer compilation from Sentimony after The Ten and, frankly, all of their downtempo compilations.
  15. Missed this when it came out but I'm loving it now, a bit strange and quite hypnotic.
  16. For the time being I've only listened to Nodens Ictus' album and I like it, although at the moment less than Spacelines. Fractal Sunset has got an extremely weird part in the middle, but the album overall is not too chilled, not too uptempo. The - not too many - guitar bits are fine by me. I've listened to a few tracks off Silas Neptune's (Ed Ozric's son and Ozrics synth player) album and I like them too, although I would have like them to be a bit less Ozric sounding. I'm sure they work fine live though. I'm sure the Mystic Sound compilation is great judging by the contributors and the quality of earlier Mystic Sound compilations. I will check that out in due course.
  17. Shouldn't Code VI be included? That and Eat Static's album were the best releases last month for me.
  18. After a few more listens it's starting to make more sense. I like all the tracks but in typical Merv fashion he doesn't walk previously trodden paths - apart from the madness factor. Overall it's less accessible than BtE, less catchy, but imo more psychedelic. I still enjoy BtE more than any other Eat Static album, so anything of that magnitude would have been a huge surprise. What I love about Merv's music is that although it's very often on the verge of total chaos, it's rarely without some sort of melody. Has your view on it changed at all?
  19. Yeah, Gordon seems much more natural. There are some digital-only Nodens releases, all of them live, and Merv is on some of them. You can spot them by the extra bounciness and/or madness. Some great stuff among the lot. There are also some bootlegs with more Mervness on them but less than great sound. I also like the Hi-Fi Companions album he did with Steve Jolliffe, loungey but very classy.
  20. It was a rather superficial listen but yes, it's not as awesome as BtE, but that's incredibly hard to top imo. However it usually takes a good few listens before I fully appreciate an ES album, sometimes many. I did enjoy it though. And Merv's music can often be appreciated more in catalysed consciousness. Are you familiar with Nodes Ictus timeisart (feels weird to call you that I must say )? Merv hasn't always been a part of them, but when he has the results are usually stunning.
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