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  1. This one again. It's absolutely amazing, I love its experimental, mega-psychedelic nature. One of the best compilations ever in my book.
  2. Here's the second bonus Eat Static track https://eatstatic.bandcamp.com/track/shadow-locked-original-mix
  3. Thanks for the heads up once more, very good tune. Looking forward to the album.
  4. Oh nothing too heavy, just the killer combo of cannalcohol. It works wonders for the depth of the aural experience.
  5. For me Codex VI is a proper Shpongle album in the sense that I didn't quite get it first listen, but it's getting better with each subsequent one. I like it quite a bit at this stage but I haven't given it a proper catalysed listen yet.
  6. The AstroPilot album is quite good, I think it's slightly freer than his previous work. Just listening to the Rildrim album. First time I've paid any attention to this guy and I must say I regret it. This album at least may not be particularly psychedelic but the sense of melancholy it exudes is just so sweet. Perfect autumn music, which is just the kind of weather we have here atm.
  7. Listening now, I actually like it more than Ott's last couple of full-length offerings. I find it a bit surprising that someone outside the UK can produce psybub equal to that of the English masters. Surprising in a good way, of course
  8. The Makyo EP is good; the vocals are a bit different from what he usually uses. Hidden Light is also very good, although I like some tracks more than others. I'll listen to the Key-G album, when the time comes for some psydub.
  9. After Afro Celt Sound System's beautiful Anatomic, it's time for my first full taste of Codex VI
  10. Is there a way to get the links without the embedded player? If not It's OK, I guess I'll have to wait.
  11. Like the title asks. There were some awesome live videos on that thread.
  12. Fantastic surprise, I wasn't aware of Metamorphosis at all before this release. Possibly Altar's artist album of the year for me. There were moments when I thought, Hm this sounds dangerously close to Shpongle, but the content was so good I didn't mind at all. It has an organic feel at many points, which I loved. The whole album is great but for me it lifts to an even higher level from Drifting Into Eternity onward. Spinning the Consciousness is immense.
  13. Nervasystem & Aether - The Mama Matrix Most Mysterious Supreme eclectic old school weirdness in a variety of tempos, but mainly downtempo. I've tried to listen to this before but I never got it before, expecting psytrance from Nervasystem, and forgetting about it when I saw it was downtempo. Could be a mind-opener for artists, or even listeners, who want to expand their scope. It certainly was for me.
  14. I'd been looking forward to this since I heard the tunes he had on Organic Beats. Great album with lots of variety, from psybient to psydub to chillgressive. I really like the beautiful and/or melancholy melodies. Sometimes the psychedelia takes a back seat to let them breathe, others it leads them. Needs a couple of listens for the whole scope to sink in.
  15. I really like Gaia Temple. Ovnimoon doesn't release too much downtempo but when they do it's usually great. E-Mantra is good but a bit samey.
  16. Dub Trees - Floating Into The Sun (Live Jam from Space Mountain Festival). Beautiful. https://spacemountainfestival.bandcamp.com/track/floating-into-the-sun-live-jam-from-space-mountain-festival
  17. I like the Eguana EP as usual and the Moondancer album. I hadn't heard anything from him before so I admit I was drawn in by the artwork. I don't regret it. The Astral Travel Agency EP is pretty awesome too I'll eventually check the Stimulus Timbre and Perfect Blind albums, as well as the Dreamstalker and Gnomes of Kush EPs.
  18. Feed Your Head 2, possibly my favourite old school compilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kpXS2ukbFQ
  19. Off topic: I think it's common to get that "heard it all before" feeling when you become experienced in a genre. I've had it myself once, thank god it didn't last too long. The beauty of our music can help you overcome the familiarity, unless you want something monumental to keep your interest. I absolutely adore Shpongle, as I do the bulk of Simon's work, and I really enjoyed Empty Branes. I try not to have high hopes though. That way if it is an excellent album I'll be even more pleased. On topic: I enjoyed Argus' album, although it's typical Altar fare. The Logical Elements EP was also good. The Fourth Dimension album is a bit too ambient for my mood these days, needs a bit of a special frame of mind to be appreciated, as do most Synphaera releases. Some of the releases of artists I follow haven't grabbed my attention so far, like Mystic Crock & Dense and Spectrum Vision.
  20. It's always going to be there if you want to come back. Looking forward to Codex VI as well. You can only innovate so much within a genre, even with as many subgenres as psychedelic downtempo, before it turns into something else.
  21. I liked both UCP's Spacetime and The Koan remixes album. Quite a bit of variety in the latter. I was a bit surprised, pleasantly so, One Arc Degree's relatively uptempo treatment of The Island of Deceased Ships. On the other topic, I was a bit surprised by the delay of this thread too. Glad all's well.
  22. H.U.V.A. Network were the first artists I saw, erm, live outside a festival setting here. They were absolutely amazing, and neither Solar Fields nor Aes Dana who followed could match up to their combined set.
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