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  1. Fuluf, I see what you mean, there's not much live playing there, but doesn't changing some of the parameters constitute, in effect, a unique mix, only witnessed at the live performance? The differences might not be too obvious, but at least the artist gives the audience something extra that they can't find on the album. And s/he actually does something, rather than just press play and gently dance about. I might be biased though as I love effects, they add a lot to the psychedelic impact for me.
  2. Me too, hence the questions. Also quite a few old school psy musicians tended to pull faces while playing, which was a sort of "performance", something to look at. Most artists nowadays will crack a smile at best, so there's not even that to urge me to look at them for longer than a few minutes. But that might be another topic altogether.
  3. This has probably been discussed in other forums, but it would be interesting to see what people have to say about psy downtempo. From what I gather, the majority of a live set is programmed on the artists' laptop. I've seen artists tweaking knobs on, to be honest, I don't know what, and occasionally a more traditional instrument - recorder, percussion, guitar etc. My questions are a) what does the knob twisting actually do and b ) what extent of spontaneity is involved in a live performance in your knowledge? I'm sure the latter varies from one artist to the next, so what are the limits in each direction? What is the smallest fraction of pre-recorded material that can be brought into a live set? Be sure that I'm not complaining about anything here; as long as the music coming out of the sound system pleases my ears, I'm happy. Having said that, I tend to think that there is very little added to an average of a 90% pre-programmed set. Full-band sets are excluded of course, as are DJ sets where music is payed in its original form.
  4. Thank you for this andorra. The index is really useful, indicating all the unreleased material.
  5. Thanks, I think I'll give it a try although it's rather long. What other pieces are you planning to share? Can you name the titles or topics? Btw, fraggle as in Fraggle Rock?
  6. Dakini compilations are pure summer afternoon-evening gold.
  7. Really liking this. I don't follow their darkpsy foresty stuff, and maybe I should give it a try, but Visionary Shamanics downtempo compilations have all been quality in my book so far.
  8. Thanks timeisart, I didn't notice that. Seems like it's maily live shows they're doing as a band now. Wish I lived in London again.
  9. I, erm, don't have facebook Can't find a bandcamp or a yt link with the whole album; next best thing is the videos collected on the discogs page: https://www.discogs.com/Orchid-Star-Faster/release/2988737
  10. Just like the title asks. I've looked at Pete Ardron's facebook page but only found info about his solo tours. The O-S official page hasn't been updated since 2015 - when they joyfully celebrated 15 years of gigging. Does anyone know if this means they've split up or they're on an indefinite hiatus? I really like their second album, Faster, it sounds pretty unique to my ears; I hope there's a follow-up at some point.
  11. Enjoying this, new Crystal Vibe track, yay!
  12. That's some good news, thanks for the heads up I think BTE is probably my favourite ES album, having taken the place of Implant.
  13. Sheer perfection. Looking forward to seeing him in a month's time, though I'm sure he'll be much weirder.
  14. I wish. Maybe one day. It's quite the expense for me, not much money left for such a trip. Last year's line up was like aural porn for me.
  15. It might be the weather here, but this feels like something that, with rougher production, could have come out in the 70s. Barely psychedelic at all, yet warm cosy and very pretty.
  16. I'm loving Winter. I think it might be my favourite season comp.
  17. Nice and smooth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGOjKCKngHg
  18. That sounds like a good idea. It's much better as monthly poll imo, more time to digest the music, and the genre results make it look neater and more organised.
  19. Doing the poll made me realise there's loads of music from '16 I didn't listen to, stuff I'd like to check out. I've been in a more uptempo mood lately so I don't know if I'll remember about any of it when the downtempo mood comes back. I have a feeling I liked '15's overall output a bit more than '16's, but not by much.
  20. Super-predictable coming from me, but Ozric Tentacles albums from 1989-1994 came out on vinyl too as have a few more since, and their early tapes have recently been released on vinyl for the first time too. Some of those are the only psy vinyl I got in my collecting days, unless you count some really old school stuff, like The Beatles and Hawkwind. You could also add more Planet Dog 12'', like Banco de Gaia and Eat Static, they put out a whole lot of them. I think the crackling of vinyl wouldn't do justice to some really calm psybient, like Matt Hillier's stuff or Carbon Based Lifeforms (who have recently had some more of their albums released on vinyl) for example, but would probably work fine with some banging chillgressive, like the second Cabeiri album or Sygnals.
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