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  1. Quite rocky sounding, pretty intense in places, dubby in others, with real drums. Loving it.
  2. My faves are Moth into Flame, Atlas Rise, Halo on Fire and Spit out the Bone but the whole first disc is very good. The second one less so imo.
  3. He he I used to go on discography binges like these in one long sitting in my late teens early 20s
  4. I saw the Harwired.. videos yesterday evening. I liked most songs, but Confusion, ManUNkind and Am I Savage didn't grab me. I can't think about favourites yet,
  5. It's not in your face but the psy element is there imo. When the genre boundaries are so subtle I think you needn't puzzle over tags
  6. Finally had a first listen to the Motion Drive album, extremely pleasant.
  7. I love Doof, both his albums are great, as are plenty of his EP and compilations tracks. I haven't heard from him for ages, I thought he only made those acoustic songs. This release didn't grab me though.
  8. Had a listen yesterday in catalysed consciousness and it sounded awe-inspiring. Today in a much more normal state it sounds really, really good. Loving those textures, the pads, the tempo, the ominous atmosphere - everything.
  9. Just discovered that Nomad Records have a YT channel, where they upload videos from their events at Nomad bar. The vibe seems to me like a less urban cousin of our own The Place with people sitting down and more appropriate decoration. And no smoke. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4n0lllV8uMHO9yr1MsRHMw
  10. ^ ^ ^ That compilation was an eye opener about the Greek "scene" for me. I was only aware of the Cosmicleaf artists at the time and I was completely blown away by the sheer quality of every tune on it. That Asura tune is possibly my favourite on the album btw.
  11. There are plenty of tracks with these features. Out of the top of my head I'd suggest this album: Byron Metcalf also makes such music although what I've heard is very organic, not much electronica there. Some YT research might help too.
  12. I'm sorry timeisart, it won't happen again My reflexes are really slow, I must admit. I haven't even had a listen yet, either. Samples are not enough for me to get a taste of a release. Often even the first full listen is not enough.
  13. I really enjoy his downtempo tracks, glad he has a whole album with such tunes out. Will check it out for sure, thanks for the heads up Floyd
  14. Here's another name from way back when with a new album... It might ring a bell with certain people (Neil Spatialize? ). Pretty nice, very organic (but) with plenty of rock elements, since the main man is a guitarist. Not sure if this fits here or the general music thread, but here goes:
  15. I agree with Tanya, lighter backgrounds with dark fonts are easier for me to read.
  16. I've only listened to them once each, they sounded good but I can't say I loved them. It'll be easier to form an opinion once we've got the whole double set in our hands. I did like their previous one quite a bit, I must admit.
  17. As mainstream as it gets, I know, but my two favourite Metallica tunes have played in succession https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WdYt9VkVek
  18. yiannis


    Haha spot on, I thought of that too. I've been a lurker on psynews for a very long time, it's a very noble task you're undertaking with the CD production Thano. Best of luck.
  19. Great stuff from way back when, when live electronic music meant tweaking synths and playing guitar on stage.
  20. The preview sounds really nice. The tracks are both extremely long, hope they're not mostly droney with a few climaxes here and there. If the preview is indicative of the real thing, it sounds like something I'll like as much as the first Padmasana album, which I consider a masterpiece. Thanks for the tip =ҒLΦɎD=
  21. Saw Alwoods for the second time last weekend and, quite possibly because I went with an open mind, I enjoyed it more than the first. Some really twisted and weird tunes, some more atmospheric, I liked the majority. I am not too familiar with his output - since he is a bit more uptempo than the psychill I usually go for - but he sounded great in the live context. He presented some new tracks from his upcoming album too. Apart from two DJs, both of whose sets I saw about 20 minutes, Alpha Tek & Nortoel played a set too, which I loved. I'll admit there were a couple of moments the thought, "Hmm, a bit generic" came to mind but it soon passed as their music washed over me in waves of aural beauty. The best thing is that the gig came as a bonus, as I went to Athens for my (supercute) niece's second birthday.
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