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  1. Sorry I show you one of my stuff : I mean kind of funk entirely made with machines. No more vocals, horns section and things we used to listen. The first to do that was Herbie Hancock (O Master !) with Rock It.
  2. The groove section !!! We will rule the world ! Funky Mama kicks ass, for sure ! Old style but great ! Thank you. I would like some future funk too !
  3. I am looking fot that kind of groovy funky music too because I do some by myself. Groove, space and urban stories sounds poetry to me.
  4. I do enjoy digital stuff. It's magic. I use software and hardware synths. I am not an analog fetishist. Spectrasonic's stuff is kinda dope !
  5. Thank you too. I do not compose classical music. My knowledge is too poor for that purpose. Listening is great pleasure though. I also enjoy Bluegrass and I don't compose Bluegrass. Synths are fascinating. What are your favourite synthesizers ? Analog or digital, software or hardware ?
  6. Hi ! Thank you ! During some years, it was a problem to answer that kind of question. Uh… Psybient maybe ? Spaced out beats, hypno funk, groovy smoothies, velvet techno, ambient tribal… Whatever. There are some samples on my soundcloud. Your music is really great !!!! I love it and there is plenty of tunes to listen.
  7. Hi from Normandy, France Glad to join you as a huge music lover from classical music to cool ambient. I am here to discover new music and to share joy. I play music for a very long time and I still compose. I think Psybient is a new galaxy but as long as I can remember (i am not really young), my taste for that kind of music came with Pink Floyd, Gong, krautrock (Ash Ra Tempel etc.) then William Orbit, Brian Eno, Shpongle and Ott… Music and love are my only drugs and… it works ! See you soon !
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