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    Hey all,
    Just joined.
    I'm a wannabe producer...more accurately a dabbler. But here to learn and I love the genre as a listener.
    I use this PC for business as well as music and it would be a disaster to lose the data, it's my life's work.
    Here is my backup strategy:
    It is based on a propriety  backup program called Macrium Reflect. (There is a free version) Reflect can do scheduled incremental backups which means that the entire 400 Gbytes of data on my HDD do not have to be copied over when I do a backup. Only changes since the most recent backup are copied each day. These scheduled backups are performed with no intervention required from me and usually take just a few minutes. Also, the incremental method means that I have a day by day record of changes for the previous month and can roll the entire system back to a previous state using image restore. Alternatively, the program allows file/folder restores to any previous backup increment.
    Each month I rotate my external USB backup media and consolidate the 30 or so daily increments from the month into a new full backup and then start over with the increments. Since this can take a few hours I let it run overnight. Currently, I have 2 backup drives but the procedure would work with any number. I store one of the backup drives offsite just in case of a disaster such as flood/fire/theft.
    It sounds complex but it mostly runs itself apart from the monthly USB external drive swap which takes a few seconds.
    Hope this helps someone.
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