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  1. 2.5 years, 6 Kickstarter projects and 7 releases. Digital Reprints started as a dream, materialised as a reality and expanded to an obsession. An obsession to bring as much quality music possible to the physical media. Media in the form of extremely limited (but still affordable) box sets, with cover art that does justice to the music and compliment each other in an onomatopoetic way. Just check our ratings on Discogs.

    I am asking for your help once more. Please remember that even if you don't plan to pledge please do share on your social media. Kickstarter relies on word to mouth advertisement so it really important.


    Short link



    The music included has slightly changed.



    The 4xCD box set will include the following releases:


    CD1: Dubsahara - Geonosis


    CD2: Oïd Mü - The Back End of Nowhere, Toploader


    His recent collaboration with Craig Musham & Simon Lord 

    CD3: Organismic - Primordial Super Fly


    and with Darren Sangita

    CD4: Spectralite - Temple Of Stars


    Plus 6 bonus tracks from Oïd Mü which will be available only digitally.


    The artwork will be designed by the talented Hakan Hisim. It will be based upon his ongoing art project, Universal Transmission. I found that the mysticism and the linguistic cipher used on the series fits so well with the tone set by Greg's sonic waves. Don't you agree?

    This is our chance to bring something really unique and proudly present it on our music library. 

    Let's start, shall we?

    Soon Bandcamp link

  2. So many artists out there that I would love to see their music printed on cds. But it makes it so hard for me to put them on a priority list because for me all of them are on the same spot, first place. So, to make it easier for me I decided to change my way of thinking slightly. It is time to surprise people, go back to the roots, to the artists that started this music genre, the legends.


    And the next project is a Legend. He was creating Psychedelic Dub when it didn't even exist as a genre. He worked with The Orb, Youth, Killing Joke, Derrick May, Juno Reactor, Juan Atkins and in groups such as Dub Trees and Celtic Cross.


    He has been involved in too many projects to list. He has used many monikers to present his musical creations, Dubsahara, Subsurfing, Metasurfing, Waveshaper, Alien Soap Opera and more. At this point everyone knows that I am talking for Mr Greg Hunter so any more words are unnecessary really.


    The 4xCD box set will include the following releases:


    CD1: Dubsahara - Geonosis

    CD2: Subsurfing - Frozen Ants, The Number Readers, 

    CD3: Spectralite - Temple Of Stars

    plus his most recent collaboration with Organismic

    CD4: Organismic - Primordial Super Fly


    This is our chance to bring something really unique and proudly present it on our music library. 


    Very very soon.


  3. When the idea of Digital Reprints first came to me, almost 2 years ago, I'd never imagined the weight of the artists' names that I would collaborate with. Entheogenic, Kaya Project, Globular, Cosmosis, Astronaut Ape and lastly KUBA. And now? A label whose releases I closely follow since 1994 (yes, I consider Dragonfly Records and Liquid Sound Design as one entity) is giving me the opportunity to be part of their vision. In true Digital Reprints manner (Limited, Hand-numbered) here comes a 4xCD digipack with a collection of some of their digital releases. To be released on time for holidays prepare for an amazing trip. The signed version is also massive, 4 different artists will sign only 10 copies worldwide for the lucky few. Suns Of Arqa, DUB TREES, Saafi Brothers and I-One come together to create a unique box set. Grab your copy now.



  4. The good thing with the artists I pick to release is that their music speaks for themselves. It saves me the trouble to come up with catchy titles and wall of texts to create the hype necessary for crowdfunded projects like the ones I do.


    Kuba-Laurence Harvey certainly falls into that category as well. 12 years ago he released his debut album in Liquid Sound Design. After several albums released in Chillcode Music, he returned to LSD for his latest, which is widely accepted that's as good as his first. Not many artists can do that.


    He also has numerous digital only releases scattered around in various EPs and compilations. And this is where Digital Reprints steps in. With your support we already have 5 released box sets and we want KUBA to be the 6th. 56 tracks, enough to fill 4 CDs presented in a beautiful package designed by Are Marmelade Siland.


    Please share, it would be of great help default_smile.png




  5. Digital Reprints started with a 4xCD box set of Entheogenic. Then followed a 5xCD box set of Kaya Project (ships out on the 4th of September).


    For a record label that isn't even a label (community label???) that is pretty F**** huge. So where do you go after that I was wondering? The answer for me was pretty obvious.


    Morison Bennett combines elements of Entheogenic, Ott. and Shpongle (Simon Posford), adds his own signature and creates Globular (also he gives his music away for free). 7 years ago, when I heard for the first time Colours of the Brainbow I knew our musical relationship would last for years :) I am so excited to announce that he will be my 3rd release. Colours of the Brainbow, In Formation, A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy, Sorbet For The Soul (with Radioactive Sandwich, yeay), Digging & Building and Up The Xylem Elevator - The Remixes for the first time printed on cd. Plus a bonus 4th cd compiled by Morison himself (unreleased tracks included). What more can you ask?



  6. Hello everyone!

    Just stumbled upon psybient.org.

    Seeing this thread I just had to register and post a video I produced last year. Right on topic, adding fractals, also the background music I composed should match the taste here

    Hope you guys like it:



    edit: hm, video not showing - am I doing sth wrong?

    I'll try using the link-function:


    Music wise really nice but the video its full of inaccuracies. For something to be called a fractal it must be able to be described by a mathematical equation. There is nothing "fractal" in our brains or lungs. A pattern yes, but easily explained by biology. Also there is a difference in randomness and look-alike randomness (fractals). I'm always in favour of a little bit of alternative documentaries, but there are always some limits. 

    Regardless, a truly well made video (presentation wise).

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