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  1. Welcome then. You are at the right place it seems
  2. I never tried any drugs, even weed I only smoked three times. I started listening to Goa in '95 (14yo) and psychill in '96. I always hated ppl saying you need this and that to appreciate psychedelic music. Just turn of the lights, light some candles and incense sticks and you are rdy for a journey.
  3. We are really happy to announce that our first project will be Entheogenic - Digital Archives. A compilation of all the work of Entheogenic that has been only digitally available. You can find more info at the newsletter. If you don't want to miss on this opportunity make sure you subscribe on our newsletter and share the info. http://shoutout.wix.com/so/8LVsqkw6
  4. OMG, Seahorse Transform Why only one album, why?
  5. IMO we have to distinguish between the roots/origin of a genre and the first release clearly defining that genre (in other words when the artist or compiler know what sound they are striving to create). So the root of this genre could be any ambient artist/comp from the 70's, but the first Psychill release is clearly (IMO) TIP - Mystical Experiences.
  6. Disappointing by the releases on Blood Music though. The artwork was really minimal shall we say?
  7. I'm pretty sure I forget a lot but anyways (In no particular order) Entheogenic ‎– Spontaneous Illumination (There digital albums should be released on physical format) Ott - Hallucinogen ‎– In Dub (The first album of Ott, not Simon's) Sacred Sites (The 2nd cd) Chill Out Vol. 3 - Voyages Into Trance And Ambient (Absolutely amazing series overall) Dirty Sounds Of Athens No:1 (Dirty and a nice surprise) Sunkings ‎– Before We Die (Are we ever gonna see a new album?) Electroware ‎– The City or Master Output Vol. 2 (Just for the Watching The Cycle Dance track, memories)
  8. We are extremely happy to announce (and proud) that Hakan Hisim will be responsible for the artwork of our first release. He recently returned from London where he was responsible for the stage visuals and the 3D mapping of Sphongle Dj set/Hallucinogen Live. Check the video and make sure you check his website as well. Great art to see (and buy) there. Maybe it's time for you to subscribe and make sure you don't miss this limited release?
  9. The Last Temptation of Christ - Nikos Kazantzakis 1984 - George Orwell Asimov's Chronology of the World - Isaac Asimov Der Process - Franz Kafka Julian - Gore Vidal Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Philip K. Dick Das Schloß - Franz Kafka Mahabharata - Sri Viasa And many many more
  10. I was just today listening to his Orchid albums. Hopefully it will be that good
  11. I started listening to Goa Trance and Psychill at 1995, I was 14 yo at the time. Obviously I didn't have my own income, so I was using (or not using) my allowance, going to the arcades and just watching other ppl play so I could save some money. Enough for a cd per month. Fast forward many years, having a good job and enough money to buy as many cds I needed in order to quench my thirst. In theory of course, my wife knows a lot of ways to cause physical and mental pain. And I understand her, I always feel I want to buy more releases than I actually have time to hear. So I set a limit to myself...£60 per month (excl. shipping). So when payday comes debit card is out of the wallet. I also allow myself for a couple of releases during the month for preordering and buy on day of release. And that's it. What about you? What are your buying habits/constraints?
  12. Hello everyone, May I introduce you to a brand new label? www.DigitalReprints.co.uk Digital Reprints Records is dedicated on bringing intelligent electronic music from artists known for their unique sound aesthetics to the physical realm. Each release contains previously digitally only available tracks that deserve a place at a collectors music library.The Limited Edition releases are of high quality 8-panel digipacks with booklet and slipcase. The artwork will complement the music it encloses in an onomatopoetic way. ​ Printing of those releases is funded through Kickstarter and available exclusively to the backers of each project. Each release is strictly limited to 100 numbered copies. All backers will be credited in the booklet of the release. ​ If you want to be part of our community and to make sure that you'll be one of the few for our first release subscribe to our newsletter or just follow this thread. More info to follow soon™
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    Don't know what you're talking about Thanx man
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    Don't you mean Infinity Gems Thank you P.S. I had to Google in order to come back with a response, not fan of comics.
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    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Thanos, originally from Greece and currently residing in the UK. Since '96 and up to date, I was with passion into Goa and Psychill music but always as a fan. Not actively involved with anything, just supporting labels and artists with my wallet The few things I've done was 2 radio stations on Live365 (named Liquid Goa and Liquid Ambience), a number of mixes for DI.fm, mixcloud, RadioQ37 as Dj Ene-miss and most recently a Goa Trance only online radio station (GoaRadio.co.uk - now they sell shoes ) I've been a lurker in forums for years just for keeping myself informed. I think it's time to change that. It is nice to meet you all
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