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  1. July 2023 Releases
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  4. https://www.psybient.org/love/february-2023-releases/
  5. https://www.psybient.org/love/january-2023-releases/
  6. quick and dirty text only is all I can offer at the moment, I am going on vacation for a couple weeks so maybe by late July this will look like normal with album art, prices, artist countries, etc.
  7. hey guys, sorry it's taken so long to get this update out, I just don't have much time to do this anymore. This year I will only be doing these quarterly posts so the next update won't come until early July. I will commit to finishing out 2022 but I can't guarantee that I will keep this going into 2023. btw bandcamp players have been removed from these posts because the large number of releases causes errors (where the player is supposed to load it just says "Too many requests"). So instead bandcamp players have been replaced with album art images.
  8. November & December 2021 Releases
  9. October 2021 Releases
  10. ayy see now that's what I'm talking about Kevin! so glad to hear that you find the releases news posts helpful, input like yours is what keeps me going doing this thang. hope to see you around in the future
  11. yeah unfortunately forums like these are endangered nowadays since social media killed (and in my opinion ruined) everything. pretty sad to see honestly. granted I haven't really been doing my part to keep up discussions here, just been posting the releases updates (which I still don't mind doing since its mostly automated now, but even that feels like just going through the motions sometimes if there weren't any standout releases during the month). but as far as music goes there's usually not a lot to talk about that hasn't already been said. maybe if it were opened up to more off topic talk that might encourage discussion? like for example (and I don't want to ruffle any feathers here) but personally I think covid was intentionally released as an excuse to consolidate more government control and limit people's freedoms even more. but that kinda talk has been done to death on social media so idk wtf to talk about lol I'm just glad to see this place is still alive and that some people are still finding my releases updates useful (even if it's only like two or three people lol), there's usually a decent number of views on each topic but I have a suspicion that a lot of those are bots, but if not there sure are a lot of lurkers here (including myself most of the time)
  12. September 2021 Releases
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