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  1. List of releases: Bandcamp players: Vote Here
  2. I don't mean to be a downer but is anyone else really disappointed with Solar Fields lately? He used to be my favorite artist but lately his sound is like a wannabe Explosions In The Sky post rock style, and it makes me really sad and longing for more Movements / Leaving Home / Blue Moon Station style tracks. but whatever at least he's still making music. Bluetech on the other hand is still killing it. loving the electro style on this new album
  3. List of releases: Bandcamp players: Vote Here
  4. long time no see yiannis, glad you're still around. yeah been pretty quiet lately but might as well keep this going anyway for the lurkers. haven't been listening much myself either (partly why I maintain these lists, to go back and listen later) but the Hibernation EP and Matt Coldrick's were good and chill. Electricmonk was new to me but sounding pretty good. still need to check out the new Entheogenic anyway, hope you're doing well. let me know if you find anything worth checking out
  5. List of releases: Bandcamp players: Vote Here
  6. word, I haven't fully listened to the new album yet but the first MFABH is one of my favorite ambient albums of all time. gonna spend some time with the new one soon. Matt is extremely talented and versatile, you know you're good if you can make both great goa trance (as Green Nuns) and amazing ambient/psychill as Pan Electric
  7. List of releases: Bandcamp players: Vote Here
  8. I appreciate that Salamantis, now that this process is mostly automated it makes it easier to keep doing it moving forward.. although there will usually always be some mistakes/wrong info from the automatic process that I’ll need pointed out if I missed editing it before posting (mainly artist countries - currently it shows the country of the label that the release was published on, but those don’t always match up with the artist’s home country). Also I’m always open to suggestions of how to change up the look to make it easier to digest or to just make it look better. btw I was super excited to see a new Krusseldorf album come out, one of my favorite artists, and he delivered again with this one.
  9. List of releases: Bandcamp players: Vote Here
  10. got your releases featured. as for the bandcamp players, yeah they all seem to be working for me now too. I guess the problem was on bandcamp's end at some point. I wish I could trust it enough to get rid of the spoilers for the bandcamp players themselves but if it does break then it looks terrible showing a giant error where the player should be.
  11. absolutely drowning in releases.. can't say I would blame anyone who just glazes over when they see this wall of text. and over half the bandcamp players aren't working for me, gonna have to delete them soon, maybe next update.
  12. List of releases: Bandcamp players: Vote Here
  13. I'm experimenting with adding bandcamp players back into these posts but depending on feedback they might not last. The spoilers ideally should prevent the players from loading until the spoiler is revealed, but it doesn't look like that's happening, all the players seem to be loading all at once on the initial page load. This occasionally causes some of the players not to load, instead saying "Service temporarily unavailable" for some of the players. Let me know if you see that often or if all the players are working for you. Not sure why that's happening here, the psybient.org post never seems to have any problems loading hundreds of players.
  14. List of releases: Bandcamp players: Vote Here
  15. wait so bandcamp players work with the new forum now? even singles too apparently? how do you insert them?
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